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Cheap hosting in 2021

Often, we come up with ideas for websites that we do not know what will be the real result and if they will be successful both in terms of positioning and profitability. It is obvious that sometimes it is difficult to decide whether we do it or not, since a quality hosting and above all, with good support, can cost us around 90€.

While it is true that for a web project, this amount of money is not a large sum, for certain projects or blog network can be a high price. To minimize this expense I bring you 3 cheap Hosting that have a very good support service and some very complete features to be so cheap.

Hire a cheap hosting in Spain

The options that I bring you today are perfect for personal projects but also for professional projects, because for example, to create a Private Blog Network, having different websites on different hosting and different IP is one of the keys to success, especially for the future.

  1. DonDominio
  2. Porquepuedes
  3. Sered

Sometimes we find it difficult to decide whether to do it or not and economic hosting can make us take the step to start our Internet adventure

The 3 hosting in Spain that you must hire


#1 DonDominio

Thanks to the different plans you have, there is a very interesting one to create landings or HTML websites to support others.

The hosting I’m referring to costs 1 Euro + VAT per year (yes, you read that right). One Euro for a whole year of hosting at Dondominio for a website or project, an incredible price and hard to refuse for small projects.

What services do you offer

  1. Web space: 100 MB
  2. Web traffic allowed: 10 GB/month
  3. Additional GB traffic: 0,50 €
  4. No. of subdomains: 5
  5. FTP accounts: 5
  6. POP3/IMAP mail accounts: 5
  7. Space per POP3/IMAP account: 100 MB
  8. Mail accounts: 5
  9. MySQL Databases: 0
  10. MySQL Space:0 MB
  11. PHP: No
  12. Application Installer: No
  13. Web Builder: No
  14. Statistics: Yes
  15. Custom Parking page: Yes
  16. Direct/FRAME redirects: Yes
  17. DNS zone management: Yes
  18. Supports SSL: No

Hosting highly recommended to create landing pages, PBN or simply to buy a domain and, give it some hosting for a parking page.

The best thing: The price

The worst: It doesn’t have DB


#2 Porquepuedes

This company has been one of the few that has maintained its policy for many years and neither have raised prices nor have fallen in the promotions of the first year very cheap and the second high prices, a fact that makes me trust them and be able to advise their services.

As a low cost hosting company they are one of the best, their technical service is very fast and above all efficient, so I continue to trust them and hiring hosting and domains.

They have their hosting Plan Micro, from 1 € per month and, best of all, if you pay for a whole year at once, you get two of the months for free. All a bargain for small web developments and that, of course, can be expanded in the future, just paying the remainder of the year at the new price.

What services do you offer

  1. Disk 200 MB
  2. Transfer 2 GB
  3. 3 Email boxes
  4. 1 Database
  5. PHP support
  6. 1 FTP
  7. 1 Hosted Domain

The best: It has BBDD, Technical service

Worst: French IP

What’s worse: French IP


#3 Sered

In this case, I save the best for last. Sered has different types of Hosting, like all the previous ones and of course also has scalable hosting service, something that not everyone will need considering their rates for the “smaller” hosting plan. 

For as little as  15 euros per year, you have their Hosting Start SSD with features on par with any other much (much, much more expensive) service. On all of them you can create yourself some sponsored post and get quality backlinks.

What services do you offer

  1. Hard Drive: 3GB SSD
  2. Transfer: 1 TB(1000GB)
  3. Subdomains : 5 Subdomains
  4. Email Accounts: 5 Accounts
  5. Database: 2 (Unlimited Space)
  6. DNS Management
  7. Hostable Domains: 1 Domain
  8. Spanish IP: Yes

For only 1.25€ per month we can enjoy a SSD hosting and virtually unlimited data transfer in our projects. All a bargain, right?

The best: IP Spanish, SSD

Worst: Only 5 Email accounts


These are the 3 hosting I recommend to create your website, three different and very economical options for you to continue expanding your network of websites.

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