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It is very gratifying to enjoy the whole universe offered by Internet with its fiber optics and broadband, where the wide variety of topics and applications seems infinite. But this whole experience can be overshadowed by a mitigating factor, namely a slow or intermittent connection.

When contracting the services of a company that offers bandwidth networking for the Internet, we want to make sure that the second ensure that the data flow speed fully satisfies our needs, and it is at this point our needs, and it is at this point where we turn to elements of measurement such as speed tests, which show us how efficient these operators can be.

The speed test methods available to perform such fiber optic measurements are extremely easy to use. Through this post I would like to explain the operation of the pages that offer the measurement service, and likewise, briefly analyze the best portals to do a speed test in which you can check your connection speed to the web.

Internet speed test services in ADSL and fiber optic

There are many portals that offer their tools for measuring the speed of data flow transfer, both downstream and upstream. Even some companies that offer Internet connection services have developed their own speed test pages.

Regardless of the company that provides this valuable tool, a good test to measure the Internet connection must have exclusive global servers to Internet connection must have exclusive global servers that yield accurate or at least as reliable results as possible.

Another desirable feature for a measurement portal is that they work with HTML5 without plug-ins. It is also expected that when performing measurements it will use varying amounts of data blocks for the calculation of measurement ranges.

Basic functions and other interesting details of a speed test

The first time you use a Connection Speed Test to measure your fiber optic or ADSL, you will see what will look like a clock that we are normally used to seeing on car panels.

At the start of the test, some hands will start to move and the main focus will be on the result that will be displayed in large. If that digit; which represents the download speed per second, is very close to what you have been offered in the operator’s Internet service package, you will be satisfied.

But to get the most benefit out of all the information presented through this test, it will be necessary for you to familiarize yourself with certain to familiarize yourself with certain computer terms. Only then will you be in a better ability to detect deficiencies or even anticipate possible future failures.

Basic concepts about a good network and Internet connection

Download or download speed

This parameter sets a time measurement in seconds (MB/s), where it will check how long it can take for a data packet to be downloaded from the network to the computer. The weight of the downloaded packet is measured in megabits.

Upload speed

This would be the reverse case, where we measure the time in seconds it takes for the connection to upload a packet of data from the upload of a data packet from the computer to the network.


This element represents the elapsed time of data transfer within the network. network.


It is the measurement in milliseconds it takes to make a local computer connection to a remote computer. It can be said that ping is the unit of measurement for calculating latency. From this point on, the higher the latency, the worse the ping obtained.


This is the unit of measurement on which Speed Tests are based to calculate upload and download. It means megabits per second, not megabytes.


This is the timing jitter when sending pings. It is a somewhat overlooked element in the result’s data of connection testing portals, but provides interesting data when latency issues arise.


This element measures the maximum points you manage to record in the time the speed test lasts. However, the final results are based on the average speed obtained.

Promotional speed

Some providers and servers that offer this handy measurement tool include the promised upload or download rate include the upload or download rate promised by the telecommunications company. It is common that a higher record is always evidenced than the one that we can obtain, but the closer the result is given by the tool, the greater the achievement.

How a Speed Test really works

Now that you can get a little better handle certain terms of interest in understanding the results of a speed test, let’s examine how these terms work. test results, let’s examine the operation of these tools.

Speed measurement tools for network connections for network connections base their results on the uploading and downloading of a small packet of data to the network. packet, usually small, of data to the server where the test is being performed.

According to the time elapsed in this upload and download, the speed of the connection will be measured. At first glance it would seem to be unscientific and even a mediocre process, but this is not the case. Internally there are many functions coexisting and executing to achieve an acceptable result.


First and foremost, the server must detect the provider used by the device under test. On the other hand On the other hand, it must locate the servers adjacent to the identified provider, and then choose which one will be the most appropriate to perform the test.

The closer the server chosen to perform the test, the more reliable the results will be. This is why we commented that the best measurement tools will be the ones with more servers worldwide.

Latency measurement

With the reconnaissance completed and the servers chosen servers chosen, we proceed to measure the latency. To do this, we start ping from the test machine to the server and measure the response time. response time. A satisfactory result is one that has the lowest latency possible.

Data upload and download

After completing these measurements, a data packet will be downloaded and then uploaded back to the server. This process is where we see the needles move as if we were watching the acceleration of a car.

Among other things, the peak points and average speed are recorded. But the really substantial part will be the data offered at the end of the test.

Check your Internet connection speed: Speed test for optical fiber and ADSL

To perform a successful connection speed test follow these steps connection, follow the steps below:

  • Check that you are connected to the router preferably by wired Ethernet/LAN. If a wired connection is not possible, and you wish to connect via WIFI, try to be as close as possible to the wireless router.
  • If you are testing a high speed fiber optic connection, make sure you are using an Ethernet adapter compatible with Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Ensure that you are the only user connected to the network. If not, proceed to disconnect third parties. Similarly, close any program that feeds from the network.
  • Enter from the browser of your choice the provider of the Speed Test tool.
  • Click on the button indicating the start of the Test and wait for the process to complete.
  • At the end of the test write down all relevant data, such as: latency, ping, download and upload speed, Jittter.

If the results do not meet your demands, I invite you to review some factors that may be affecting the results of the test performed. Now, if after making all the necessary adjustments you are still receiving mediocre results, it will be time to think about a change of Internet connection operator.

Elements and conditions affecting speed test results

It is important to note that the results of a portal that measures connection speed can be affected by different elements that we must consider. Otherwise, we will be receiving inaccurate and unreliable data that will ruin the test. Let’s review these mitigating factors and the possible solutions.

Reference servers

One of these elements already discussed is the proximity of the server of choice; which serves as a reference point, by the measurement tools to perform the test. But in relation to this factor, there is not much we can do, it would be illogical to require the operator to install a closer server.

Running applications

The execution applications that require connection to the network will certainly affect the results of the results of the edit.

This is why it is always recommended closing any running program that consumes Internet resources. Even if possible, only have the browser tab open where the test is being performed.

Third party connection

Connecting equipment such as smartphone, tablet, laptop and any other device that connects via LAN or Wifi will directly affect the test. Disconnect all of them and you’ll receive a more authoritative test.

Main equipment connection

The device where the test will be performed should be connected through a wired connection. Remember that the Wi-Fi signal tends to be very vulnerable to interference affecting the network connection. Certainly a wired connection provides a clean and constant flow of network connection.

Server saturation

There is a probability that the time you have chosen to perform the speed test, the chosen server is saturated and even if you have a computer with a spectacular connection, the results given may be quite poor.

To rule out this possibility, I recommend performing several tests at different times of the day (preferably in the morning and hours of the day (preferably in the early morning) or better yet, on other days of the week. At the end you will only have to add up the results of the different speed tests and divide them by the number of divided by the number of tests performed, and you will have an average result.

Best Internet connection speed test sites

Finally, I will show you some popular portals to perform your own speed test.


This utility is provided by speedtest which has been working with HTML5 for some time now. It has a wide distribution of servers around the world. It allows you to create an account and back up your results for future comparisons.

Do speed test on Speedtest


From the hand of the popular operator of the moment Netflix, the portal fast.com offers a simple and minimalist speed measurement utility that reports your download speed.

Do speed test in Fast .

Bandwidth Place

Easy to use Online Tool fully HTML5 based. An interesting feature of this portal is that it allows to choose between servers from 4 continents.

Among its records, it keeps a history that can be you can use to make traffic comparisons of tests carried out at other times. To access it you only have to go to the following address bandwidthplace.com

Do speed test at Bandwidth Place


This is another alternative to be able to measure connection speed. Based on HTML5, it is able to perform the following measurements upload, download and ping measurement. Thanks to its 59 servers around the world, which will be selected automatically.

The final results obtained from the Test can be shared on social networks. In direct link is speedof.me

Do speed test on SpeedOf


This portal is one of the most popular in the world the world and a favorite among network experts for network speed testing. network speed tests. Based on HTML5 it shows upload and download speed as well as ping. as well as ping.

In addition to providing results of your Internet connection, it offers timely tips to improve the results obtained. Test your connection now from testdevelocidad.es

Do speed test on Testdevelocidad.es


As a measurement utility it is highly compatible with most devices and its results are very reliable. Also is HTML5 based and runs quite smoothly. Access it from speedsmart.net

As an additional extra, this portal offers a mini application that you can download so that you can run it whenever you want. In this way you will be able to store locally a history of all your tests carried out.

Do speed test in SpeedSmart


Through this portal you will be able to get much more detailed results much more detailed results of speed tests executed from your terminal. Te functionality to perform separate upload and download tests or combined tests. or combined.

The results obtained are displayed in ranked comparisons with other users who have recently performed their own tests. It also features a connection graph that makes it easy to detection of errors at the time of the test.

If you are not very familiar with certain data, the documentation guide offered by the site will allow you to have a better understanding of the results. Its home page is testmy.net

Do speed test on TestMy

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