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Do you need a visual CSS editor? All of us in our beginnings have realized that HTML alone does not make a web page, we always need to shape the content, i.e. edit CSS code.

WordPress and Visual Composer make our work easier, but there is always something that is not as we would like. I present a plug-in that solves this problem, a plugin that you will always have installed in your WordPress.

I present to you Yellow Pencil, A Visual CSS editor. Customize your web page in a few minutes, fonts, colors, animations and much more.

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What is Yellow Pencil and what does it do?

Below, I show you everything this visual CSS editor is capable of doing.

yellow pencil
Yellow Pencil, Visual CSS Editor for WordPress 16

Yellow Pencil is the best visual CSS editor, it has an amazing element inspector. In every web page we find a multitude of elements, that’s where this wonderful tool comes into play, allowing us to edit each and every one of them, allowing us to give the style we want to our web page.

We will be able to edit colors, fonts, sizes, positions and many more styles.

plugin panel

Yellow Pencil Visual Theme Customizer, your must-have WordPress plugin

Yellow Pencil gives you full control of the design by being able to edit up to 50 properties, being very accessible to all users, each property has a description for easy use.

Within all the possibilities that this visual CSS editor offers us, we find more than 600 Google fonts, with which you can play and see which of all best suits your website.

It does not stop there, Yellow Pencil offers a library of backgrounds to use, specifically about 300 different, in addition to providing us with modern color palettes, with colors that are currently worn and that will make our website a modern web.

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300+ Patterns settlements

Upload your custom background images or use 300 Pattern Assignments. Give a new look to your website with the most popular web patterns.

Trendy color palettes

Websites need trendy colors to look trendy. Yellow Pencil provides you with trend color palettes. It includes blueprint, material and a special color palette.

Yellow Pencil has a real-time CSS editor, meaning that everything we modify is reflected on our website. Therefore, it is a highly recommended plug-in, as it can be used from beginners to advanced users.

With this tool we can generate the CSS file with all the design code, recommended when you are already an advanced user, so it will not load the plug-in and you will have the CSS code included within the code of your page.

css editor

This will allow your page to have a much more optimal loading time.


The real time editor will allow us to work by dragging and dropping elements, moving them to the position we want, giving us total freedom.

Yellow Pencil is not satisfied with this, it will also allow us to create animations for each element. In its library it includes about 50 predefined animations


One of the best options it has is that inside your WordPress, in the plug-in section, we can see how it shows us the pages that we have modified, download the CSS code or delete a single page in particular without having to go crazy looking for the code.

source manager

What are the benefits of Yellow Pencil

This visual CSS editor allows us to customize any page, theme, plugin, it will let us do whatever we have in mind.

Yellow Pencil makes it easy to focus on the design of the web with the wireframe mode, removing colors and showing us only the elements, making the visualization much clearer.

Another of the functions that we can use in this visual CSS editor is the style history, where it will show us all the information that we can use, such as colors, typography used, size, border of the element…etc.

Finally, it is fully compatible with responsive web pages, ie for mobile devices and allows us to modify the CSS style to be viewed on any mobile or tablet without any problem.

For all these options this visual CSS editor is a highly recommended plug-in to install on your WordPress page and so you can see what it is capable of doing I leave the link to my website

In it you will see the subscribe button, the initial title and some visual option inside the blog, which are made with this plug-in.

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Go ahead and use Yellow Pencil!!!

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