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Nowadays it is practically unthinkable to promote a company or business if it does not have the proper online projection on the Internet. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, the presence on the web is a determining factor in the success you want to obtain.

Now, it should be noted that, to achieve a real impact on the network, it will not only depend on the structure and design of the page that represents us. It also plays a very important role the hosting of the same in a quality server, which is a real support and gives us support with tools that facilitate the management of our portal.

The truth is that you can have at your disposal a wide range of possibilities when choosing the best hosting servers and domains, each one with its own peculiar characteristics and tempting offers.

However, I want to focus attention on one company in particular that stands out among the best. I am referring to the Hosting and Domain Services company Edomains.

Hosting and Domains at Edomains

Like any good hosting server, they offer their services on their official Edomains page. A simple and intuitive page that will allow you to navigate through all its options without complications.

As a great attraction, you will usually be able to enjoy discounts and very interesting promotions that you will not be able to ignore for sure.

Their years of experience support their commitment to their customers and Edomains proves it by adapting to your possibilities by offering the best option.

Edomains Hosting Services

Every project has its own approach and different requirements. Thanks to the approach of various plans and rates, you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs when making your domain registration and contracting a hosting plan.

For example, you can choose between 4 categories focused on meeting certain demands:

Starter plan

This starter plan consisting of 2 GB of storage is very economical, being the first option offered for those customers who are just starting out in the web world.

Its characteristics are ideal for storing personal or company pages that will use simple portals as an informative medium (corporate data, offering services) and that do not require large storage size.

Basic Plan

Your portal may increase in size over time as you gain experience and make certain improvements. It may be time to take it to the next level and purchase the basic plan.

This shared hosting plan has a storage capacity of 10GB with the possibility of managing up to 5 domains and the amount to purchase it is still very affordable.

Plan Plus

Of all the categories this would be the most popular and widely accepted. As an advanced plan it offers a storage space of 50 GB with the ability to manage up to 10 domains. Another interesting aspect is that it allows a limit of 300 emails per hour, a not inconsiderable amount.

Plan Pro

This is the most complete professional plan offered by Edomains. As shared hosting it grants no less than 1000 GB, unlimited capacity to manage domains and a limit of 400 emails per hour. All in all, it is a plan that covers the needs of a large business team very well.

General features of the Edomains hosting plans

The 4 alternatives already exposed enjoy certain features or elements in common that endorse the support of the company and provide interesting benefits to its customers. Among them are:

  • Script Installer. Regardless of the plan purchased, you will have in your possession the option to add up to 150 scripts that include the most used scripts of the moment. This feature allows you to efficiently manage your portal regardless of its nature (Store, Blog, Forum, etc.)
  • Plesk Control Panel. Through this tool, you will have full control to manage your account from anywhere you are, it will not be necessary to perform these activities from a single IP address. Create, edit and delete hosting files without any problems, as well as manage email accounts.
  • Site Builder. Through SitePRO you can make use of a wide variety of templates that will allow you to create your portal like a professional. Despite being templates, they are fully customizable and their handling is simple and pleasant.
  • Unlimited traffic. The four plans guarantee the support of unlimited traffic to your portal. So you can rest assured that you won’t suffer collapse.

How to buy Domains at Edomains

Registering Domains

Situated in the center of the main page, a box is displayed that will serve as a search engine for available domains and their respective prices. It also shows suggestions of other domains to add to the shopping cart. This is the way to register a new domain name.

Transfer Domains

If you own a registered domain, and you want to migrate to a different one, just go to the bottom of the home page and in the “Domains” section, choose the option “Transfer domains”

Again you will have a search box where you will have to put the domain you want to migrate. Finally, you must confirm the migration using the authorization code and that’s it!

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Supports and warranties

One of the factors that most concern the customer or company when you want to request a hosting service, is to know if you can count on the advice and specialized attention at the moment you need it.

In the marketing world, a single Offine hour can mean millions in losses. Edomains offers its clients uninterrupted support 365 days a year through direct contact via chat. No matter what your query or complaint is, the team promises to be there to assist you.

Their commitment is so serious, that they promise to refund all your investment if within 1 month you are not satisfied with the service provided.

Edomains bases its 99.9% Online stability on a constant monitoring plan assisted by third parties. In short, they keep an eye on you, worthy of professional attention.

The Plesk control panel discussed above offers multi-language support that accommodates the most commonly used languages. Among them, you can find: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

Edomains makes various payment methods available to the public, which greatly contributes to the adaptation of the way currencies are handled globally. You can make use of credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfers or virtual payments to manage your purchases.

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