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WordPress is a CMS whose objective is to allow webmasters to create a blog or other type of website. Thanks to the growth that has had the CMS with its content management system, it offers a better and much easier to interpret giving much more help to more inexperienced users and their themes or templates, are a fundamental part of the CMS.

In this post I show you the best WordPress templates to get started with your blog, your online store or your company website.

For many users, talking about WordPress is talking about blog, but in reality this term is much broader, since with this system it is possible to create, online stores, corporate websites and any type of website you have in your head.

It’s amazing everything we can achieve with  WordPress, using it is much easier than you think, it’s all based on the theme and template to use. WordPress

What is a WordPress template or theme

It is normal for users to have confusion when talking about a WordPress theme or template, the ideal is to know the meaning of each. The theme, encompasses the overall design of the website, which will be visible to the public through pages, and that is where templates come in.

Templates are based on the design of each of the pages that help in the creation of the website. If you want expert opinion you can take a look at the blog about WordPress by Álvaro Fontela, co-founder of Raiola Networks, both blogs being two of the references for helping WordPress users and which have extensive content about the most used CMS in the world.

For if you need more information and help, you can also enter the blog about WordPress from Raiola Networks and go through all their posts to see tricks and learn much more about WordPress. In addition, they also have a very high quality hosting that will serve you for all your web projects.

How to install a WordPress template

To install a WordPress template, you need to install a theme, but don’t worry, it’s much simpler than it seems, to do this you must log in to, and click on appearance.

This option you will have in the top left area of the portal, then you have to click on “upload theme”, install and when finished, click on activate and you’re done. Easy, isn’t it?

But this is not all, before installing a template you must take into account factors such as, the customizability of the theme, the loading speed, as it is a factor that Google likes and, do not forget the most important, that it is optimized for SEO.

The importance of choosing a good WordPress template

The template will be responsible for grabbing the attention of the audience. For the template to meet all the requirements of the most experienced web portals, you must make sure that it has updates and that they are recent, on the other hand, it is very important that it fits mobile devices.

Already almost all websites have what is known as mobile first index or, what is the same, that Google will value your website by its mobile version.

Avoid as much as possible templates where when a problem occurs you must enter your PHP code, at least if you are not a programmer. And of course, it is important that it complies with the necessary techniques for the website to be at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others.

The best WordPress 

There are many templates that WordPress has, the difficulty lies in taking into account the best one, and although almost all are good, you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

The templates have been elaborated according to the most wanted themes in websites, either for corporate websites, being part of the WordPress templates for professionals, and those specialized in blog content.

Below I bring you a list of the best WordPress templates that meet all the requirements that a “good template”


Being one of the oldest templates and yet, the performance it offers has helped it remain among the best. It is very easy to use, it is the ideal template for beginners. If you still doubt this template, I dare to tell you that, it is one of the templates that has had the highest number of sales.

I want to download AVADA

Astra theme

If you’re looking for a template for your business website, Astra theme is the best for the job. It is a template that will allow you to use the best editors, to make your website the most eye-catching, and, best of all, is that, it is free, so, you won’t have to buy WordPress templates.

I want to download ASTRA

Genesis Framework

Finding a quality template is hard work, but here you have it easier. At this point Genesis Framework takes center stage, this template would not only allow you to save money, but also, it will provide you with the necessary tools to have the best WordPress themes for experienced portals

I want to download GENESIS .

Elegantthemes divi

If you want a template that features the best blog themes, look no further, Divi template by Elegantthemes, is the one for you. It is a template that has it all, with it you can learn to edit from colors, fonts, and more. In short, you will edit everything you want. 

I want to download DIVI


GeneratePress, is not a template, it actually fulfills the function of a theme, being one of the fastest WordPress themes, it is also compatible with creators like Elementor and many more, it allows the integration and modification of the database, being this an uncommon feature of WordPress themes. 

I want to download GENERATEPRESS


Newspaper, is considered one of the best premium WordPress templates. This template is priced at 50 euros, it is commonly used by users who have in mind to elaborate projects such as, video tutorials, whose technical characteristics, including “its optimization for SEO”, allow to increase considerably the number of visits to the website.

I want to download NEWSPAPER


A template that has 500 fully customizable codes. It is arguably one of the best WordPress templates. Among many of its benefits, it allows compatibility with all devices, whether mobile or not. It will work flawlessly, and in this case its plugins, are already installed, so you’ll save some time. 

I want to download BRIDGE


Salient is at the top of the list and with good reason. It has one of the best technical support that premium WordPress templates can have. It is a template with which you will not only learn to manage your website but also, you will achieve that this has a lot of traffic.

I want to download SALIENT


Uncode has earned the title of “multicreative template”, and the amount of tools it offers to make a website “unique”, are almost countless. If you consider yourself a creative person this is the ideal template to make your imagination fly, you will notice how complete it is just by observing its peculiar design.

I want to download UNCODE


It is one of the best selling templates and this is due to its functionality. Its design allows it to be used for different projects, thanks to its demos, be it, for photography, restaurants, blog, portfolio and more. It is one of the most elegant, and because of this it is known as a “multipurpose” WordPress template.

I want to download IMPREZA


WordPress installation takes no more than 5 minutes, it is a very easy system to use, but you need to take some time to read about the type of template that best suits your needs.

Not all of them are paid and yet their functionality has allowed them to be among the best WordPress templates.

All WordPress templates have an excellent ratio: performance-quality-price.

Although WordPress templates are subject to constant updates, we assure you that the ones named above, will remain at the top for good performance. No doubt you came to the right place to search for the best WordPress templates 2021.

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