My opinion of Jimdo: should you use it to create your website?


Jimdo contributes to the good appearance of a website. In the world we live in, aesthetics is very important. While something pretty can attract, something ugly can drive away; the point is that this affects many aspects of human life.

Creating a website may seem simple, yet many have found that it is more complex than they think and this is due to the fact that in order to attract more people to your website you must think of an appealing, beautiful, quality design that is something good to appreciate.

With how advanced technology has become, and how indispensable the internet has become, creating a website has never been easier. We have tools that can be very useful for the design of the same, they are simple, and you do not need to be a programmer to get it. Some of these are Wix, Weebly, Webnode, among others.

Today we will focus on one, Jimdo, an excellent web design tool. But what is it, how can we use it? And what facility does it offer? In this article we will learn about this valuable tool, so let’s get started.

What is Jimdo and what is it for

“What you see is what you get”. Have you ever heard that motto? That’s the basis of Jimdo. It’s a web page design and construction tool, considered one of the best editors due to its simplicity and the quality it offers.

Created in 2007 by Germans, Jimdo offers you a proprietary management system using artificial intelligence and based on editable sections. It is a platform that requires no prior knowledge of HTML, and with which you can create and customize your page from scratch. Useful for those who are not programmers and do not know programming languages.

Of course, if you have knowledge of HTML, you can also use this platform because you can add custom widgets or even modify the design of the templates offered. Many pages have been created with this platform, why not give it a try?

Although Jimdo uses a flexible approach, it offers two paid versions, Jimdo Buisiness and Jimdo Pro, which we’ll talk more about later. We also have a free version, which is useful for getting started in this world.

You should keep in mind what is the goal you want to achieve when creating the page, as this platform can work for photographers or musicians as well as artists or artisans. Even for influencers who just want a cover sheet this can be ideal.

What characterizes Jimdo

As a web platform, Jimdo gives you the opportunity to start your website from scratch to start positioning yourself in the market quickly. You can start your business thanks to its various features, which at the same time become great advantages, but what are they? I show them to you below.

Different plan services

Thanks to their editor you can design your page. Of course you could not use your own domain but one assigned by the builder itself, but this only happens using a free version. Using a paid plan you have more features at your fingertips. For example:

  • The 2 paid options of Jimdo, from 5 GB up to unlimited space, with your own domain and different payment methods.
  • The free option, called “Jimdo Free” although a bit limited, will include advertising plus a domain with the name you chose along with “”.

But regardless of which version you use, you should keep in mind that the paid plan tends to be somewhat expensive, but it can be a good friend to go along with your purpose.

Ease of use

Click, click and more click is what you should do when you enter this platform. Its fast interface allows you to create in just seconds the site you want, be it, a blog or an Online Store for your business. Thanks to its module system you can both add and remove any process you have done. Its well-designed templates can be adapted to what you want to achieve or the style you want.



Its easy interface gives you the ability to create a professional website, projecting a more serious image, eliminating, of course, the advertising that integrates it. But in order to achieve this, you must analyze which plan best suits your needs. Ideal for starting a business whether it is sales or a content blog that allows you to generate an income.

E-mali included

Unlike many web builders, Jimdo allows you to manage your email thanks to the system it offers.  This prevents you from wasting time and effort. In addition to the fact that through this medium they can give you good business information.


With Jimdo you can add widgets to your page, to give it appeal. In addition, with your iOS or Android device you can update or optimize your site, using the App with the same name. However, the platform is kept constantly updated, hence viruses or hackers are no problem at all.

Of course we have to keep in mind that designing a website from a computer is already difficult; hence, although the mobile application might seem an advantage, it can also make the design and structure somewhat complicated. You can also use HTML and CSS code.


Disadvantages of Jimdo


Although there are many advantages that characterize this web designer, it also presents certain disadvantages, which therefore also make it weak. Here I present you some of them.

  • If you are going to create a digital store, you will not be able to sell audios, videos, e-books if you do not incorporate a widget.
  • Although it is an open platform, its functionalities are still limited. It has some templates that fit your needs, but they are few; and in a few cases difficult to fully modify.
  • Although the free version can be very helpful to get started, its advertising tends to be somewhat tedious, which leads you to have to purchase a paid version.
  • Circumstances may vary, hence, even if you want to save the content, you will not be able to. Why? This happens because Jimdo does not create backups for the created content. On the other hand, if the company decides to close, you will lose your site, because you will not have your own domain. All the time and work you will have put in, will be lost.
  • Jimdo presents two difficulties; if you use the free version, you don’t have your own domain. Regardless of the version you choose, the servers used are those of the company in question, this means that you can not properly implement SEO strategies, and therefore it will be difficult to position the page.
  • The only way to see statistics on how much activity your site has is to get a paid version.

Although it is true that this platform has many disadvantages that limit it, its advantages give you the opportunity to start your online business easily. That is, start acclimating yourself to the online world, this will give you experience which will contribute to your growth. But how can we create it?

How do I create a website on Jimdo?

It has already been mentioned that creating a website on Jimdo is quite simple and all just a click away. The first thing you need to do is register, enter the information requested there and once you’ve completed the registration checkout, you go to choose your preferred page type and along with it the category you’d like to talk about.

Think carefully, and choose the one that suits your purpose and needs. Choose the version that suits you best. Remember to think of a name for your domain that has not been used before. This will be accompanied, in the url, by “”, select the template and modify it to your liking. Once you set your parameters, that’s it! You will be able to use your site and add content to it.


Want to get your business out there, start a business, or write content? Jimdo can help you with that. We’ve learned a few details about this platform, but these are only the most relevant ones. Log in to the platform and become more proficient at using it. Remember that you don’t have to be the best programmer, nor have any prior knowledge to create a page, you just need determination.

Many people are using it, there are already more than 12 thousand pages created with this tool. It is an excellent option to start exploring the world of the web. Although it is evident that it has some limitations, the truth is that it is an excellent option to enter the world of content.

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