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When creating a website, choosing a good hosting provider is essential. The functioning of the web will depend to a great extent on the hosting contracted. Choosing a hosting that gives us a good service is becoming increasingly complicated, so a company like FactoríaDigital is a great option to hire this service.

Do you want to hire FactoríaDigital? Read our review with full opinion of their hosting. All the pros and cons of this Spanish hosting

Is a good hosting important?

Web hosting is the place where all the information of a web is stored. Having the website stored or hosted in a web hosting, allows that everyone can visit the website by entering the search engine of your domain (name of the website). (name of the website).

All this information is stored on web servers. Web servers are very powerful computers that are capable of handling huge amounts of information. Each server has certain characteristics of processor, RAM, etc., which determine its power, RAM memory, etc, that will determine its power.

The more powerful and optimized these servers are, the faster and more securely the information can be accessed. This will affect the performance of the website.

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What advantages does FactoríaDigital’s hosting offer us?

FactoríaDigital is a Spanish company focused on web hosting services. They offer services for all types of projects, from small web sites to agencies and web developers. web developers.

FactoríaDigital offers hosting for different web tools such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and WordPress.

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FactoríaDigital hosting prices

FactoríaDigital has a first month trial, totally free, to test their services. After this first month, you must contract one of the three plans they offer.

The cheapest plan is the single plan, with a total price of 99.50 €/yr. (8.29 €/month). The basic plan, which is the most recommended plan, is priced at 149.50 €/year (12.45 €/month). And lastly, the professional plan with a 199.50 €/year (16.62 €/month).

The three plans share all the services offered by the hosting. The only difference eradicates in the number of domains, from 1 domain in the single plan, to unlimited domains in the other plans. And on the other hand, the maximum space on SSD hard disks, which goes from 5 GB of space in the single version, up to 20 GB in the professional version.

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FactoríaDigital: Opinion, advantages and disadvantages 13

FactoríaDigital hosting speed

One of the main advantages that FactoríaDigital offers over other competitors is the speed. FactoríaDigital’s hosting has specific technologies to increase the speed and allow the web to load speed and allow the web to load faster.

The technology, allows an upload up to 2.4 times faster than other hosting services. In addition to supporting a greater number of simultaneous visits.

A fast loading speed has several benefits for a website:

  • More sales: Every second the customer has to wait to load, will result in a loss in sales which leads to a considerable loss of money.
  • More loyalty: A slow website makes customers impatient and impatient and choose to visit another website, so the number of lost potential customers increases.
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FactoríaDigital has specialized technical support

Technical technical support is something that is presupposed to all hosting companies. But not all of them offer specialized technical support capable of resolving all our doubts and solving our problems.

While that some hosting providers base their technical support on help through a forum, in which they forum, where you have to wait hours or even days for them to hopefully solve your problem. FactoríaDigital’s hosting counts on technical support made up of experts in their area, who will solve your doubts in a personalized and immediate your doubts in a personalized and immediate way.

The main advantages of FactoríaDigital’s technical support are:

  • Methods of contact: You can contact FactoríaDigital contact: You can contact the technical support through several ways, email, chat and phone. You can choose any of these methods to contact an expert to help you solve your problems. In addition, it includes an emergency service where you can contact the technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customized of service: FactoríaDigital allows you to choose how to use their help. You can choose to have them take care of customer support and other specific customer support and other specific tasks such as crashes, technical problems, etc., to save you time that you can save you time that you can invest in improving your website. Or in case you have problems with any of your customers referred to your hosting, they will take care of the solve the problem directly with the client.
  • Full support:  
  • Complete support: FactoríaDigital does not limit itself only to solve problems related to hosting, but they offer you a full support. In addition to solving hosting problems, they will help you with any other problems with any other problem related to the operation of your website (WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop).

Security for your website

Internet security is a very important point, due to the large number of daily attacks on websites and viruses daily attacks to webs and viruses that circulate through the network. For this reason get a good security system for our website is something fundamental.

To strengthen the security of your website, FactoríaDigital offers technologies such as Factoría Secure, which will greatly reduce the risk of suffering a hacker attack. As well as an antivirus, security patches, firewall and automatic malware cleaning.

This hosting performs daily backups and stores them for 15 days. By in case of a hacker attack or a serious problem on the web, we will be able to recover the web easily. recover the website in a simple way.

Opinion about FactoríaDigital

After looking for several web hosting options, without a doubt FactoríaDigital is one of the best options of the best options for everything that offers its hosting service.

Mainly highlighting its loading speed, which gives an excellent browsing experience, no need to wait or problems when loading the web.

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