How to Upgrade a Themeforest WordPress Template

como actualizar una plantilla wordpress de themeforest

How to Upgrade a Themeforest WordPress Template

Themeforest is the largest web template marketplace in the world. It is a platform where freelance designers upload their themes and offer them for sale to potential clients, who have the option to access them to launch their digital projects.

It is a marketplace of web templates that has more than 40,000 models gathered, of which more than 9,000 themes covering all possible categories, subcategories and themes for the design of a website correspond to the WordPress collection.

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What you should consider before updating a Themeforest WordPress template

como actualizar una plantilla wordpress de themeforest 2

In this post I’m going to give you some recommendations to keep in mind before updating a Themeforest WordPress template and tell you the steps you will need to follow if you want to do this process manually or via Envatomarket.

Let’s take it one step at a time. The first thing you should know is that you don’t have to lose your settings and data when updating your theme.

You will only lose the template code changes you have made if you have not used a child theme, which is the way to create modifications to a main theme to suit your needs.

However, I recommend that you make a backup from the administration panel of your hosting to take care of yourself before making any modifications.

Manual upgrade: steps to follow

This is the safest option, although the most time-consuming. It allows you to keep the old version and easily revert to it in case errors occur during the upgrade process.

The first thing you should do is download the latest version of the template you are going to update, unzip the folder and rename it. Afterwards, via FTP you must upload the folder with the new version of your template to the wp-content themes folder.

Your server will rename the folders, and once this step is completed you should access the appearance-themes section, where you can check that your template has the new version.

Go into your web browser and refresh your website to check that everything is working properly, and once you have made sure that everything is in order, you can delete the old template folder.

You can also update your WordPress template by deleting the folder with the old version and installing the one with the updated version, but you run the risk of not being able to revert to the old template if something goes wrong during the update.

In this case, you will have no choice but to quickly resolve the bugs or perform a restore.

Updating via Envato Market plugin

Envato Market is a private company that offers all kinds of digital products and has in its databases more than nine million different files such as web templates, ready-to-use codes, video files, plugins, audio files, photos…

The Envato Market plugin will allow you to update your Themeforest WordPress template automatically. The first thing you need to do is download the plugin and install it without unzipping it.

Once you have this plugin installed and activated, you should be able to see Envato Market in the WordPress menu and synchronize your account with this plugin.

From the admin panel you will be able to access Envato to create an Envato API Personal Token.

Enter a name for the token and agree to the terms and conditions. Once created, a new screen will appear where you can see the token code, which you should copy and save.

The next step is to go back to the plugin and enter the token key.

After this process, you will receive notifications every time there are new updates, and you will only have to click on the Update Available button to automatically update your template.

Did you know it was themeforest, did you know about both methods to update?

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