5 tips on how to update old pages

Consejos para actualizar páginas antiguas

When we create a website for the first time we dedicate ourselves to improve it and dedicate all the time it takes to make it successful and catch our customers. 

Then having all these features with the passage of time we do not devote the same dedication as at the beginning of its launch hence the content and its web design starts to become obsolete and what are the consequences:

  • The conversion
  • The profitability of an online store or the number of subscribers to a thematic resource
  • Positioning in Google
  • Consistent visits
  • Better options to compete in the market.

Steps to have a stable SEO for your website:

  • Audit the website
  • Develop recommendations for a comprehensive website update
  • Create strategies depending on the business model.
  • Keyword update.
  • Robots.txt file
  • Blog: important for the SEO of the website.

When we optimize texts for SEO positioning, they bring life to your site, and you will get more buyers and subscribers.

Remember that an updated website is very important to maintain Google rankings and generate direct sales.

Updates are critical to customer perception of your company, as well as search engine rankings.

Decide how you will update your site before you start developing it. You have several options, none of which require any technical knowledge beyond word processing.

5 simple tips on how to update your website content

Before you start making updates to your site, check your SEO

You’ve probably spent a lot of time gathering content, and that time would be a total waste if people couldn’t find your site in the search engines.

There are many, many factors that determine where your site appears in the search engine results pages or SERPs.

To check your SEO, you will need to do an SEO audit of your site, which will tell you which factors are ranking and which could be improved.

Look at what your competitors are doing with their websites before updating yours.

It’s another thing you should do before touching your website, but it’s important to do a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape before making any decisions.

This also ties in with your SEO audit.

Look at the top results for the keywords you want to target and see what the top-ranked pages are doing to get those coveted spots. Are they using your keywords in their titles? Do they have any multimedia elements?

Add some multimedia elements to your site when you update the content.

This tip goes double.

Media elements such as photos, graphics and videos look great on a website and can break up any area of your site with lots of text to really engage users.

Pages with longer content also tend to do well in search engines, but a block of 1200 words or more can be difficult to follow.

If you use multimedia elements between text, you’re giving readers a visual break and encouraging them to stay on the page longer.

The longer people stay on your page, the more likely you are to get a higher ranking on Google.

Test different changes to your website

When you update your website content, you don’t have to make changes blindly.

You can test the changes on your website to see which one appeals most to your visitors.

Tools such as Google Optimize and Optimizely allow you to experiment with different elements of your website.

Your changes can be small but still have an impact, such as slightly modifying your home page or adding a call to action next to a pricing table.

Update the old content and design of your website

If you have a lot of content on your website, it’s definitely worth taking some time to go through it and make it look brand new.

Instead of creating a completely new post, it would save you time to go back and modify the parts of that previous post that are no longer relevant, and then you can re-share it on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else that can provide content to your audience.

Finally and in summary:

How often should you update your website content

Well, there really isn’t a clear answer to that.

It all depends on your internal resources, your budget if you’re working with a team of web specialists, etc…It all depends on your internal resources, your budget if you’re working with a team of web specialists, etc…

The general consensus for overall site redesigns is every few years, but you should track industry trends to make sure your site can compete with other sites.

You will most likely need to update most of the content on your site more frequently than every few years.

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