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loco translate

Do you want or need to translate parts of your website or plug-ins that are not in the language you use every day? Next, I’m going to explain you a simple plug-in to translate in WordPress, I present you Loco Translate for WordPress.

Loco Translate is really easy to use, I use it on my website in the blog section, translating parts of the template that do not come in Spanish as ”READ MORE”, where I put ”SEGUIR LEYENDO” and the result is very good.

What is Loco translate plugin?

Loco Translate is a plug-in to translate in WordPress and which will allow us to translate from a theme or template to the plug-ins we use. With this plug-in we will be able to translate everything and have all the elements of our website or WordPress in the desired language.

How to install Loco translate?

To install this plug-in we can do it in two ways.

The first is by visiting this page.

We download the .zip file and we go to the section of our WordPress plug-in / upload plug-in and tell him where we have the file.

The second and easiest way is, inside our WordPress, in the plug-in section, search for Loco Translate and click on install.

How to use Loco Translate, plugin to translate in wordpress
The first thing you have to do is to enter the Loco translate section of the edit menu of your wordpress.

As you can see, the plug-in divides the translations into three categories, themes, plug-ins and WordPress. Most of the themes are not usually translated into Spanish, then we will have to go in and translate those parts.

As for the plug-ins there are some that are translated and others that are not, we will have to do the same. When it divides us into three categories and says WordPress, it refers to all the texts that the software comes with, not including templates or plug-ins, we will not have to translate it, since it comes in Spanish.

How to create a language with Loco Translate

Once we know what we need to translate, we will go to the corresponding section. Click on the item. A new page will open where we will be given the option to create a new language. If the element does not have a model or template, it will force you to create it, you say yes and it is not complicated.

Then, we will get a page where we will have to choose two things, the language that we are going to create and the location of the file. In the first option you will have to choose the language you want to create, in the second one, I recommend to leave it by default, it will save the translation file in the default option of the plugin.

We start translating, click on start translating. A screen with three divisions will appear. In the first one we will choose the source text or text to translate, we can filter by searching.

Once chosen the text to translate, we will see in the second division that appears what we want to translate. In the third and last division nothing will appear, this is the hole where we will write the traction.

This operation will have to be done with each and every one of the texts that we want to translate.

Do not forget to save the process before leaving this section.

And that’s how easy it is to translate any element of your page or your WordPress with this plug-in to translate called Loco Translate.

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