Top Ten Royalty Free Image Banks (2021)

mejores bancos imagenes libres derechos

It can be quite easy to find free image banks for your website or blog. By doing a simple Google search, we can find different websites that offer free images.

But as in all aspects of the Internet, not all free image banks are equal. We can find images of higher and lower quality, real photographs or illustrations, images in HD or high resolution, as you like to say it and above all and importantly, free images without copyright and of course, many others that do need the mention of the author. The important thing of all this is to find a solution for each post or website that offers us ideas with free images.

What I do advise you to always do, is to reduce and optimize the images when you upload them to your website.

Are you looking for a free image bank for downloading?

Next, I want to bring you what for me are the best free image banks for blogs and websites. Image banks where you can download free images without copyright. So you do not be afraid to implement images in your web projects, in your blogs or even in your social networks.

It is important to know in these cases that, in some free or royalty-free image platform, you have to mention the author of the images, a small link in exchange for having high-quality images downloaded.

One of the aspects that we must take care of when preparing articles for our website or blog is the selection of images. But, it is not always easy to find banks of royalty-free images to use in our websites.

So, today we want to talk to you about image banks and how this tool can help you in the selection of quality images for your website or blog.

  1. What is an image bank?
  2. The top 10 image banks on the network
  3. Foter
  4. Everystockfoto
  5. Morguefile
  6. Pixabay
  7. PhotoPin
  8. Pexels
  9. Wylio
  10. Free Images
  11. StokPic
  12. Unprofound

What is an image bank

Image banks are websites that make available collections of free royalty-free web images that users can use in the development of their blogs or websites.

Image banks provide photographs, drawings, illustrations, icons and other types of images on a multitude of topics with which we can easily find images that will help us to increase the quality of the articles we develop.

There are a multitude of image banks on the Internet, so in today’s post we have made a selection of the top ten, so you can get to know them and start using them.

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Free Image Banks
Top Ten Royalty Free Image Banks (2021) 13

Top 10 best image banks on the net


The free image bank Foter has 335 million photos with different licenses. Royalty-free, with attribution to the author or with restrictions on modification.

In Foter we can search for free images by category, by inserting a keyword, by color or license type. In addition, we have the possibility to copy the HTML code into our website.


Everystockfoto is a website draws from other free out-of-copyright image banks to offer us 21 million high quality images. It is the largest free photo database on the net. It allows us to search for images by selecting the category or entering keywords.

Another strong point is that it offers technical information about each photo.


Morguefile is the free high resolution image bank that has more than 13 million pictures and that we can download without even having to register. That’s reason enough to appear on this list.


Pixabay is a website allows us to find both photographs and videos and vectors. All images are free, and we can download them in different sizes. Pixabay currently has 850,000 images.


PhotoPinThis website is another image search engine with a wide offer of illustrations. It offers the download of images in different sizes and the possibility to insert the HTML code.


Pexels It is one of the largest royalty-free image banks, which daily expands its offer of high quality images. Highly recommended.


Wylio stores more than 100 million snapshots both royalty-free and paid.

Free Images

Free Images provides you with 400,000 high quality images for download, also includes the option to buy photos.


StokPic is another image bank with free and premium version, but in the free part we can find thousands of high resolution photos.


Unprofound is a community of photographers, that allows us to download high resolution photographs without the need to register.

To finish, we share with you this link where you can learn how to optimize images for your website.

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