Visual Composer, the visual layout tool that has revolutionized WordPress

visual composer

Next, I present to you, Visual Composer, a plugin that you must have installed in your WordPress. I use it on my website and the result is amazing

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What is Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a visual layout tool for WordPress which will allow you to create any page design you can imagine in a quick and easy way, without any coding knowledge. You will be able to edit both in code format and in visual format, seeing in real time what you are doing.

It is very simple to use, you select from a series of elements the one you want to include in your web, drag it to the position of your page where you want to place it and that’s it.

Visual Composer makes it much faster to organize your content and include advanced options on any page or post without touching a single line of code. It’s easy, intuitive and totally visual, allowing you to save hours of work.

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How Visual Composer works

Visual Composer works internally, uses WordPress short codes to create advanced content and transforms it into a user-friendly visual interface that is much more comfortable to work with.

This plugin may come included with some template, but in case it does not come, the installation is like any plugin, download the .zip file from here and in our wordpress panel we add new plugin.

Once the plugin is activated we go to Settings/Visual Packager and configure its options.

  1. Choose where on the website the plugin will appear (pages, posts or both).
  2. Distinction in terms of customization options depending on each user group.
  3. Default to the visual layout instead of the code editor.
  4. Add custom CSS code to the without having to modify any files
  5. Add third-party shortcodes.

Once configured, when we create a page or a new entry will appear above the editing bar the option of backend editor view or classic mode, as we can see is to choose between seeing the code or see a more visual and direct way.

Visual Composer, the visual layout tool that has revolutionized WordPress 15

Once in the visual editor, to start working we only need to add elements. When inserting these elements we can place them in the place we want and thus give our page or entry the design or style we have in mind. To order the elements will be as easy as drop and drag or what is called Drag & Drop.

maquetador visual
Visual Composer, the visual layout tool that has revolutionized WordPress 16

What can I do with Visual Composer

With this plugin the possibilities to build a website are unlimited, you just have to imagine what you want and do it with Visual Composer. We will be able to insert all kinds of elements like sliders, forms, maps, icons…create columns, parallax effects, etc…


Advantages and disadvantages of using Visual Composer

The first and big advantage is that it is compatible with most of the Premium themes out there. I use it with the Bridge theme and it works great. Before you purchase this plug-in make sure it works with the template you want to use.

Another advantage is speed, both when creating and editing. If you have to reorder elements within your website, you don’t have to mess with the code, you just go to the element and reorder it.

But certainly one of the advantages, is that it is responsive, IE compatible with all types of devices.

On the other hand, there is the disadvantage that being a plugin will slow down the loading of the web, but I assure you that it is worth having it installed, I personally do not notice slowness with Visual Composer.

Also, considering the functionality it provides, the time you save by not using code and the result you get, it is definitely a recommended plugin.

And you, do you dare to get started on WordPress with Visual Composer? Do not think about it and make professional pages in a very short time.

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