The 7 Best Payroll Programs for Small and Medium Businesses

People who have done payroll by hand at some point in their lives know that it is an arduous task. That is why payroll software has been developed, systems used to streamline the creation of payrolls in companies and SMEs around the world and also used by all freelancers engaged in SEO, right? ­čśë

The truth is that, currently there are many of them, and choosing a payroll software that meets all our expectations can sometimes be a little difficult, but don’t worry! Because here you will know the best software to manage your company’s payroll.

Features of a payroll software

A payroll software allows you to carry out the payment process easily, quickly and, of course, securely. The latter is not easy for companies, since they have to decide whether to ask for a consultant or to carry out the process themselves using a payroll software.

However, many have decided to give payroll software a vote of confidence. They are systems that allow them to save time and money. This way the payment of employees will no longer be a concern.

In case you decide to use a payroll program, we will detail below the most used ones, taking into account that there are many providers that are in charge of adapting each system according to the requirements of the companies. Choose the right system for you.

These are the best payroll programs

A3 N├│mina

Payroll programs must be installed on computers according to certain specifications, all with different requirements.

But that is not the case with A3 Payroll. Based on an online structure, this software works directly from the cloud, so no installation is required. This modality has the advantage of backing up all the information of the administrative processes of the companies.

We can highlight the following qualities of A3 N├│mina:

  • Backup of information through backups
  • Information storage in the cloud
  • Management from any device with the A3 Payroll application.
  • Streamlining and automation of processes
  • Employee access through a single staff portal
  • Automatic updating

This system is very practical and easy to use. In addition to a free demo version, it also provides a guide for the correct use of the application.


This payroll program, besides having one of the most attractive prices in the market, this payroll software is the ideal ally for streamlining administrative processes, becoming a good choice to start updating the annoying “manual processes”.

Among the most outstanding features of this software we can mention:

  • Accessibility
  • Automation of calculations
  • Direct service for the management of social security and tax services.
  • Technical support

It can be purchased free of charge, but you can still obtain technical assistance through the payment of a monthly fee for the maintenance and improvement of the software.


Widely used for labor management and payroll management, it is very easy to use. It will allow you to improve the administration of your company in a more secure and practical way, leaving aside the old calculation processes. This payroll software has:

  • Free demo version
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Compatibility with the N├│minaPlus software for data migration.
  • Practical guides and tutorials to learn how to master the system.

N├│ is undoubtedly a very complete system and the fact that it can retrieve information from other software makes it very versatile. In addition to its easy understanding, N├│ has telephone support in case you need help.


This payroll software for SMEs, allows you to import data from programs developed by Geyce AGP such as J-Estimaci├│n and J-Renta, and best of all, without losing any information. J-Payroll is easy to use and very practical. It features

  • A free demo
  • Linking with other software from the same provider, such as those mentioned above.
  • Learning manual for new users
  • Automatic management of Personal Income Tax
  • Tools for a multitude of calculations
  • Organization of tasks


Considered one of the most complete payroll programs on the market. N├│minaPlus allows you to automatically control the management of personnel resources. This system has multiple tools for the optimization of administrative processes, and you can have access to the entire system and data stored in it, from anywhere and at any time.

This system is characterized by providing

  • Adaptability to the employer’s needs
  • Payroll management automation
  • Standardization of methods
  • Human resources management
  • 24/7 availability for technical support.


N├│minasol Payroll Management Software is a free system that allows companies to automate the management of administrative processes such as payroll and the control of social security for all employees. It is characterized by being a very complete software, but that’s not all because it also has:

  • Link with office services
  • Simple visual interface
  • Different tools for the management of severance payments
  • Contract review

Although this software is free, you can still request contracts that provide benefits such as technical support and system updates.


Developed for the creation and management of payrolls in the simplest way, Gábilos not only manages the payrolls of the personnel, but also allows the printing of contracts, and everything keeping the information in a database that is constantly updated. It is considered one of the best payroll programs of this year.

Among its features are:

Creation of certificates for companies
Automatic payroll management
Printing of contracts
Updating of current regulations

Consultancy or management software?

Are you still hesitating to choose the payroll software your company needs? With the use of a payroll software you can say goodbye to mistakes and hello to accuracy. These systems record leave, benefits, expenses and much more.

But that’s not all, because also through a payroll software, you can have quick access to the information of your employees and leave behind those horrible files whose purpose is only to store paper.

Undoubtedly, automation can make the difference when handling a considerable amount of “processes”, which manually would have a margin of error, which is why administrative software is increasingly used.

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