WooCommerce vs PrestaShop, which one should you use?

WooCommerce vs PrestaShop

Starting an e-commerce is an excellent decision, there is no doubt about it, but choosing the right platform may raise some doubts. That’s why I’m going to explain which is the best option between the two most used: WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

Comparison of WooCommerce vs PrestaShop

WooCommerce and PrestaShop are two excellent alternatives, proof of this is the great acceptance that both have among users. But, are they both equally good?

To know them more closely I am going to show you a very complete comparison related to the features that, as users, we expect to find in a platform for commerce. Let’s see.

Brief introduction to PrestaShop and WooCommerce

Let’s get to know a little of the history of each of the aforementioned platforms and really see if you were to pit WooCommerce vs PrestaShop, which one would win. This will allow you to have a more complete picture, making it easier to understand which one is better. This way the decision will be easier.

The most important point is that PrestaShop is a complete content management system, while WooCommerce uses another content management system to fulfill its function. What is certain is that, PrestaShop since 2007 and WooCommerce since 2011, fulfill their role well. Let’s look at other features in detail.

Installation and ease of use

In terms of installation and use, both have a plus point. All thanks to their step-by-step installer, so they guide the user.

After installation, you can add the information related to the products you want to sell. And although each of the platforms has its own characteristics in this section, both are very easy to understand thanks to the panels they provide.


Your online store must be different from the others, only this way it will be attractive and avoid confusion among customers. Well, at this point, both PrestaShop and WooCommerce have many options to customize your store.

But, the big difference is that PrestaShop charges for the vast majority of templates, which makes customization more expensive.

On the other hand, with WooCommerce it is easier to customize because it uses WordPress. However, both are of high quality.

Store management

The goal is to be able to manage the store and make it work in an excellent way. At that point, both platforms have what you need. And the good news is that doing so is very simple because they themselves guide you through the process.

With PrestaShop you should go to “Store Parameters” and with WooCommerce you would use the wizard.


Computer security is something vital for your store. Well, although both can suffer some kind of problem, it is something that rarely happens so, if you keep the page and its components up to date, it will be very difficult to have security problems.


Both work well, but strictly speaking, PrestaShop is better. Especially for those who have a very large store because they will require much more space to store the information. In both it can be done, but in WooCommerce the information overload does affect its performance.

Content manager

You can manage the content by following a few simple steps. The interface of each is user-friendly and easy to understand. PrestaShop is already a manager itself, but WooCommerce through its integration with WordPress has nothing to envy.

Product catalog management

In both platforms you can add or remove products and allow customers to reach them through tabs or the search engine. But PrestaShop has an advantage because it offers the option to add several items at once and even import or export them. And it offers more storage capacity.

Stock and warehouses

PrestaShop automatically offers three very striking options in terms of product stock: a product comparator, the product viewer and the ability to show that the product is available to the customer. Except for the last one, WooCommerce does it too, you just have to install a plug-in for it.


In both, the store has a variety of languages, but PrestaShop has an advantage in this point because you do not have to install anything else. In WooCommerce if you must install a plugin.

Shipping and payment methods

With PrestaShop you can configure the shipping and payment methods in the “Store Parameters” option and add carriers. You can also add payment methods there, as it only has payment by transfer or check.

WooCommerce also offers a good service in these fields. In the payment option, in addition to transfer and check, it also has PayPal. For shipping, you can configure whether the customer can pick up the product in a store, or use a transport to deliver it.


If you use WooCommerce you must install a plug-in to be able to issue invoices, but this is not the case with PrestaShop, because it already has this feature built in. In PrestaShop you can easily configure this option, while in WooCommerce you will have to install another plug-in.

Customer management

Both offer the automatic possibility for the customer to register, but without making it mandatory for them to do so. This means that anyone, whether they are registered or not, can make a purchase without any problems. If they decide to register, they are automatically added to the database.


Integrations are a very important point are a very important point because they allow the store to work better. WooCommerce integrates with WordPress allowing you access to its thousands of functions, facilitating the configuration of the store.

PrestaShop is more complete so it does not require such integration, even so it can be integrated through modules for some functions, for example to use known payment platforms.

Conclusion: Is WooCommerce or PrestaShop better?

The question should be: Which one is better for your store? That is the key because both are effective. Of course, PrestaShop has many built-in features automatically while WooCommerce requires plug-ins, although they are readily available.

In short, which one you decide to use will depend on the size of your store. If it is small, WooCommerce is better, and if it is large or multi-store, then PrestaShop is better.

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