What is MrDomain and what does it offer? Full review

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MrDomain is a company that acts as a domain registrar, which also offers web hosting / mail services and SSL certificates, its offices are located in Mallorca, Spain.

Founded in 2007, has already many years of experience in the industry, began focusing on the domain market and have been expanding their services to offer the services discussed above.

They have very competitive prices in all services, we can find from domains for 2,95 €, email services for 1 €/year, web hosting with PHP and databases for 25 €/year, as well as SSL certificates for only 4,95 €.

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They also stand out for their client area and domain management panel (created by themselves), it is a very intuitive system, which greatly facilitates the tasks whether we manage a single domain as if we have a portfolio of thousands of them, offering tools such as contact management, mass changes, two-step security (F2A), etc… You can try a demo of the client area in the following link.

As a novelty also highlight that they have a API for domain management, through which you can program your own domain registration system easily or even make use of its plugin for WHMCS, which can be very useful in case of reselling services to your customers and thus provide them with access to their management directly from your own website, you can view the information from here.



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It is their specialty, they have more than 700 domain extensions, both generic (.com, .net,..), territorial (.es, .de, .uk, …) and new extensions (.futbol, .store, …), offering very competitive prices in all of them.

Their domain registration system is very simple and intuitive (probably the easiest in the market), you just have to search the domain, choose the extension you want, configure your data and pay with any of the payment methods they offer (PayPal included).

They also have many tools to help us in the search and registration of domains:

  1. Mass search: you can search for different combinations of words and extensions in a few clicks, and then add them to the shopping cart (importing keywords from AdWords is a snap). This system is ideal when managing the purchase of domains that have broken links on quality websites, but we will talk about this another time.
  2. Suggestions: if the domain you want is already registered, with the suggestions tool you will be able to find alternatives to your initial idea.
  3. Free private Whois: They offer a free private Whois service, through which you can hide the contact details of the domains you register and avoid SPAM. (In the eyes of Google it has no value).

Web hosting and mail

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They have different tariffs with very good prices and features:

Mail plans

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All mail services include anti-spam services and the creation of mail aliases apart from the email accounts themselves.

Their Mail plan stands out, for only €10/year you can create up to 10 email accounts with 3 GB of space each. Special mention also to their Mini plan, with which we can have email accounts associated with our domain for only €1/year!

Web hosting

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All web-hosting includes a free web builder with which you can create web pages in a very simple and totally visual way (you can try a demo of the application from here) and an application self-installer, through which you can install applications like WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal…

It highlights its Basic hosting plan, for €25/year you can have a website created using an application like WordPress managed from a server with SSD disks and PHP 7.0, which guarantees a very good performance (hello GoogleBot).

Both mail and web hosting services also come with a 30-day trial period.


SSL Certificates

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They offer all kinds of SSL Certificates for all your needs, you will certainly find the solution you need.

SSL by domain numbers

  1. Single-domain: certificates for a single domain are available from 4,95€/year.
  2. Multi-domain: you can use more than one domain in the same certificate from 39,95€/year.
  3. Wildcard: for all the subdomains of a domain from 55,95€/year.

SSL by type of validation

  1. Domain validation: the certificate is validated by email, you can have it from €4.95/year.
  2. Company validation: apart from the email you have to validate the company data by submitting documentation and answering a call, you can have it from €27.95/year.
  3. Extended validation: similar to the previous one (also for companies), the difference is the appearance in the browser, because in this case the name of the company will also appear next to the green padlock, you can have it from €126.95/year.

SSL by brands

They have certificates for a multitude of brands:

  1. MrDomain SSL: their own brand of certificates (in partnership with Comodo) with very affordable prices.
  2. Comodo.
  3. Rapid SSL.
  4. Geotrust.
  5. Symantec.
  6. Thawte.
  7. Trustwave.

In summary, as you can see they have a multitude of solutions if you are looking for an SSL certificate and if you are not sure which one to choose you can try their free trial 90-day.


Additional services

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They also have services for domain resellers or companies that manage domains for their customers:

Volume pricing

They have special rates depending on the volume of domains managed. They are scaled automatically applied if you manage the required volume of domains, you can also get these special prices directly by making a bank transfer.


You will be able to create your own white label domain registration system. You can also make use of the module for WHCMS, with which to manage your customer’s domains.

External access panel

They have the option to activate external access to a domain, through which you can  access the domain management and hosting without having access to the client area, a very useful option if you manage domains for your clients and want to provide them access to their management transparently.

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