Opinion of Webempresa in 2021, Is it worth it?


No doubt one of the best web hosting providers, this is Webempresa. It has an excellent quality of services and, alternatives?

Although there are a multitude of companies that offer web services, it is not necessary to think about them when you can enjoy web hosting at Webempresa. Is it worth it? Let’s see my opinion about Webempresa and find out for yourself:

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Webempresa: Hosting in Spain specializing in WordPress

Webempresa is a web hosting service that allows users to store any kind of content such as websites, forums, blogs, etc. Webempresa has been providing service for more than 10 years in various parts of the world, including Latin America.

This company has an excellent team of experts that is responsible for serving all its customers and if you need a premium hosting option to position your page in Google with a fast host, do not hesitate and use these services.

Webempresa has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the excellent service it offers, considered one of the best web hosting in Spain and also by forum questions and answers, very useful for users seeking information on WordPress.

More and more small and large business owners are choosing this hosting company to start their online business.

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Webempresa plans and pricing

There are many plans offered by this provider

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • Size M
  • Size L
  • Size XL

To make the choice a little easier, Webempresa classifies its plans into high performance plans and high capacity plans. The former being the company’s traditional plans (Starter, Standard, Professional, and Advanced), while the high-end ones are known as: (Size M, Size L, and Size XL)


This plan offers, 1 Domain completely free, 1GB of space and 60GB of monthly Transfer.


The Standard plan offers, 1 free Domain, 2 GB of space and 120 GB of monthly transfer.


This plan offers, 1 free domain, 3GB of space, 200GB of monthly transfer, and transfer and, the search time decreases thanks to the Magic Cache service.


Advanced offers, 1 free domain, 4GB of space, 240GB of monthly transfer and, Magic cache

Size M

On the other hand, the new Webempresa plans, such as Talla M offers, 1 free domain, 5 GB of space, 200 GB of transfer, 1 database, unlimited email addresses, backups and online chat.

Size L

The Talla L plan allows the installation of multiple domains, 10 GB of space, 400 GB of monthly transfer. With this plan is notorious the evolution of the service since this plan offers up to 5 databases, also provides 50,000 virtual visits, unlimited Emails, backup and online chat.

Size XL

Lastly, there is the Talla XL plan, which offers the installation of multiple domains, 20 GB of space, 800 GB of monthly transfer, 10 databases, 100,000 virtual visits, unlimited Emails, backup, online chat and Magic backup, online chat and Magic cache.

Webempresa hosting prices


6,5 €/month

WebEmpresa offers 1 GB of webspace on SSD disks and 60 GB of monthly data transfer.


8,25 €/month

WebEmpresa offers 2 GB of webspace on SSD disks and 120 GB of monthly data transfer.


16,58 €/month

WebEmpresa offers 3 GB of webspace on SSD disks and 200 GB of monthly data transfer.


20,75 €/month

WebEmpresa offers 4 GB of webspace on SSD disks and 240 GB of monthly data transfer.

Key features of Webempresa

As a quality hosting, there are several points that should be highlighted. Among them are:

Speed of Webempresa servers

The reason websites load faster at Webempresa is that its job is to host users on solid-state drive servers, or better known as SSDs.

Even if the images are not optimized, this does not detract from the speed, which will also make the website more attractive to your users. The service offers Magic Cache in case you have numerous visits. The level of the virtual private server is shared. With the above, the speed of the server is undoubtedly increased without affecting the memory usage.

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Server uptime

The uptime provided by Webempresa is constant, in addition to that, to avoid server overload the account numbers are unlimited. With this company there will not be the typical problems of “server failure” as the software is subject to constant updates.

It is also notorious the experience of the Webempresa’s staff is notorious, since they are always ready for any problem. Prepared, and as if that were not enough, the database is updated periodically to evolve. Periodically to avoid attacks to the server, and of course, the servers used are of excellent quality.

Disk space of the Webempresa servers

The disk space of the servers depends on the plan chosen by the user. The performance of the server will be closely related to the space it allows. What makes Webempresa one of the best web providers is that it offers the public web providers is that it offers the public a great amount of features, and the public only, and they only have to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Support / customer support

Webempresa, has a trained staff which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Don’t be fooled, just because the company offers a chat and ticketing system to solve your and ticketing system to solve the problems and doubts of the users does not mean that it is inefficient, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Other important features

But that’s not all, because Webempresa also counts with:

Specialized support for applications

It is normal that there are inconveniences in some applications on the server, but the specialized application support was created to solve all kinds of problems. It is worth mentioning that, these inconveniences arise when installing WordPress or other applications. This service is recommended even for those who are just starting out in the online world. To enjoy this type of support, the user must request the professional plan.

The machine-level cache

With Webempresa you will be able to say goodbye to plugins. The efficiency of the server will be noticeable, you will no longer have problems on your blog or business website. This auxiliary memory, will be of great help once the web traffic once the traffic on the web increases considerably.

Security features

Webempresa offers security features in all of its plans, these allow you to enjoy a much faster server you to enjoy a much faster and more secure server, which will be attentive to all which will be attentive to any kind of hacking. The features also reduce the number of plugins.

Advantages and disadvantages of Webempresa

This Histing company is giving a lot to talk about, either because of the advantages and/or disadvantages it has.

What’s the best thing about Webempresa?

Without a doubt, the speed at which the server responds to any problem. The prices of the plans are very affordable. It is an experienced company with more than 10 years of experience. It offers up to 99.9% permanence of the websites. The customer service is provided in Spanish.

Gives total security to the websites. By being part of Webempresa you can enjoy a domain in a period of time not exceeding one year, and in case you are not satisfied with the service you can request a refund of the money.

What’s the worst thing about Webempresa

Actually the disadvantages of Webempresa are almost none. We are not exaggerating when we say that there are no disadvantages! Perhaps a small disconnect between users due to the server space, but this can increase depending on the may increase depending on the plan you choose.

But, to say the least, Webempresa’s prices are not competitive with low cost hosting services, which are also becoming more and more expensive thanks to the high demand in the market.

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Webempresa performance and speed test

The idea of using Webempresa as a main provider, perhaps to many users, is a many users may be wary because they are unfamiliar with it. However, it is very easy to use, it is secure and the server speed is unmatched.

Final opinion of Webempresa

There is not much to say about Webempresa, the reputation it has speaks for itself. With this company there are more positives than negatives. It is a company that offers an exemplary web service. All their plans are affordable. Do not hesitate to choose it to make yourself known as blogger or web entrepreneur.

Which plan to use

Everything will depend on the use you want to give to your website, in case you are a beginner, the beginner the most advisable is to start with a traditional plan.

Allowed payment methods

You can pay the fee for the chosen plan through PayPal, whether you are located inside or outside Spain, via credit card and through PayU.

How to increase security

This is possible with the activation of the 2FA system, which you can use even from your cell phone. The system consists in the request of some user data to enter the website, it is actually an additional layer of security.

Try Webempresa right now

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