How can I change the Joomla! Favicon?

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First impressions always count. Hence, the importance of knowing how to change the Joomla! Favicon. And is that among the most important things for a successful website we find that has a favicon easy to remember, attractive and consistent with the content of the web page.

But wait a minute, what is a favicon, what is it for, how can you change the favicon if you use Joomla? Let’s take a look at the answers below.

What is a favicon in Joomla, and what is it used for?

A favicon is actually a small photograph or image. It is used by the vast majority of websites and serves as an identifier for each page. You’ve probably seen that thumbnail image displayed in the history area and in tabs.

How to change the favicon in Joomla

Of course, the content manager can choose one for your page, so when you create the website, Joomla does that job for you. But what if the choice of program doesn’t seem the best to you? Or if you just don’t like the favicon of your Joomla website, How can you change it? Let’s see.

Steps to change favicon in Joomla

First, you need to know which template you have in use on your website. To do this, you must make use of the administration panel. Once there, select Extensions and then Templates. You will be able to see which is the theme that was assigned to you by default. Now it’s time to make the change. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Control Panel. You must go to this place. Regardless of which program you are using, you should find the Manage Files or similar option. They all have one.
  • Template. It’s time to locate the file you are most interested in right now: favicon.ico. To do this, you must enter the root directory, then Templates and finally Joomla Templates. Once there you will see the file mentioned above.
  • Change name. It will only work as favicon if it has that name plus the corresponding extension. I recommend that you do not delete the current favicon at once, but rather add a few more letters, for example, bck. It would look like this: favicon.ico.bck. If you don’t make this change, you won’t be able to use a new one.
  • Create the new favicon. You need an image about 16 pixels high by 16 pixels wide. The best option is to create it yourself according to your website and your tastes.
  • Upload favicon. The next step is to upload the created file to that folder and place the name favicon.ico

At this point you should be able to see the new favicon on your web page. To make sure of this, simply login to the website from any browser.

By the way, since you have already renamed the favicon that was previously in use, there is no need to remove it. But, if you are satisfied with how the new favicon looks, you can delete the old one without any problems. In case you are not happy with the new one, you just return the favicon.ico name to the old one after deleting the one you don’t like.

As a final point, it might happen that after making all the changes correctly you still don’t see the new favicon. If so, don’t panic, because the solution is only a few clicks away.

You must clear the web page cache. To do this, log in to the control panel, then System and finally select the “Clear All” option under Clear Cache. You will see the new favicon displayed. The process, quite simple, is now complete.

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