5 Web programming languages you need to know

lenguajes programacion web necesitas conocer

One of the most important technological inventions developed by mankind has been computers, which, thanks to the advance of information technology, have been evolving rapidly.

Thanks to the evolution of these, the internet has emerged, the largest communication network in existence and an invention that has had such an impact on our lifestyle that it is now unthinkable to do anything without an internet connection. (try living a day without an internet connection).

Therefore, in these years many professionals have emerged who are professionally engaged as web programmer in Barcelona, in Madrid and in any country in the world.

Internet is nourished by web pages and, in this sense, the visualization of web pages is only possible thanks to the web programming language. For such a reason, it is important to know the definition of a web programming language before calling a web programmer

What is programming language

In addition to external components, all computers require the use of a programming language, which is written by the developer of the device to establish the codes under which this machine will operate.

Following this same line, a web programming language, would be a set of instructions that allow the display and operation of Internet pages. In this way, it is fundamental for anyone planning to build a website, to know what is the definition of web programming language.

However, knowing the definition of web programming language is not enough to be able to design a website, because as time has advanced and the needs of users on the network have changed, there have appeared different types of web programming language, CMS that make life easier or developments by templates such as TemplateMonster.

Next, let’s get acquainted with some of these web programming languages, but first a question.

Which is the best language to learn to program web pages?

Bearing in mind all the above, when we explained the definition of a web programming language, we mentioned that over time there have been several types of them, each with different features and functionalities.

So, the choice of web programming language is something that can vary depending on your needs.

Most important web programming languages

However, a good way to choose the best language to learn to program web pages, is to know which are the most important ones currently available. This way, you make sure you choose a language that is functional and widely used on the web.

Thus, I present to you today’s most important web programming languages:

HTML language

It was launched in 1977 and is considered the most important web programming language. With it we can define the content of the web page and the way this content will be organized. However, HTML does not allow us to program such things as the graphic design of the web page, or the way in which users interact with the web page.

JavaScript language

This language emerged in 1995, its main feature is that it is focused on the interactive part of the website, it allows programming animations and displays content updates instantly.

The disadvantages of Java, focus on security, as it is easy to introduce malicious code in Java that is downloaded to users’ computers.

Also, the Java language often loads web pages with many code snippets, so the developer is forced to store the Java code snippets in HTML code files, so that it can be indexed correctly by search engines.

PHP language

It is characterized by its speed and wide usage, it is easy to learn and can be used in combination with HTML code, it is completely free, can be used to build binary CGI modules, can be used with files and has the functionality to connect to different databases.

On the other hand, it has the disadvantage that, in order to display web pages, it is necessary to have a web server that supports this language. Also, because it is interpreted on the server, if the number of download requests is too high, it will cause the page to collapse.

ASP language

This language was developed by Microsoft, it offers the advantage that it can be used in conjunction with HTML, it also offers a lot of security to programmers, since users who visit the page do not have access to it, because the programming instructions are interpreted in the script, and the user only sees the interpretation in HTML code.

However, it is not an easy language to learn, it is not 100% cross-platform and requires the use of high-capacity web servers, because it consumes a lot of resources.

Python language

This language is very popular, it is characterized by being simple to learn as it is more natural than other programming languages, it is very easy to use on devices and with this language, you can do the same as with HTML or others in fewer lines.

The problem is that Python is an interpreted language, therefore, its execution is much slower, likewise, it can be vulnerable to attacks.

In conclusion, this is a topic that goes far beyond the definition of web programming language, and these are just some of the most important ones, there are many other languages you can learn to use. The choice is yours!

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