Monarch, WordPress plugin for sharing on social networks

monarch plugin wordpress para compartir en redes sociales

Do you have a blog and want to include the option to share? Today it is very important to include sharing buttons in our articles, something that will facilitate our content to be shared more easily by visitors who access our website. In this post I’ll tell you how to do it with Monarch, a wordpress plugin for sharing on social networks and fully configurable.

What is Monarch

Monarch, is a plugin that adds social media buttons in different areas of a page or article, adding the option to share that content. This plugin is very simple to use and very configurable.

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How to install Monarch

The method to install this plugin to share on social networks is like any other wordpress plugin, after registering in elegant themes we download the free version of Monarch.

registrar elegant themes
Monarch, WordPress plugin for sharing on social networks 20

After downloading the zip file, we will go to the wordpress tools menu. In the section plugins > add new and at the top we choose the option upload plugin, select the file and finally we give to install now.

instalar monarch
Monarch, WordPress plugin for sharing on social networks 21

How to configure Monarch

The first thing we’re going to do is go into the section for buttons to share content from your WordPress page. You’re going to be able to choose where you want to have these buttons, even have them in multiple places, I recommend that you don’t saturate the page with this content for your visitors.

botones compartir
  • Sidebar, buttons in the sidebar in portrait mode
  • Inline, in landscape format, in line with the text
  • Pop up, appears in popup window format, in the center of the screen.
  • Flying, pop-up window format, in square ratio and located in one of the corners of the screen.
  • Media, option that appears on top of the images, allowing us to share them.

In Manage Networks you can choose which social networks you want to appear, it is best to choose the most important ones for your social strategy. You can modify the order, just drag and drop.

The next step is to set up the different aspects of the buttons

Advanced configuration for sharing icons


  • Choose Icon Style, visual effect that occurs when a user hovers the mouse over the icons.
  • Choose Icon Shape, shape of the sharing button, you can choose: square, square with rounded edges and circular.
tutorial monarch plugin
Monarch, WordPress plugin for sharing on social networks 22
  • Display Settings, allows you to customize the colors of the boxes and icon logos.
  • Sidebar Orientation, where we want the icon bar to appear, left or right side of your website.
  • Intro Animation, effect with which the bar will appear once the page loads.
  • Display Share Counts, individualized counter of how many times the content has been shared on each social network. You can set a minimum threshold and until this value is exceeded, the counter will not be displayed.
  • Display Total Shares, total counter of how many times the content has been shared on all social networks.
  • Display ‘All Networks’ Button, allows you to include a drop-down that will offer the option to choose a social network that you have not included, in case a user wants an additional network.
  • Add Icon Spacing, if you activate this option the plugin will leave a space between the icons.
  • Hide On Mobile Devices, you can hide it on mobile devices, recommended because they are small screens.
configuracion iconos redes sociales barra lateral
color setting
  • Post Type Settings, pages on which you want this banner with sharing buttons to appear, usually used for posts.

Inline Share Icons

This second option will allow us to display the share button banner horizontally and inline with the page text. The customization sections are almost identical to those of the sidebar, you won’t have any problem.

  • Choose Location, allows you to choose where we want to display the share buttons.
  • Icon Alignment, icon alignment inside the button.
  • Number of Columns, number of columns that will be created in the banner, try to see what is the best option for your template or website.

The rest of the settings are the same as for the sidebar.

Social Sharing Pop Up

This option displays a pop-up window or Pop Up, which like the previous formats is also customizable, being able to put a title and a heading.

share pop up
  • Icon Alignement, icon alignment inside the pop up, left or centered.
  • Number of Colums, number of columns of icons to display inside the pop up.
  • Intro Animation, type of animation of how the pop up appears.
  • Trigger After Time Delay, after page load, it is the waiting time for its appearance, you can enable or disable.
  • Delay (in seconds), seconds delay for the appearance of the pop up.
  • Trigger After Inactivity, activation after a period of user inactivity.
  • Trigger At The Bottom Of Post, the pop up will be activated when we reach the bottom of the post.
  • Trigger After Commenting, the pop up will only be activated after commenting.
  • Trigger After Scrolling, activates when scrolling with the mouse.
  • Percentage Down The Page, percentage that we will have to scroll through the page for the pop up to appear.
  • Trigger After Purchasing, after making a purchase in woocomerce is activated.
  • Display Once Per Session, number of times the pop up appears times per session.
  • Display Share Counts, displays the number of times it is shared by each social network.
  • Display Total Shares, displays the total number of times shared.
  • Display Network Names, allows you to display the name of the social networks.
  • Display ‘All Networks’ Button, displays a button with all social networks.
  • Remove Icon Spacing, removes the space between icons.
  • Hide On Mobile Devices, disable the pop up on mobile devices.

Social Sharing Flying

This option is very similar to the previous one, the only difference is that it appears in the corners of the screen. The configuration is exactly the same as done in the traditional pop up.

Configure Media Sharing Icons

Last sharing option, which shows the sharing buttons above the photos, in case we want them to be shared on social networks. This option could be included in a page that gives a lot of importance to the image and its objective is to share such material.

As a conclusion, tell you that if you want a plug-in to share on social networks, do not hesitate, stay with Monarch. It is a very complete plug-in, easy to handle and works very well. Cheer up and include this plug-in among your favorites.

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