Top 5 best antivirus for iPhone and iPad in 2021

los 5 mejores antivirus para iphone ipad

Computer systems today are vulnerable to various malicious agents. Among them are viruses or malware, which do significant damage to electronic devices.

So, it is necessary to use applications or programs to protect both the equipment and the information that it can store.

Many people believe that there is no need to use an antivirus on your phone because they are Apple-branded and use IOS software. However, there are ways to violate this company’s protection, and it pays to be prepared to deal with any mishaps.

So, you should take into account what I tell you below to learn more about these systems. Which, not only take care of your equipment, but also provide you with a variety of interesting functionalities.

Which is the best antivirus for iPhone?

iPhones are devices that come loaded with the IOS software, it has excellent protection against any dangerous agents. However, as with everything you get cracks that must be covered to prevent any breach of the device’s data.

For this purpose, several mobile applications have been designed to provide a better backup for your information and we already have antivirus for iOS .

So, if you want to secure all your data and be able to browse peacefully on your phone, we recommend you take a look at these antivirus. Among them, you will find the best antivirus for iPhone and some recommendations that also have excellent results.

Kaspersky® Security for Mobile

Russian-based company Kaspersky has developed the best iPhone antivirus of 2019. Which, has brought it a significant prestige in this field and its effectiveness has been proven in high caliber cyber attacks.

Said company has designed an antivirus system for iPhone and it focuses mainly on web browsing. So, it removes all malicious advertising from the pages you visit. Also, it prevents pop-up ads from appearing and keeps a real-time scan of your computer.

Buy Kaspersky®

McAfee® AntiVirus Plus

Possibly, the name of this application seems similar to you or you have heard it sometime, since McAfee® is a great antivirus. Since, it is one of the most popular antivirus brands currently available for computers.

It has earned prestige in this field because of the effectiveness of its performance against computer attacks.

Among the functionalities of this application is the possibility of hiding all the photos you want. Likewise, it offers you the possibility of making backup copies to protect your information. In addition, it keeps a constant record of the location of your phone, so you can locate it in case of loss or theft.

Buy McAfee®

Norton® Security DELUXE

Lastly, there is the Norton antivirus, which is also well known for its significant presence on desktops. Experts claim that the smartphone app is much better than the desktop version.

This application provides comprehensive coverage based on features such as web browsing protection. Also, it features a functionality to log the location of the computer in real time, while keeping it scanned.

Additionally, it automatically performs backups to safeguard all the information stored on the iphone.

Buy Norton®

Which is the best free antivirus for iPad

The antivirus that were presented in the previous section have the peculiarity that their services require some payment. In general, they usually offer packages to enjoy their full services or some functionalities.

However, in case you don’t want to pay anything you don’t have to worry because there are also free antivirus for iPhone in English.

Below, we bring you a selection of free antivirus for iPad, first of all, there is the best and additionally I will give you some supplementary recommendations.

Lookout Mobile

What to say about Lookout, many connoisseurs in the field have determined that the best free iPhone antivirus is this, because of its constant monitoring functionality. Which, keeps track of the phone’s location on a map, so that it can be located in case of loss or theft.

It also keeps the phone constantly scanned to avoid the appearance and development of any dangerous activity. During the scanning to the computer, this application checks the applications, documents and other material stored on the device.


MobiShield is a system that has been in great demand as a free iPad antivirus, since its performance was excellent on these devices. Since, it is in charge of searching in the code of the equipment the existence of any fault or problem.

Also, it is dedicated to check the security status of the iPad to optimize and update it for new threats.

Additionally, this system allows you to back up all your data to replenish it at any opportunity. In addition, it has the ability to control mobile data spending at your convenience.

Avast® for IOS

Lastly we have the free iPad antivirus Avast, it is worth mentioning that it can work for iPhone devices as well.

This incredible application has very interesting functions that make it very complete and useful. Among them, it highlights the ability to encrypt your information and its traffic to prevent others from being able to see it.

Most importantly, however, it has a built-in VPN functionality, to avoid local browsing restrictions.

Antivirus on iOS, is an antivirus necessary for iPhone and iPad?

The apple company has always boasted that its devices do not need to employ antivirus to protect themselves. Since, the iOS operating system has protocols and security systems that ensure the protection of the device and the information stored on it.

Over time, this claim has been challenged several times to check its veracity. As a result, the operating system has been found to be incredibly efficient in terms of security.

However, there are ways to breach the security of it to affect the entire device. It is worth mentioning, that many of the ways require careless or irresponsible user participation or interaction.

Bugs can often be present in the software code of the computer and these are the ideal gateway for any threat. Additionally, applications downloaded from unknown sources or irresponsible web browsing also allow dangerous agents to enter.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there are many other reasons why it is very important to have an antivirus. Which, helps you to strengthen the security of your iPad and iPhone.

Finally, it is worth bearing in mind that these systems not only help protect your device and its data. They also offer you various functionalities that raise the security levels of your equipment against the possibility of theft or loss.

Additional recommendations

Apple devices have a great deal of backup and security protection in their system. Which, can be benefited by the use of antivirus systems such as the ones shown in this publication.

However, the effectiveness of all these “shields”, only works if the user is aware and avoids falling into the traps that are used to break into these computers.

First of all, it highlights the fact of downloading applications from external sources, which happens a lot on jailbroken devices. This, is extremely dangerous because there is no control over the downloaded application.

So, it can contain in its interior several malicious agents that only want to attack the computer and its information.

Also, it is important to keep the device updated, because this way the operating system is loaded with infamation of new threats. As a result, it was not taken by surprise and you will be able to deal with any attack effectively.

Finally, it is important to always have some application to perform backups both outside and inside the cloud. Because, this way the data is protected at all times in an off-network space where it can always be found and hijacked.

How to choose the right antivirus for my iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad devices, have the peculiarity that they receive updates up to a certain limit. So, there are iPhone 6 antivirus and iPhone 7 antivirus, which have been updated for the two most recent versions of the company.

However, older equipment may present problems with software updates, presenting the need to search for an ideal antivirus for the software used.

Additionally, you should take into account the functionalities offered and the price in case it is a paid version in the same way as the antivirus for Android. So, very vigilant to choose a system that can be coupled to your device and your pocket.

In short, antivirus systems are systems that can function as a backup to established protocols. Which, it doesn’t hurt because new cyber attack methods are being developed every day.

Which, seek to steal information or kidnap it and then ask for multi-million dollar ransoms. So, take note of all this information that well used can save your life, your information, your personal data and many, many more things.

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