How to create a blog step by step: Guide 2021

como crear un blog

Every day more and more people want to have a presence on the web and therefore every day more and more people are wondering how to make a blog? Well, if you think that this article will answer this question, you are right.

However, in case you are just getting into this world, there are more things you should know besides how to create a blog. So instead of calling this a “step-by-step guide“, we’ll call it “everything a new blogger should know“.

What is a blog

Before we dive into the topic of blogs, we need to clarify what the difference is between a website and a web page. Let’s start by saying that they are not the same thing. Since a website is a compendium of web pages that usually have a relationship with each other.

In other words, a website is a folder on the web filled with documents. While a web page is one of these documents, a website can contain many web pages.

Now, answering the initial question, we can say that a blog is a website with dynamic content. Which means that its content is constantly updated in the form of “post“, “articles” or “publications“.

These are usually quality content and touch on a specific topic, whether it is news, a movie review, a musical recommendation, recipes, information, personal anecdotes, etc.

The main feature of a blog is that it allows interaction with its users, being these the ones who give life to the blog, by following posts, commenting on each post or even sharing the articles and creating comments.

Types of blogs:

  1. Personal blog
  2. Professional blog
  3. Corporate blog
  4. Themed blog

What is the purpose of a blog?

As we have just mentioned, a blog is made up of articles that are constantly being published, which are organized chronologically on the main page of the blog.

It should be noted that, following the order of ideas we had at the beginning, a blog is made up of several web pages, either by articles, publications, sections, categories, etc.

Now, why would I create a blog? The answer is given in one word, and that is “expression“. That’s right, a blog serves to express ourselves and give our opinion about a specific topic or several at once.

Understanding also that the simple fact of communicating news or even giving information with one’s own writing is a type of expression.

In addition to expressing ourselves, either with writings, images, videos or even audios, we can interact with our readers or visitors. So we could be in contact with a whole web community and exchange points of view about a specific topic.

What does it take to be a blogger

A blogger is a person who manages a blog and therefore makes posts from time to time. Understanding this, we can say that a blogger (blogger) is the subject who expresses himself and his blog is his window or his stage.

In case you want to become a blogger, you only need to have knowledge and a point of view about one or several topics. Also, it is necessary that you know how to communicate through writing, since texts is the common factor in a blog.

Not forgetting of course the main character of this article, “the blog.”

These aspects we have just seen are the most relevant ones. Now let’s talk about the less relevant ones, such as age, nationality, geographic location, professional level, religion, race, and gender.

In other words, a blogger can be anyone, anywhere in the world. They just need to have knowledge about the subject, a point of view and a blog.

What is the advantage of having a web presence?

The web is a window with a global reach, and this is its main advantage. So if we want to be read anywhere in the world, our main objective would be to have a web presence. This would not be possible if we do not have a blog.

The truth is that the reasons for having a website are varied, either because people want to express themselves, share, or even want to do business. The advantage is that for each one of these objectives there is a type of website, the detail is to know how to choose the right one.

A clear example of what we have just said, are the people or companies that seek to sell their products through the Internet. To achieve this requires that the person or company has a sales website or is part of one, as is the case of Amazon, Samsung, eBay, among others.

Similarly, if you want to share your opinion with the whole world and also exchange views, your direction points towards a blog. Which leads us to ask the following question: How to make or create a blog?

How to create a blog step by step

As mentioned at the outset, this article functions more as an encyclopedia for new bloggers, rather than a step-by-step guide. However, it is clear that the central goal is for you to know how to set up a blog.

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