Evidalia Host VPS Servers, are they worth it?

Evidalia Host

There are many companies that currently offer quite interesting services for web hosting. In fact, a new trend that has been taking shape for years now is that of VPS servers, shared servers with very good features that, among other things, allow you to save quite a lot of money to get something very good both in quality and performance.

Today we are going to see the case of Evidalia Host. A firm with a long history in the industry that also makes its mark in the industry with a huge catalog of VPS servers. We are going to shred their offer and check everything they offer, to finish with an assessment to see if their proposal is worth it for webs. Although we already anticipate that yes. 

What types of VPS servers do they offer?

Of all the vps servers, which one to buy? This is one of the questions that any webmaster or user can ask when faced with a catalog of VPS servers. In the case of Evidalia Host, what you can find is a total of 4 different packs, ranging from less to more in both performance and price. Thus, you can go from 20 GB of space and 3 GB of RAM guaranteed up to 150 GB of space and 10 GB of RAM, to mention just two aspects.

Let’s take a look now at the servers offered by this firm, breaking down all their features to see if they are really worthwhile and, above all, what are the most interesting plans it brings to the table.

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Evidalia Host VPS Servers, are they worth it? 12

Basic VPS 1

A modest package for those who don’t need too much performance or capacity. The Basic 1 VPS Server pack features a Dual Quad Core Xen 4-core processor accompanied by 3 GB of RAM guaranteed with up to 6 GB of Ram shared. On top of that, it utilizes a 20 GB SSD hard drive space and offers aservice for unlimited traffic.

It is only valid for one IP address and makes automatic backups, it also incorporates the Pesk Panel to work with up to 10 domains and SSL encryption security. Along with all this, a free domain is offered for a price of 6.98 euros per month through a special offer. A good proposition to get started.

VPS Basic 2

The next package takes it up a notch with the same Dual Quad Core Xen processor, only this time with 8 cores. Better performance to support a higher workload, which is also reflected in the 6 GB of dedicated RAM and up to 8 GB of shared RAM. It also offers a 50 GB capacity for data storage, all on SSD hard drives to give greater speed.

Unlimited traffic for a single IP and all other items the same as in the previous plan. That is, Plesk for 10 domains, automated backups, SSL encryption and a free domain. It is priced at 8.48 euros per month through an active promotion.

Advanced VPS

We are back with a Dual Quad Core Xeon CPU, but this time with even more cores. The Advanced VPS machine incorporates a 12-core processor equipped with 8 GB of RAM dedicated to your website and up to 12 GB of shared RAM. Add to that also the 100 GB of space on a faster SSD hard drive and the possibility to have unlimited traffic

Here we come across the possibility of having 2 IP addresses and everything we have seen so far: a free domain, scheduled backups and Plesk for 10 domains. How much does it cost? Well, currently about 12.50 euros per month. Good figure for what it offers.

VPS Professional

The company’s latest package is the VPS Professional, and here we are getting into something much more serious. It is so because the Quad Core Xeon processor dresses 16 cores to work much better in parallel, and because it already incorporates 10 GB of guaranteed RAM and 16 GB of shared RAM. Added to these figures is the SSD hard disk space, which reaches 150 GB available for everything your website needs.

These are the figures that characterize it, because the rest is already a carbon copy of the previous plan. That is, 10 Plesk domains, SSL encryption, automatic backups and, finally, 2 IP addresses and 1 domain for free. All this is offered for almost 20 euros per month.

So, is it worth using Evidalia’s VPSs?

The truth is that they offer a good combination of packs suitable for different types of websites and needs. In addition to that, they also have a very good customer service to resolve any questions and complications through their contact form, via ticket system or email. In that sense, they cover any incident quite well and usually respond quite quickly when necessary.

On the other hand, they extend a lot with interesting additional information. In fact, among that extra data is content like this one that explains the advantages of VPS servers over traditional ones: https://www.evidaliahost.com/servidores-vps/ventajas/. Making this change in case of having a server to use is something quite advisable, since the VPS, to begin with, allow you to reduce costs and still enjoy a more than enough service to work with a web without problems.

With a good range of packs and prices quite well-adjusted, the proposal of Evidalia Host stands out for a cocktail that webmasters and all those who want to work with webs always like to taste. The formula works, and it is topped off with a customer service characterized by its efficiency when it comes to offering solutions, especially in the most urgent cases.

A firm that cares about the client and works to offer the best of itself. Certainly worth keeping in mind if you are going to open a website.

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