The most customizable WordPress themes

los temas para wordpress mas personalizables

There are thousands of themes on the market that you can install on your WordPress website, both free and paid, but sometimes it is difficult to find one that has everything you need to customize your website 100%.

Free and Highly Configurable WordPress Templates

For starters, forget about finding many free WordPress themes that have numerous customization options. These themes are good for getting by without spending a dime, but if you want your website or blog to stand out, you’ll have to go through the cash, unless you’re a crack with CSS.

And on the other side are the paid themes, also called Premium. The problem with these themes is that the developer is always going to sell you that their theme is the best in the world, but as you might guess, this is not always the case. In fact, it is never the case, since there is no best theme par excellence. It will always depend on the goal you’re looking for.

The downside is that until you spend the money to try it out, you won’t know if it meets your expectations or not.

That’s why, in this article I want to make things easy for you and I’m going to make a list of the most customizable WordPress themes I’ve tested, with which you can get a wide variety of layouts without having to touch a single line of code.


Divi by Elegant Themes is one of the most well-known themes in the WordPress world, as it has been around since 2013 and has been improving over the years.

I’m not going to lie to you, just as there are many people in love with this track, there are also many detractors whose argument is that it’s quite heavy and that there are much better tracks.

Are there? Well of course there are, as I said before, no theme is the best in the world, but if what you are looking for is a theme that can be customized to infinity, that’s Divi.

Apart from that, it comes with its own integrated layout, thanks to which you can create the design of your pages easily and quickly by dragging and dropping elements where you want them on the page.

GeneratePress Premium

GeneratePress was developed by a young programmer from Canada, who one day got tired of the lack of a lightweight, flexible and well-programmed theme, and set out to create his own theme.

It turns out that he messed up and GeneratePress has become for thousands of people the best WordPress theme, precisely because of that: it’s lightweight, it’s versatile and it has a lot of customization options in its premium version.

One of its good things is that you can activate the modules you need to use (customize colors, customize fonts, customize menus, etc) and leave disabled the ones you don’t need, so they don’t suppose a load for the web.


Ultra is a theme developed by Themify, maybe not as well known as the previous two, but if you’re looking for customization, it’s one you should consider.

The truth is that Ultra is a bit reminiscent of Divi, as it also has numerous options to customize your website and comes with its own integrated layout, although I like Divi’s layout much better than this one.

But, on the other hand, it has more options for what is the structure of the web: sidebars, header and main menu formatting, blog look and feel, etc. It is quite complete in that sense, and a good option to take into account.


If you are looking for a theme for your online store made with WordPress and WooCommerce, Shoppe might be of interest to you.

It is also developed by the agency Themify, come on, it’s Ultra’s brother, but it is fully programmed and designed for use with WooCommerce.

And how could it be otherwise, it retains the same features as Ultra: its possibilities when customizing your store and its own layout to design your pages.

Although the best of this theme are its specific functionalities for the store, as it includes a gallery as a preview of the product in the catalog, and some effects when buying and adding to favorites items.


And continuing to talk about WooCommerce, why not mention its official theme, Storefront. It has a free version with the basic options to customize it, but apart you can purchase several free and paid extensions to increase the possibilities of design and customization.

The extension that will allow you to 100% customize this theme is called “Storefront Extensions bundle”, and you can find it on the official WooCommerce website.

Like GeneratePress, it is a very light and fast theme, and although it is developed by the WooCommerce team, it can be used perfectly for a corporate website or blog because it is a marvel whatever use you give it.

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