Best Free and Premium Joomla! Templates of 2021

plantillas joomla gratis premium

Although it does not have a specific place, as WordPress does, it is possible to get free Joomla templates. There are different methods to do it. Today I am going to mention to you one of the best options to get these templates.

As you can see, in addition to the free ones, they also have Premium templates, whose cost may vary. Let’s take a closer look at how to install Joomla templates and which ones are the most recommended.

How to install a Joomla template

The first thing you should know is how to perform the installation of a Joomla template. The process is very simple, just follow these steps

  • Login. You must login to the control panel, to do this just login to Joomla.
  • Extensions. Go to the Manage option, then to Install and finally to Upload Package Files.
  • Template. It’s time to upload the template you want to use. You must click on Choose, then Upload and Install and you are done.
  • Use. In the Templates section you must choose the Styles option and click on the star of the template you want to activate.

Free Templates for Joomla

To use a template, you must make sure that it is up-to-date and reliable. Only then you will be able to install and use it without problems. Let’s talk below about what are the best free joomla templates options.

Helix 3

This is a template that offers many advantages to users. One of the best things is that, although it is free, it can be customized much more than others, due to the fact that it does not depend on other programs.

In addition, it gives a very attractive appearance to the website, whether browsing on a computer or on a mobile. And to top it off, it is also very fast, which is greatly appreciated when loading a file or making changes.


From Helium I have to highlight first the orderly and simple aspect that it offers to the website. But this is not its only advantage, in fact, it has features that are only available in premium templates.

Thanks to it you can customize a lot of details on the web page, for example, color, size and many other things. Another outstanding feature is that it has particles, which make it easy to create and edit a web page.

Yes, you must install Gantry Framework and use it from there. If you only install the template, you won’t be able to use it.


It is the ideal free template for magazines, newspapers or similar pages. Among its virtues highlights the resilience it provides to the website. This means that if the page receives many visits simultaneously, it will not fall down.

It has an option to add links to the main social networks. Each visitor can register in a simple way. As a negative point, the configuration is a bit rudimentary, so it will require more advanced knowledge to make some changes.

Premium Templates for Joomla

Surprisingly, premium templates offer many more advantages than free ones. When choosing which one to use, you should evaluate the cost-benefit. Take into account also that Joomla offers help and support only when it comes to Premium templates.

To give you help on this point, I’m going to tell you which are the best Joomla Premium templates.


Fontaine has animations that are really worth having. Thanks to the way the transitions are made, it allows you to capture the interest of visitors, something you surely want to achieve on your website.

It has an advanced editor through which you can choose from a multitude of colors as well as other website basics, such as column sizes. Few allow this.


If there’s one thing that stands out about Flex, it’s that it allows you to edit and customize the website to suit the user’s taste. And best of all, doing so is very easy using the page builder that comes with it.


It is the ideal template for those who carry out commercial activities around the world. To make that job easier, Reviver features the possibility to add several languages as well as different international currencies.

It also allows the web page to be much faster and with a very high resilience. As it is mainly aimed at commercial pages, it is very easy to place floating ads. This way, visitors to the website will be able to see more easily what are the offers and best options available.


Lighthouse is a template that allows you to highly customize the website you are creating. That easiness to create a unique and original site is what everyone is looking for. In addition, it is very easy for visitors to navigate through the website thanks to the work you can do with the MegaMenu option.

Another of its virtues is its speed, something that you will undoubtedly appreciate, since both editing and navigation on the website is very fast.

As a final point, Lighthouse offers a large amount of shortcodes, these make it much easier to place new information to the page, such as lists, colors, tags, etc. As a result, visitors spend more time on the page because it is appealing to them.


FutureProspects is an ideal template for businesses. We say this because it offers several options to advertise your company but without going to extremes. That’s why we can say that it is a serious template.

It has the option to design pages with the width of 12 columns, among other things. Something that offers more flexibility when you want to give it your touch and style.

There is the possibility of using this template for private websites and even to create a blog. But, you must keep in mind that if you are going to give it this use, you have to avoid overloading the website. Otherwise, you might overshadow the main purpose of the page and even dissuade visitors from staying.

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