Tutorial: How to create your Joomla! online store

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It is increasingly known that an online store brings countless benefits, generates better sales. Many use different programs to create them. But among the best options we must highlight Joomla online store. Through a very simple process you will have the store in a short time and, as you will see in this article, you can adapt it to you.

What should you do to create your online store using Joomla? You must follow each of the steps that I will recommend in this tutorial in order to make the process a success.

Create Joomla Online Store with Virtuemart

To create the store you need Virtuemart. It is a component (plugin) that allows the creation of an online store using the Joomla content manager. This means that you must first create the website using Joomla and then install VirtueMart.

The best news is that both are very compatible so the work will be quite simple. This is what you should do at the beginning.

  • Download. You can download Virtuemart at virtuemart.net. Make sure it is the latest version.
  • Install. You must unzip it, then locate the Extensions section and then the Install/Uninstall options. It is there where you will install Virtuemart. To do so, you can use the easiest option: Install Sample Data.

Joomla Online Store Configuration

You have already installed the component and everything is ready to start the biggest job. It is to configure your new store to adapt it to its main function and your tastes. To do this, you must enter the Components section and then Virtuemart.

There you will see the Store option, finally you must enter Edit Store. As its name indicates, it is there where you can achieve a good web design, that is to say, modify almost all the details of the store. Let’s see how to make each of the changes step by step.

Change Joomla online store manufacturer and category

Joomla has the disadvantage of not having the categories already predesigned, so you have to create them. Take into account that you must perform this step first because if you add the products before, you will not be able to classify them well.

To add categories just go to the “Create category” section in the Products option. Choose as many categories as necessary. It is also possible to add new manufacturers in the option with that name. Both options are in the drop-down menu on the left.

Adding products to Joomla store

Another key step is to add the products that you will offer in your store, with which you want to market.

The option to do this is “Add Product”. It is something very simple but you must take into account that it will require some time, since each product must have other important details. Among these I can mention Price (payment), Quantity available, Tax to pay and the detailed description of the item.

Options for customers in Joomla online store

This is the most important point of all, because at the end of the day, you are creating this store with the objective of getting customers. Hence the importance of offering the option of registration and login (email). Keep in mind that the simpler the process is for the customer, the easier it will be for them to complete it.

You can set this option using an administration module. After logging in, they will be able to see your store and the products offered in it. The truth is that each of the options you want to place in your store, you can get and edit them in the control panel.

Tips for creating Joomla Online Store

Be sure to add each of the required functions so that the customer does not have any problem when making the purchase.

These include the option to view each available item (image), add items to the cart, payment methods, options to receive the order and the ability to give feedback on the website and its operation. The latter gives more credibility to your website.

An excellent alternative is to configure all the options available in the control panel, even all those that you do not plan to use for now. And is that some people start a small online store and therefore do not require carriers, but then they do. If you have the option configured, it will be enough just to activate it, which is much easier.

As a last tip, make sure you add the store to your website, so customers can access it in one click. As soon as you add it, the categories you previously chose will be made public.

VirtueMart makes it very easy to create an online store. That is why it has become one of the main options worldwide. And best of all, once the store is up and running, you will be able to make any changes to it from the control panel without any problems and in a very short time.

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