TemplateMonster and the Evolution of Web Design

templatemonster y la evolucion del diseno web

Look back.What was web design like 15 years ago? If you compare it to the modern Web, it would undoubtedly look a bit clunky and clunky. There were no mobile devices, no multiple Web browsers: just Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Today’s generation won’t remember websites full of links and text, with few images and unreadable fonts, because back then Google web fonts simply didn’t exist.

TemplateMonster, how it was born and became successful

Web pages were designed with Flash and CSS, using animated Gifs and audio clips. It was a time when the concept of web development was just taking its first steps.

Well, at that time we, that is, 5 people packed in a small office in the suburbs, decided to start creating websites, but we had an idea of how to differentiate ourselves from other web design companies that were proliferating in the market at an incredible speed.

This is how our story began: the story of TemplateMonster, a web platform that offers unique, exquisite and easy-to-use templates.

TemplateMonster: from HTML to ready-to-use templates

First it was all about custom websites. To create them from scratch we used HTML and CSS coding, as everyone did in those days. They ran pretty smoothly, loaded faster and looked better.

If we compare them with the websites developed with Flash, and due to the unlimited creativity of our team, the websites created by us were very popular, so our team managed to get some big clients, such as GAP and others.

Even when the use of HTML was a generally accepted practice, there was no single structure for Web sites. Simply put, all websites were created from a clean sheet of paper, so they had different layouts and styles, which made navigation very complicated.

Filled with colorful animations and provided with a lot of different fonts, these websites were not easy to use, nor attractive. We must even say that our own website looked a bit sloppy.

We are very happy that the web aesthetic has changed a lot since then. Minimalism, flat graphics, large images, subdued color palette and single page design have made the process of website creation increasingly cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Despite following the latest Web trends, while cooperating with the biggest companies, we had that feeling of missing something really crucial. At that time we paid little attention to medium and small companies, whose number was growing rapidly.

They were generally not interested in having their own Website, as it was quite expensive. In addition, they often did not yet realize the possible benefits of their own website.

Bearing this in mind and noting the speed with which one of the designers on our team was generating websites based on his own pre-rendered designs, we decided to try creating out-of-the-box web templates that only required the replacement of default content.

Easy to use, perfectly designed and tailored to customers’ needs, our web templates have become a real gold mine. During the first two weeks of sales of these products we earned more than 70.000,00 $.

As you can see, there are no special secrets of TemplateMonster’s success. Everything was quite predictable, as we were just trying to follow the technological development and think ahead. Every year web design becomes simpler, cleaner and more intuitive. And the standards of creativity have been completely reconsidered. So, we not only managed to follow these concepts, but we also surpassed it by offering something that is ready, reasonably priced, requires no special knowledge and, most importantly, is characterized by top quality.

TemplateMonster’s themes and templates are universal solutions for any type of business, as they can be adjusted to the size and specialization of any company, as well as modified according to users’ configuration, features, functionalities and screen sizes. Based on in-depth research of the demands of our potential customers, we can now create an exclusive template for any business.

For example, our multifunctional themes for restaurant sites already integrate a table reservation option, while the business templates incorporate Google maps, contact forms and social media sharing features. In other words, our products have everything to help the client’s business flourish.

It’s 2018, TemplateMonster not only has the world’s largest template library that is constantly updated with new products and extensions, but it is also well known as a global digital marketplace with over 6 million potential customers.

Really, the TemplateMonster marketplace is a paradise for web developers of any platform.

Our templates have numerous built-in functions – their number is larger than any other existing marketplace can offer. In addition, our client gets a full package of source files and many special offers, such as spam protection or free copywriting services.

Monster Template and mobile revolution

Who was thinking about optimization in the early 2000s? No one, as cell phones at that time did not yet provide that opportunity. In 2018 the percentage of all web pages visited from cell phones is over 52%! What is this if not a true smartphone revolution?

Well, for your website to be popular, easy to find and optimized for Google, it should work flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. It is a must if you want to see your website on the first page of Google search results.

At TemplateMonster we could not ignore this key principle of modern web design concept: all our products are fully mobile-friendly and work perfectly on any of the existing screens.

TemplateMonster and WordPress go hand in hand

TemplateMonster was created in 2002. WordPress was launched in 2003. Is that a coincidence? We don’t think so… When WordPress was launched, it was first used primarily as an online blogging tool. Today it is one of the largest blogging platforms, with millions of users and used to create all kinds of websites. Thanks to the intuitive interface, WordPress is extremely easy to manage and install.

It offers you numerous options to structure the content, customize your website and connect it to all known social networks. At TemplateMonster, we are really crazy about WordPress themes and templates.

TemplateMonster and that scary word “optimization”

10 years ago it was enough to have your website “online”. But now, without proper optimization, your website can be invisible, even if it exists. Our web templates are well structured to make your future website stand out in Google search. TemplateMonster creates easy-to-crawl designs that offer convenient navigation and many useful options, such as, for example, a possibility to subscribe to receive recent news, join a meeting or webinar or even chat online.

TemplateMonster and Analytics

The importance of analytics and research in modern web design is much needed. 10-15 years ago these tools were generally ignored, leaving intuition and client whims to be the key factors when creating a website. Now the assortment of methods and techniques used to identify website visitors and potential customers has increased considerably.

At TemplateMonster we are very proud of our own Research Center that performs accurate analysis and analytical research. Offering a decent variety of ways to make successful business decisions and improve your existing site for better results, Analytics is an essential tool to increase your conversion rate

Attitude to help with TemplateMonster support

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until you know how much you care. ~ Damon Richards

Gone are the days when the customer was left alone with their problems. Now customer service is a crucial part of every competitive business. TemplateMonster customer support specialists work 24/7, are available by online chat or phone, and are always ready to help you make the right decision, choose a suitable template, download and install and, of course, solve any problems in case a customer has one. Therefore, TemplateMonster’s customers receive assistance before, during and after purchasing.

TemplateMonster and communities

The concept of knowledge and its transmission has evolved:now people come together to share their knowledge, experiences and practices. It is a brilliant way to inspire and encourage people to new achievements. TemplateMonster’s marketplace has incredibly gifted web designers with many new ideas and original points of view.

TemplateMonster and bonuses

The main idea of our times is not about making money, but about solving customer problems and making money as profit. TemplateMonster not only follows the latest web developments but also creates its own:

Digital books and manuals library

TemplateMonster offers both the world’s largest collection of templates and a unique library of digital books and tutorials on how to create a website using a template, boost your online business and implement top-notch marketing strategies. Written and published by our company’s experts,you can download these books absolutely free of charge.

100% satisfaction

If you change your mind after making a purchase, we will offer you another great template absolutely free. If it’s still not what you’re looking for, we’ll give you your money back. TemplateMonster’s customers are satisfied customers.

Free templates with TemplateMonster

Download for free, test and get inspired before you buy a premium product.

Sales and offers

We can’t offer less on our website and offer our customers decent promos and offers that are up to their standards.

What the future holds

It’s hard to imagine what web design will look like in the future, as dramatic innovations continue to appear at cosmic speed. However, we know for sure that the TemplateMonster team will work hard and without waiting for inspiration to strike, so the quality of our products does not depend on mood, weather or muse. We are professionals who are doing their job impeccably and systematically.

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