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instalar joomla

Tutorial: How to install Joomla step by step

Knowing how to install Joomla is one of the things everyone should know. If you are one of those who create web pages, you probably already know it and may have used it

Consejos para actualizar páginas antiguas

5 tips on how to update old pages

When we create a website for the first time we dedicate ourselves to improve it and spend all the time it takes to make it successful and catch our customers

Raiola Networks

My opinion of Raiola Networks in 2021

I tell you all about Raiola Networks. The best opinions of intenert customers and experts and my personal experience in detail.

edomains opinion

Edomains: Hosting review and opinion

In this post I make reference to the hosting and domain services company Edomains. Enter the post and discover my opinion

lorem ipsum

Top 10 Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum

How many times has Lorem Ipsum saved our asses, from writing the necessary content on a website that we still don’t know what it will be?


Divi: WordPress Template Tutorial

Divi WordPress theme, the ultimate solution for newbies, allows you to create your website quickly, easily and comfortably thanks to the DIVI builder read it.

como crear un blog

How to create a blog step by step: Guide 2021

Creating a blog is easy ✓ if you have the necessary beginner’s guide. In this one, I explain how to blog step by step so you can get started now! DISCOVER ALL

los temas para wordpress mas personalizables

The most customizable WordPress themes

In the market there are thousands of themes that you can install on your WordPress website, both free and paid, but sometimes it is difficult to find one that has everything you need to customize your website 100%.

mejores plantillas wordpress

Top 10 Best WordPress Templates

The 10 best WordPress templates you can find for this amazing CMS. Check out these WordPress templates

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