6 fonts that cannot be missing in your designs

6 tipografias que no pueden faltar en tus disenos

Decorative typefaces are characterized by being not very legible. For that reason they are used in very short texts in a very large font size or many designers use them to make logos.

Decorative typeface Yeah Papa

The first typeface we bring you has a very cool name: Yeah Papa. It was designed by Rafa Miguel. He is a graphic designer and typographer originally from Santo Domingo.

The typography gives an effect as if it were handmade, that’s why it works perfect on posters or billboards. There are only capital letters, numbers, and various symbols.

tipografia Yeah Papa

We leave you the link so you can download it: Yeah Papa

Cosmonaut Geometric Typography

The following typeface is called; Cosmonaut, this typeface has a design with geometric shapes. We could say that in the same file you can find two versions of the same typeface.

In the uppercase letters there are letters with different shapes, for example the letter D changes its design if it is used as lowercase. There are other letters that do not change at all, like W or Q.

It is a typeface designed by Cahya Sofyan originally from Indonesia.

tipografia Cosmonaut

Also available for free download at the following link: Cosmonaut

Decorative Bleakers typography

This other typeface of the day is called Bleakerst, it was designed by Agga Swist’blnk. It is also a decorative typeface, which gives the idea that it is a handmade font.

Compared to the previous two, this typeface does have uppercase and lowercase letters. We quite liked the way they present the typography, they gave them an effect as if they had been written with a brush and watercolor paints.

tipografia Bleakers

You can download it completely free here: Bleakers

Aroly decorative typography

This typeface is called AROLY, it is made of pure polygons. You can download only the version with the uppercase letters, but the designer of the typeface says that he will soon publish the lowercase version so that you can download it as well.

tipografia aroly

Here you have the download link: Aroly

Decorative typography Reis

The following free typeface is called Reis. This one has a style like to have been done freehand, it can be downloaded in format PSD. That is, they open from Photoshop to be used in any type of project.

tipografia reis

It can be downloaded for free or for a small donation of less than a dollar that will go directly to the font designer: Reis

Decorative typeface Che’s Bone

And the last typeface that is inspired in the love that the designer’s mascot has for bones. And is that the typeface has rounded ends as if imitating bones. It can be downloaded and used as they want and wherever you want.

tipografia Ches bone

Here you can download it: Che’s Bone

The idea of using decorative typography requires in a way, knowing when to use it, since, incorrect typography would completely ruin a design.

They are usually mentioned in books as “not recommended” for editing because of the difficulty of its reading, however, we leave to the eye of the reader and designer its reading and its application, because depending on what is sought, perhaps they can have a greater impact than you think, denoting them with the readability criterion.

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