My opinion of Raiola Networks in 2021

Raiola Networks

Raiola Networks was created by the year 2014 becoming a company that has gained ground in the world of Hosting thanks to its CEO Alvaro Fontela. Although it has obviously not become a global giant, the truth is that it has a lot to offer. I talk to you about Raiola Networks and give you my opinion about this hosting company that is located in Galicia.

It has a fully automatic WordPress installer, which will make your life easier. It offers very interesting features such as dedicated servers and shared hosting. Its popularity is growing to the extent that bloggers at the top are using it.

What features does Raiola Networks offer, and why trust this hosting company? I will present some reviews of Raiola Networks and its servers in order to let you know what it offers.

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What is Raiola Networks? My opinion of the company

Raiola Networks is one of the best server hosting companies on SSD type disks like Webempresa, where the flow of traffic from shared hosting is large, but efficiently assisted by the c-Panel administrator that facilitates the work, allowing its management to be simple and easy.

Raiola Networks is constantly growing both inside and out. Its performance is far from objectionable, being able to efficiently meet all the expectations of a demanding clientele. Being a company whose native language is Spanish, there will be no transliteration errors when translating, as it happens in other servers.

It has last generation servers, offering one of the best experiences in loading speed. Its customer service is very professional and efficient, thanks to a very experienced technical team that is committed to the company’s mission and vision.

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Raiola Networks control panel

Delving a little deeper into the features of this company’s features of this company’s effective panel, it stands out for its basic user configuration sections. basic sections for user configuration. Among them are:

  • Pending invoices
  • Active products and services
  • Latest support tickets
  • Register new domains

Also included is a free search box for any free to enter any query.

What a great addition is the alert system. In relation to the hosting, which allows you to be aware of any important changes. On the other hand, the option it gives each client to be able to fill in the 347 form corresponding to the annual declaration of operations with third parties is a real boon.

Hosting types developed by Raiola

The company Raiola offers two types of hosting types of hosting: general hosting and specific hosting

General hosting

In the case of SSD general hosting, they are usually aimed at users new to web portal management. They are extremely simple to administer and their cost is very affordable, but without sacrificing speed. SSD technology provides an excellent performance in terms of speed compared to other performance in terms of speed compared to the old HDD drives, making access to the portals more efficient and without suffering crashes.

The IP addresses are located in Spain and have MySQL databases with promotions of up to 500 GB of traffic flow, solidified in a good automatic backup.

Hosting specific

Specific hostings, on the other hand, are designed for customers conceived for clients that are projected to a specific business, as is the case of WordPress Hosting, PrestaShop Hosting, Joomla Hosting among others. the case of WordPress Hosting, PrestaShop Hosting, Joomla Hosting among others.

The implementation of Cloud Linux makes you the beneficiary of the exclusivity of having accounts hosted on separate sites in relation to the rest of the server, achieving greater security and extending its performance in large workloads. Guided support will always be a great alternative when tailoring the account to a specific application.

What pricing does Raiola Networks have?

A wide variety of plans are available, perfectly plans, which perfectly fit the needs and capabilities of each customer in both options. customer’s needs and capabilities in both options. Among them are the following according to their monthly payments:

  • Hosting SSD Starter (5,95€)
  • Hosting SSD Base (7,95€)
  • Hosting SSD Medium (9,95€)
  • Hosting SSD Pro (11,95€)

Domain Registration

There are no limits with Raiola Networks when registering domains regardless of their extension. There are also no obstacles if you want to migrate a domain that has already been registered elsewhere, which will allow you to have greater control over the composition of its elements.

As an extra bonus, you can point out that the migration of domains with extension .es are completely free. You can also check the price of each domain according to their extension price list, and you can choose between generic domains or ccTLDs.

Practically you will not need to comply with any special requirements to have your own domain and its registration is immediate, regardless of the type of extension. It will take only 24 hours for the DNS to be fully operational. Finally, you can manage your registered domains with complete confidence and simplicity through the control panel, so that you can adapt it to your taste and convenience.

presentadores raiola301

Types of servers developed by Raiola Networks

As well as there is a great variety available when choosing a good hosting plan, there are also several alternatives to choose the best servers according to your needs.

SSD VPS Servers

These are virtual private servers (VPS) that are designed to support large traffic loads without affecting the operability of the hosted portal, thanks to its advanced virtualization platform. The use of proxies and plug-ins allow users to feel comfortable in modeling their professional portals.

The VPS servers are hosted on a physical partition in a physical partition and from them are developed the virtual servers that operate independently. virtual servers that operate independently. You can choose between the different Linux operating systems available to adapt it to the one that best suits your needs. requirements.

You have complete control in your hands with root access, so you can root access, so you can make all the changes you want without limitations.

SSD-Optimized VPS Servers

These are servers similar to the VPS, but designed to squeeze out maximum performance. As you would expect, their price is higher, however, when hiring it, you would opt for a complete and exclusive service.

Another advantage is a greater independence in the independence in customization, along with improvements in the level of security and, of course, safety.

Among its advantages it has a VestaCP control panel, RAM caching system that allows optimization in the loading of websites, option to add up to 256 IP, VPS optimized to support large traffic flows avoiding bottlenecks.

Managed VPS Servers

If you would like the assistance of a professional team to manage your hosting, Raiola Networks will do it for you. It is up to you to define the limit of their assistance: partial administration or full administration..

Partial support offers you 5 hours per month to fully month to fully support you in the configurations you need. The full administration guarantees a total of 10 hours per month so that you can receive the professional assistance to get your server up to speed.

Among the privileges that you will be able to enjoy in service is: monitoring of the VPS server and each one of its services, complete anti-DDoS protection services, complete anti-DDOS protection, real-time server resource tuning, certified professional real time adjustment of server resources, certified professional assistance of 5 or 10 hours per month, SSD RAID storage month, storage on SSD RAID 10 disks guaranteeing the highest speed, constant and up-to-date control panel maintenance.

Among the plans distributed to enjoy the different the different servers, you will find the following monthly prices which vary monthly that vary:

  • VPS SSD Server 1 ($9.95 – $49.95)
  • VPS SSD Server 2 ($19.95 – $59.95)
  • VPS SSD Server 3 ($29.95 – $69.95)
  • VPS SSD Server 4 ($59.95 – $99.95)

Installatron tool

This is a feature that has amazed many people. The automatic installation of a newly purchased WordPress is every user’s dream, as it saves a lot of time and money in the long run.

WordPress has undoubtedly become the web become the web manager of the moment and Raiola Networks has specialized in this field. in this field. A proof of this are the elements that interact in its environment to make your WordPress management as enjoyable as possible. Here are some of these elements I mention some of these elements:

  • WordPress optimized
  • Application and configuration of a malware protection and disinfection system on WordPress
  • Implementation of strategies that improve the performance of the WordPress-based portal
  • Assistance and advice regarding plug-ins that could affect the correct functioning of the platform.

Alternative support

One of the sources of support that Raiola makes available is a Blog and a YouTube channel. Through these means, they seek to keep both their clientele and those who are considering hiring their services informed, giving information regarding general doubts and informative updates on plug-ins, SEO, WordPress and a host of other topics that can benefit you.

The YouTube channel hosts more than 170 videos that can increase your knowledge about the services you get and make the most of the service you purchase.

How do you charge for your services?

Unlike the strategies that most competitors strategies of most of the competition, Raiola Networks charges somewhat higher fees for its services, but includes in its packages benefits and privileges that others do not provide. privileges that others do not provide. In this way, you can take advantage of a broader and more efficient service with a fair investment.

If you like to use PayPal as a means of payment, Raiola will charge an additional fee without it becoming a real burden, so there is no reason to discard this popular payment method worldwide.

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2 thoughts on “My opinion of Raiola Networks in 2021”

  1. Kees

    What you don’t explain is that Raiola hosts most of its services on OVH France servers in France. Thousands of kilometres away from Spain.
    It is not a problem when you have an international site but if your audience is only Spanish you will have a faster response with a hosting that has its servers in Spain.
    When you ask Raiola, they defend themselves by saying that they reflect this in their contracts. However they do not inform you on their website and only inform you when you ask them specifically where the servers are located. A little bit of a scam. Especially when you find out when you have already contracted their services.
    It would be more honest if they would inform you before on their website.

    1. Santos Muñoz Tebar

      Thank you for your feedback


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