1&1 Ionos: Are you thinking of signing up?


We know how important the Internet is for our company and for our daily life and not only because it makes us known, but also because it gives us the possibility to interact with our customers, even if they are on the other side of the world.

1&1 Ionos is a German telecommunications company founded by Ralph Dommermuth with headquarters in Montabaur  that provides hosting and domains and is dedicated to hosting and selling domains to any user in the world. Ionos, as it is currently called, has a wide variety of hosting plans, some of them, especially economical.

Data from 1&1 Ionos

1&1 Ionos has a very bad reputation

However, 1&1 Ionos is aimed at companies that do not always have the possibilities to pay monthly the prices that are promoted, and in some cases they get into legal trouble for breach of contract or for deficiencies in their hosting services.

Each customer chooses one of the packages that contain their own features and allow you more or less filters and applications to enhance your domain.

Despite the ease with which 1&1 advertising gets on television, it is also well known for its lack of effectiveness when it comes to modifying on your page. This causes many customers to leave dissatisfied and disappointed with the service they have come to expect after paying their monthly fees, which in some cases are not very cheap.

1&1 Ionos subsidiaries: 

The company 1and1 launched on the market a mail, which allows to manage emails addressed to SMEs companies, which have up to 250 workers and their incomes are not so high, depending on the monthly income of the company, there are packages from 1 € to 9 € per month.

With 1and1 mail, all files will be stored using a “Cloud like application.

Also allows you to distribute an idea and an advertisement to the inhabitants of your city and the country, with them your company will generate more income and more production. Adding to this it can be controlled and managed from the Smartphone they own, and even connect several servers for calendar notifications, which is very necessary in the company for employee reminders.

Despite this, is 1&1 Ionos advisable?

From reading so many comments make you doubt, since it is the same company that handles large amounts of money and you do not always know if it is well used, or even the same page has problems, so it generates an unnecessary expense to the company that places its advertising or its website with this network.

Do users of the service recommend 1&1 Ionos? Reviews

The opinions of the 1&1 Ionos hosting service are as varied as its users. Many like the ease of moving their emails around, and that they can always have it connected on their Smartphone.

In addition to this it is not necessary to have a previous knowledge to be able to manage the page, and to be able to develop a web page with the help of this site.

On the contrary, many decide not to use it because of the technical problems it suffers from and the poor SEO management of the website, which causes the decrease of possible clients of the companies that are within the network.

This means that a large part of the business owners registered with Ionos do not reach the expected expectations for the publicity achieved and do not recommend the use of this page and leave to other hosting services such as Hostinger.

Customers regularly complain about technical problems within the site, due to it usually crashing or not accepting the changes they make within the domains in a short time, but on the contrary taking a long time to load and sometimes not even loading at all.

Do not even think of contracting a domain or hosting service with 1and1 Ionos

However, many of the customers get a good reputation or a monthly income from the good publicity they give to the site, but not enough to change the minds of the big businessmen who want to have enough money to cover the payroll on a monthly basis.

Including one of the authors of a blog, who took it upon herself to interview several of the customers and even the director of the 1and1 site, to get their opinion regarding the issue of individual user reviews, she even went so far as to create a Tweet that was titled: “1and1ayuda_es” which contained the cases of many of the regular users who had problems with the website.

compra dominio 1and1

How is the hosting of 1and1 Ionos?

The reviews received from 1and1 customers are usually negative, however, the hosting they have is one of the easiest to use and yet, they do not solve the problem in time, and divert your need by saying the typical phrases: “everything will be fine” or even “Do not worry, we will fix it”

Many of the customers feel that it is not enough, and they tend to lose more money than they make on the advertisements on the 1and1 site, so they prefer to cancel their account and look for a new site that does not cause them as much trouble as this one does.

Most consumers have had serious legal problems because of the collection of debts greater than their use of 1and1, so they have been able to express their anger and dissatisfaction through social networks, either Twitter or Facebook.

The criticisms made by users are in more than 75%, problems that have a solution with proper guidance, however not all operators use a space of their time to answer those questions correctly, generating more doubts than solutions. As a result, many customers are left dissatisfied and with their problem unsolved.

And yet, they won an award for their good customer service, which is very noticeable due to the bad reputation the site already has, but is able to attract new customers.

What does 1&1 Ionos allow you to do?

 1and1 domains allow you to create and manage your domain’s web pages, create your advertisements according to your needs. Many of the users are not knowledgeable about the Internet world, so they give them the possibility of having an expert in the branches of customer needs, especially in the area of apps, which is one of the most striking and necessary at present.

It opens up a wide range of possibilities for the creation of your web domain, whether it is a blog or an advertisement of an item sale. And create a domain managed by the user himself, which allows the security of the data published.

It also allows you to transfer it in case you have to leave it, and even allows you to cancel the domain, by the owner himself, just by pointing out its ownership within the 1and1 website.

What are the 1and1 Ionos domains?

Domains are the web pages registered by 1and1 that are administered and managed by their owners, which are registered under a proper name and a .com, .net, .es, .info, among others, in which the information given by the users is published.

For example: the blogs, are exclusive domains of a person, however this application manages them, to avoid that there are two domains with the same names.

On this page the changes you make to the page are not reflected as quickly as many are looking for, but take between 5 and 15 minutes at least, and in some cases do not even appear.

Which causes a dissatisfaction from users, who are looking for the use of a page that consumers want to stay and come back to, but being late does not help business owners achieve their goal and is a negative factor when trying to rank your website in search engines.

Can you seek troubleshooting help?

The 1&1 Ionos hosting support is often a source of great contention, as while some problems are fixed in a matter of hours, for others you must call more than once a day for a week to try to fix the problem with your domain, however, sometimes they do not commit to finish solving the submitted complaint, causing more hassle on the part of the customers.

The difficulties presented on the website prevent the continued use of the site by several of the customers.

Due to the deficiency of the telephone service, which they post is 24/7, some users use social media such as Facebook to point out the website defect, and to try to make a message to the 1and1 workers in the support area, who usually respond and solve the inconveniences caused.

Of course it is a point against getting another rating and new customers, which are necessary to keep the companies afloat. So it is very difficult to find a help on the page.


1&1 Ionos in Spain

They have the service of domains and Internet hosting in Spain, which has no limit on the files that can be saved, while others have a limit of 2 GB, or even 5 GB, which is not enough for entrepreneurs looking to grow, and looking for a higher annual income, especially if it is for the advertising they get from the web pages.

Despite this, some sites recommend it for the reliability they have when it comes to buying and selling domains within the website itself. Although these facts are not entirely unrelated to the lack of speed, but it can take a day or two for the transaction to become effective.

Add to this the fact that they “report” a problem within the articles or domains within the page, makes one think that they are not efficient enough to avoid these inconveniences, which generate in the clients losses of money and much stress when not being able to perform their activities within their domains, until the solution of the problem, which can take days to be attended.

If we add to all these problems, the slowness with which changes are loaded on the website, we have a serious drawback, especially if you want to make improvements in the domains, which help to improve the website for the user or for Google.

Can I keep 1&1 Ionos on my mobile devices?

Yes, without the need to pre-sync all your devices, 1and1 webmail it carries all your articles on your devices and is an excellent idea, so you know all your important emails won’t get lost and you can keep on top of the movements on your domains.

In addition to this your contacts will always be up to date and the management in your emails will be easier, without losing it in a change of device, since the changes can be saved on the same page. You can keep your files safe at all times and in all places, as 1and1 webmail works on all devices.

There is no loss of saved information which helps in switching from one device to another, which is common nowadays. But the problem would be security, because in case of theft the information contained in one of these mobiles cannot be recovered, and would still be in circulation, something that can cause a leak about some domain, which is being worked on, or some important mail for the company in question.

Can you improve the service in 1&1 Ionos?

That is expected, as users are what make a company better and help it grow. The criticisms given are for the benefit of the company and not against them, they are simply annotations that they should take into account when trying to attract new customers, who expect their pages to be better and grow.

They are asked to be honest with the work they do and to sell exactly what they are, as this has generated a lot of inconvenience with clients, who expect the services they pay for to be done in an efficient manner.

Example: in 1and1’s advertisements they sell a fast and flawless web page loading, while the reality is that it is one of the slowest to load, causing major problems when it comes to attracting customers to the companies that are hosted on their hosting.

Improving the performance of your servers, making it faster and getting it to connect to more people without slowing down would be a good start. Customer Service should be the fundamental point in any company, since thanks to them major problems can be avoided, such as lawsuits for breach of contract or lies in the sale of a product, which are serious crimes in many countries, as they make consumers believe that a product purchased is working well, but have very important failures in its use, thus generating serious economic problems, affecting many people.

1&1 Ionos has big problems, which can be solved effectively, it is expected soon, because due to this many companies lose customers necessary for their growth, and do not generate an income that can be used for the purchase of 1and1 packages, which despite being very varied, generate a loss in the company.

Many of the current clients have had problems when wanting to migrate their products to another company, generating a bad reputation, due to the legal problems that this entails, not only by the collection of debts that do not correspond to some of them, but also because some are blocked even being honest and paying their accounts on time. So it is not recommended to use this page until the solution of these “misunderstandings”.

The hosting service of 1and1 is not a bad idea in itself, it is just poorly executed by people who may at some point have been very efficient, but if the SEO is not good, and the staff does not know their environment, it does not work because it generates losses to both parties, both the buyer and the seller. It is hoped that solutions will come soon and be effective, because running a business should not be easy, especially if you lose clients.

While they have gained some credibility from tests done by pages that rate only the Customer Service, is not enough to achieve a good performance with the hosting of a web page, for which capable and efficient people are needed for the monthly maintenance of the web, since it is the one that attracts potential customers to companies, freelancers and individuals who host their pages on these servers.

The maintenance of a website is something that must be in constant change, and with each new application must be updated to simplify, facilitate and make the lives of its users happier, so that the reviews are getting better and better.

And now it’s your turn, what’s your opinion about 1and1?

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