Joomla vs WordPress: The most successful CMS?

joomla vs wordpress

A content management system is essential to create a website. That’s why it’s worth comparing the two best: Joomla and WordPress. Are they the most successful? Let’s take a look at some reasons why they are on top.

Joomla vs WordPress: Introduction and What the Numbers Say

As you probably already know Joomla and WordPress are content management systems and through them, you can create websites. Joomla has been on the market since 2005 while WordPress appeared in 2003.

But, although they have more or less the same time on the market, the reality is that WordPress far exceeds the number of users, reaching 40% at present. Joomla boasts a little less than 5.5% in which it acts as a manager and only 3% if we talk about the entire Internet.

What Are Some of the Most Outstanding Advantages of WordPress And Joomla?

Of course, just because WordPress is more widely used doesn’t mean that Joomla isn’t functional or suitable for your website. Each has many advantages that you need to know about. Let’s take a look.

Advantages WordPress offers

If you are thinking of becoming a Blogger, you must decide which one to use, the wisest thing to do is to evaluate the advantages they can offer you. Let’s see what WordPress has.

  • Usability. Anyone can use it without problems, it is enough to have a basic knowledge. Even so, you can get a WordPress consultant to offer you web design strategies.
  • Blog. Its purpose at the beginning was to be used to create blogs and, although it later expanded, it is perfect for creating blogs.
  • Support. When in doubt, there are many people who can help.
  • Cost. It is cheaper than the competition.
  • Search Engine Optimization. With WordPress SEO optimization is easier than with Joomla, due to the ease of use of plugins and extensions.

Advantages offered by Joomla

We cannot omit the virtues that Joomla has, which are many. Keeping them in mind can make you as a user opt for this option.

  • Flexibility. It allows you to easily modify the content and make it more original.
  • Languages. The multi-language option is included.
  • Templates. It has many templates, you can use the one you want.

How to manage users in Joomla and how to manage users on WordPress

Let’s talk now about another important function, which is allowed by both content managers: User management. Let’s see how to do it with each one.

How to manage users in Joomla Is it easy?

In the case of Joomla there are more options to manage users using its menu. To do so, just follow the steps in that menu and create new users, and even groups. There you can choose what permissions each one will have.

How to manage users on WordPress?

Although it does not have as much variety as its immediate competitor, it is easy to perform this process with WordPress. To do this, simply create a profile for the new user and fill in some fields. But, if the website is very large, you will need plugins to control permissions.

How easy is it to start publishing with WordPress and Joomla?

Of course the ease of use is something very important. And although at this point some say that Joomla has some advantage, I’ll leave it up to you to decide by looking at them in detail.

WordPress Ease of Use and Learning Curve

For basic content, it is possible to use WordPress and achieve the goal in a very short time. After installation, it is easy to intuitively follow the steps to increase the content.

Ease of Use and Learning Curve in the Joomla CMS

In Joomla the process is a little slower, it requires creating categories and then is when you create the content of each one. If you are not a connoisseur in this kind of things, it may cost you a little more.

How Can You Extend Your Website with Joomla and WordPress?

Both managers give the possibility to extend the website, both with themes and plug-ins on WordPress and with extensions and templates in Joomla.

How many plug-ins and themes does WordPress have?

With almost 55 thousand plug-ins as well as more than 5 thousand themes, you are spoilt for choice on WordPress. And those are just the free ones. Custom-fields on WordPress allow for extensive customization.

How Many Extensions And Templates Does Joomla Have?

With 8 thousand extensions and numerous templates, Joomla also gives many options to choose from.

Are WordPress and Joomla Equally Secure?

Let’s talk about a very important point, computer security. Let’s make a small analysis of what each one offers in this field.

WordPress Security

In the case of WordPress security is fundamental. The key to avoid any attack is to keep everything updated. Although it has suffered attacks, they are minimal in websites that are up to date.

Joomla Security

Something similar happens in the case of Joomla, because it did suffer hacks, but the vast majority of sites were not updated. Those that are up to date have maximum security.

Joomla Extensions and Templates and WordPress Extensions and Templates

Each of the options has a basic look and feel, but we both know that almost no one uses them. So how do you go about changing the look and feel? By using one of the many extensions or templates.

Extensions and templates for WordPress

On WordPress, you can find thousands of templates and tens of thousands of free plugins. You can also use templates from other official sites like Raiola.

Joomla extensions and templates

Joomla does not have this option, at least not like WordPress, but it is possible to get the necessary extensions and templates, although with more work. You need to search the internet in a specific way until you get the element you need.

Migrating from Joomla to WordPress

To migrate from Joomla to WordPress you need expert help. Among the best options is WordHerd or a plugin suitable for the process. If you know how to do it, it is a simple procedure.

Conclusion: Joomla or WordPress?

Having detailed each one, it’s time to choose which one is better. And since both options offer very interesting and secure features, then the decision will fall on you as a user.

We say this because every website is different and every user is different and therein lies the key. You must use the one that best suits you and the project you want to carry out.

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