10 Free Plugins to add animations or effects on WordPress

10 plugins gratuitos para anadir animaciones o efectos en wordpress

The best free plugins to add animations or effects on WordPress

It is clear that an eye-catching website attracts more attention than a static one. That’s why adding web effects or animations such as smooth scrolling, page transitions or CSS animations can go a long way in making your website much more pleasing.

Below, I show you 10 free WordPress plugins that allow you to add.

Animate it!

Adding CSS3 animations or animation in CSS text to your website is very easy with Animate it! The plugin uses the animate.css and animo.js libraries offering more than 50 animations. The animations can be applied to user interactions such as scrolling or clicking.

Download Animate it!

Page Animations and Transitions

This plugin offers new and eye-catching page transition effects, being able to vary the time of variation.

Download Page Animations and Transitions

CSS3 Transitions

Add CSS3 transitions to elements on both the front-end and back-end. Transitions are added to any <a>, <li>, <img> and <input> .This is an interesting option for those who want a very quick and effective solution.

Download CSS3 Transitions .

Easy textile

Add animations to any text on your website with Easy Textillate. The plugin includes the textillate.js, animate.css and lettering.js libraries to provide all kinds of effects.

Download Easy Textile

Ultimate Hover Effects

Use Ultimate Hover Effects to add animations to image captions. Select an image from your WordPress image library and configure the hover effects you want to use. The best plugin to make hover effect WordPress images.

Download Ultimate Hover Effects

Page scroll to id

Add smooth scrolling effects to page navigation using CSS ID elements. You can set scroll sequence duration and smooth, there are more than 30 types to choose from. Supports vertical and horizontal scrolling, and you can set scrolls for individual links.

Download Page scroll to id

CSS3 Rotating Words

CSS3 Rotating Words is a handy plugin with a simple function, rotate a word or group of words in a sentence using an animation. You can choose from five animation styles and also set the font color and size.

Download CSS3 Rotating Words .

 WP Progress Bar

With WP Progress Bar you can add animated progress bars to your WordPress pages and posts. The bars are added via short code. It allows you to modify the text, colors, bar fill percentage and width.

Download WP Progress Bar

Page Loading Effects

Page Loading Effects allows you to choose which animation your web page displays while the content loads. Once loading is complete, the animation will automatically disappear. You can customize the colors in the plugin settings.

Download Page Loading Effects

SVG Logo and Text Effects

If you are looking to add a touch of freshness to your text without resorting to using images, this is the plugin for you. It has many options, including fonts from Google Fonts. The text that is generated is fully editable and does no harm to SEO.

Download SVG Logo and Text Effects .

Make your website unique, different

The right mix of effects or animations can bring fun and usefulness to your website. Of course, you have to know how to choose the best for each case. A good rule of thumb is to always keep your users’ best interests in mind.

If a feature increases usability or makes your site more enjoyable to use, then it might be worth it.

Are you up for giving your website an original and eye-catching touch?

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