Skyscanner Tutorial: The best deals for this vacation season

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Traveling the world is a pleasure, getting to know new cultures, customs and languages is an experience without comparison. Planning a trip to a land we have never set foot on, produces in us excitement and anxiety. With Skyscanner we have the possibility to travel in a Low Cost way through Europe, America and we find great deals.

The common questions we ask ourselves are: Where will we stay, what means of transport to use, what are the prices?

Skyscanner tutorial and tricks to find cheap flights

It’s only natural that doubts arise when faced with this type of large-scale travel. Now, you are not alone, with Skyscanner you can get cheap flights, which can help you in your plans to travel the world.

With this excellent search engine you will find practical information on prices for hotels, transportation and flights. So you will not exceed your economic limits. Below, I tell you everything you need to know about Skyscanner and the tricks to find cheap flights on Skyscanner.

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What is Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a free search engine that allows you to find the cheapest flights, hotels and other travel options in every country in the world. Using an easy to understand online interface, our website allows you to compare the cost of each itinerary with thousands of competitors in order to compare the best prices.

Skyscanner does not sell, for example, the airline tickets and is not the owner of the thousands of available hotels. This platform makes the contact with the airline and does the temporary booking of the flight.

It works like a Google-like search engine. You can say that it is like a mediator that searches and offers us the range of options with the different prices on the market. You can access this great search engine at its English address

The site is very simple, easy and convenient to use. In addition, it even has an application available for the various mobile devices.

Sky scanner is the great ally of constant travelers. We all know that traveling represents a great stress and an expense of a lot of money. This platform turns out to be of great use so that we can enjoy the whole trip to the fullest without worrying about the high cost of flights.

Although this server does not search for “cheap prices” literally, but by presenting us with the thousands of flights that are available, we can make our own calculations, and make reservations at different airlines and accommodations in different cities.

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Why choose Skyscanner and not another flight search engine

At Skyscanner you will not only find cheap flights, there you will get deals on accommodation (hotels) and car rentals. This makes it one of the best online search engines, plus its design is simple and easy to use.

Other search engines are limiting, for example, some focus only on flights. In contrast, with Skyscanner you don’t need to go anywhere else to plan your trip.

One of the highlights is that automatically after booking the flight, the platform sends you hotel offers to your email and this is something very useful and convenient.

Another advantage is that if you are an adventurous person who wants to go anywhere, Skyscanner will present you with the best discounts available at the moment. If you don’t have a preference for destination, you can take advantage of these offers and travel the world according to the deals that Skyscanner offers.

Going anywhere may seem too far-fetched an idea, what’s the point of buying cheap flights and attractive accommodations, if we don’t know anything about the city….

Well, Skyscanner has thought of that, so in addition to presenting you with promotional trips it has a blog with some places to visit in the city, so you can start to imagine everything you’ll know if you take advantage of the offer.

The volatile prices of this platform may represent a negative aspect, however, they actually represent really attractive offers, and we all know that offers are offers because of how volatile they are. Therefore, if the platform were more stable in this aspect, perhaps it would not offer real bargains.

Therefore, we can assert that volatile pricing is a big advantage.

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What alternatives to Sky scanner are there


This search engine is not as popular as the larger Sky scanner. However, in recent times it has decided to make some interesting changes to its services, so that you can now find a multitude of options on your travel, flights, accommodation and even train prices. Awesome!!!

A highlight of Kayak is the vacation rental option, which allows us to book apartments on our sightseeing trip, so if you don’t just want a hotel room, you can book a larger place for the whole family.

Kayak is an excellent alternative, watch out if it eventually becomes the most important on the net.

The 2X1 option is very attractive and is a powerful advantage. It allows you to book accommodation and flight at the same time. For the platform to be useful we must specify the number of people on the trip, the destination and the date.

It will direct us to Expedia and there you will see the full quote for the time we will be staying at the hotel plus the flight.


This online search engine and works perfectly in the United States. It is very useful for finding flights, accommodations and rental cars. It is ideal for flights within the Americas or from the United States. The prices are very attractive, so it can be a great alternative to Skyscanner.

This search engine is specialized in finding cheap flights. Although it has the same option as the previous alternatives, accommodation and car rental, the truth is that they are not the strongest point of this platform. Despite this fact it is very useful, and can effectively serve us to find the best rates for flights.


This great flight search engine is very popular. We constantly see its promotion in different media. It has a great option called Trip Finder in which it offers us spectacular ideas for our trip.

It is important to note, that this great search engine, also has prices on accommodation in hotels and car rentals like Skyscanner.

This page has a lot of advantages, it provides very useful information, for example, it gives the flights a score from 1 to 10 in order to see the satisfaction rate of the particular airline.

You can have a price alert system. So you don’t need to be constantly logging into their website, just set an approximate price rate and Momondo will do the search for you.

This platform, allows you to accumulate traveler miles which can offer you great savings in the long run. Momondo is certainly no slouch, and is an excellent alternative to Skyscanner.

Google Flights

Its design is somewhat different from the other alternatives raised andis not as popular, however, it offers us the option to compare thousands of flights to different countries so you have a wide range of many options.

The site offers a map that allows us to locate prices. The only disadvantage is that, if you plan several trips, it must be organized with the same airline andthat represents a higher price.


This online search engine is an excellent alternative to Skyscanner. The site does a price comparison on flights especially on weekends, offering a variety of really cheap prices.

On Sky scanner, on the other hand, planning flights on weekends is very expensive, so you can use Weekendtofly if the trip you’re taking must undoubtedly be on a weekend.

Weekendtofly directs you to the airline’s website so you can make your purchase immediately. It is important to note, that the price ofthese kinds of flights are very volatile, so they tend to change in just minutes, therefore, I recommend being very vigilant. Don’t hesitate to make the purchase immediately.


This platform is no slouch and, truth be told, it’s a good one to have on hand. It compares prices of different airlines, and clearly indicates the distances from airports to cities, this fact is very useful to have a more realistic picture of the whole trip.

A highlight of Kiwi is that it gives us the option to see among the best deals on stopovers.

Making stopovers can be an obstacle, however, Kiwi offers excellent prices on long stopovers of a few prices on long stopovers of a few days, allows us to tour the city allows us to tour the transfer city. This is great if you want to see the greatest number of tourist sites at the lowest price; Kiwi is your ally in this plan.

This search engine guarantees your reservations, in fact, if you decide to cancel the trip, or some inconveniences happen with the flight schedule, it efficiently offers you another option with the same destination and similar price. Amazing!

The best tips to save with Skyscanner

Prices can vary not only depending on the destination but also on the time of the year or even the day of the week or time. Just as you are reading!

It may seem unbelievable, but at certain times of the day the price can go up or down. That’s why you’ll want to take note of the following tricks to save you a few bucks with skyscanner.

Before I start with some tips in this regard, I want to reiterate the importance of calmly navigating the platform, it is good to explore within the page in order to learn how to use it as much as possible, this way we guarantee a very cheap air travel.

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Know what day of the week is the best day to buy cheap flights with Skyscanner

One of the infallible tricks to take advantage of everything that Skyscanner offers us and its offers, is knowing in depth the day of the week in which you can take more advantage to get cheap flights. Booking on a Friday night is not the same as booking on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Determining the exact day of specials can mean huge savings. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this.

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What day of the week are the best deals on airline tickets

This point is vital, you may have checked in on Saturday morning and think you got a good deal because the price went up in the middle of the day. However, perhaps, another passenger bought his plane ticket for the same date and destination as you, with a 20% discount, because he booked it on a Tuesday. How sad!

Because of this I tell you that according to some studies, weekends are not good for booking flights, although it is true that the cost can vary during the day. The reason is that there is a high demand, therefore, companies know this and raise their prices.

The best offers start on Mondays and close during the course of Tuesday. Take advantage of those two days

And what time are the best flight deals

Flight companies do their own market research, so they know when demand is highest. It pays to be smarter than they are, so before you simply click on a specific flight, browse the site and try to perceive changes in price.

Sometimes on the same day the price can vary, representing as much as a ten and as much as a 20% discount.

If you want to catch cheap flights on deals, I recommend you pay attention to some estimates, which evidence that the best time to look for deals is after noon and before sunset from about 1 to 4 p.m.

You must have flexibility with the destination

In this field it is convenient to select the option “any place” It is very practical, I have already talked about that before regarding the advantages of visiting any destination at a very cheap price.

Some people may find the “anywhere” section strange, because usually when you decide to fly, you have your destination in mind. But Skyscanner knows that many people have an adventurous spirit, so they constantly want to visit new places.

So this option is very useful, plus the blog and Newsletter are of great help, due to the multitude of possibilities it offers us of the sites on offer.

Viewing the photographs of the discount sites, allows us to really imagine all that we can enjoy if we click on the purchase of our ticket. So, if you’re in doubt as to where to go on that vacation or weekend you deserve, I recommend checking out this tab.

But even if you want to go to a specific place you can search in this tab, maybe your destination is on offer at that moment. So you can get it at a really low price.

In this situation it is of great importance to have the deals immediately. Skyscanner is very volatile, therefore, the deals you get at this hour, maybe you won’t find it later or tomorrow.

Therefore, do not let an excellent opportunity pass you by, believing that later you will be able to find it, so it is better to start looking at offers when we have the money at our disposal, otherwise you will helplessly visualize how the promotion of your life is taken away by someone else.

Deleting cookies always works

When we enter a web page we leave our trace through so-called cookies. This does not seem to be relevant. However, on pages like these they can make a big difference.

It turns out that when you browse the site, but don’t make a purchase, the airlines detect this so that the next time you log in they will show you higher prices.

When you enter incognito mode, you leave no trace on the page, therefore, I recommend adjusting the browser. To make these adjustments, it is very simple. For example, in Google Chrome just hit the 3 dots below the X to close the window, or you can do it with the keyboard CTRL plus SHIFT plus N and you’re done.

Search for discount coupons, did you know that

If you really want to make a memorable trip where what you remember is the experiences of the trip and not the astronomical figure you spent, I advise you to take advantage of all the offers available. On skyscanner you will get promotions during some dates, as well as hotel plus flight promotions at incredible prices.

It’s worth paying attention to these coupons.

Subscribe to their newsletter

The newsletter or Skyscanner notifications are very useful, through them you can find tips for travel, contests, ideas, cheap flights, and more. The subscription is very simple and the best thing is that it is totally free.

You can look at all the possibilities you have at your fingertips. Photographs of the best places in the world, paradisiacal beaches and more.

As for the tips offered in these newsletters, they are very useful for you to know how to solve some inconveniences with your luggage, or if you are traveling with children. On the other hand, in the newsletter you will find immediate notifications of flight offers.

Don’t care when and where to go? The best option

With the “anywhere” tab, you can see the full range of options at your fingertips. If you want to escape anywhere to relieve stress, you can. This excellent search engine, Skyscanner presents you with all the incredible destinations, on the date of your choice at prices that turn out to be almost that of a gift trip.

If the particular day is also not of relevance I recommend you not to make plans for weekends, Fridays turn out to be more expensive. So keep in mind the advice I’ve given you regarding the day for travel.

There are certain months of the year when prices can rise abysmally. Therefore, avoid booking from July to September at all costs. There are more demands, so it will be very difficult to get the trip cheap.

In contrast,the months to get cheap flights are January, February and November. If it’s up to you to choose your vacation, you can plan everything during these months, you’ll end up spending half of what you would spend in other months.

How far in advance is it advisable to buy flights

The anticipation to book flights will depend on the “distance” factor. That is, If the destination is close and you want to save a good percentage you should book well in advance, the approximate ideal time would be at least one and a half months. This would represent a 10% discount.

Now, if the destination is further afield, and the goal is to save at least 20% then you should book at least half a year in advance. Sky scanner says on their own server that the ideal date in advance is not that long, about 4 months, however, in that time frame the prices are not as low as when you book it further in advance, so consider this fact when planning your family trip.

You should take advantage of stopovers and stop-overs

Stop-overs and stop-overs can be very annoying if you just want to make a quick business trip. Now, if that’s not your case, take advantage of stopovers and get to know one country while going to another.

Airline tickets are cheaper when they include stopovers, imagine, you are heading to a continent, and the price you got is good, but Wait! It may be cheaper, if you choose to transfer, for example, three days the ticket may have a discount that would save you more than €100.

Incredible! And with the money you save, you can visit the city until the day you arrive at your destination.

To take advantage of these stopovers. We must choose the Stop-overs option. On the other hand, traditional stopovers are delays of perhaps an hour, and in that time it is impossible to go out to see the city.

Choosing these preferences during your trip is very simple, for this you just need to enter Skyscanner and locate yourself in the left bar, there you can specify the hours you want to be in an intermediate stopover.

The same page also presents you with the best flights with stop-overs. This is why, become a flight bargain hunter.

Use Skyscanner’s search engine to find cheap flight find cheap flight deals

Skyscanner is an excellent flight search engine. It presents us with deals on very cheap flights. Perhaps throughout the post you have noticed that to take advantage of this server you must be very agile, and it requires you to be visiting the site often.

However, you can get deals on cheap flights without constantly monitoring Sky scanner.

How is this possible?…. Thanks to an option that we can connect to our email, which will give us an alert when a certain flight is below a price we have set.Sensational!

This option provides a lot of advantages, for example, it is more convenient to be able to get really tight flights with our budget. It doesn’t require us to be constantly logging in. The way to activate these notifications is very easy.

Create cheap flight alerts on Skyscanner

This option is very handy if we are really on a measured budget, for example, if you are willing to pay only a defined amount, don’t worry you can mark a price. When a flight reaches that price it will immediately notify you in your email.

But be alert, many people are hunting for the best prices, so if you find the offer of your dreams, don’t think twice and book immediately before someone else does.

How do you activate the notification? It’s very simple:

  • Go to sky scanner and search for the flight destination of your choice, specify the approximate date of travel and click on the number of trips.
  • Then click on search.
  • When the results appear you have to click on the alert button, add your email and you will automatically be notified when the price of your flight drops.

This way you’ll pay the fare you’re looking for.

How to search for cheap flights and deals with Skyscanner

The key to find really cheap flights with skyscanner, is to follow all the recommendations I have raised throughout this post. Becoming a bargain hunter is not difficult at all, it requires being decisive with the booking purchase. If you haven’t caught on yet I’ll do a little summary for you to look for the cheapest flights:

Pending with the day

The day you look for flights are very important, airlines have days a week where there are more demands, so stay away from weekends, the airfare will be very expensive. Instead, choose Monday or Tuesday to buy.

Pending with time

The time is also basic. If you have chosen the right day, you need to not be impulsive and buy at any time, it is possible that the same ticket will be more expensive in the evening than after lunchtime. I recommend you to spy the offers at from two o’clock in the afternoon and before six o’clock.

Pending month

This fact is no secret there are months of peak season where prices go up drastically. So if you really want to buy cheap tickets by Sky scannerdon’t do it for the months of July, August and September.

December we know is a holiday month, so obviously tickets are very expensive because it’s a commercial month. In January, February and November are cheaper.

Even if you have to travel during the peak season, it can still be economical, if you take into account the other recommendations

Pending with the anticipation

Remember that the closer your ticket is to travel, the more expensive it will be. So, try to buy your airline tickets well in advance, about six months can be a good margin.

Don’t forget the discount coupons

These coupons offer you various discounts on some dates, so if your desire is to travel the world, you can go to this section and see what coupon offer there is, maybe the country you didn’t get is available.

Enable rate notifications

You can give your email in order to be notified of the cheapest flights on a specific date at a fare that you must specify.

Skyscanner is an extraordinary tool, really if we learn how to take advantage of it we can make a lot of trips at really affordable prices.

Some people do not know how to take advantage of this great search engine, therefore, if you want to make cheap trips with Skyscanner, we recommend that you learn to use it.

Enter the page and navigate calmly, perceive all the options that are at your fingertips. Don’t forget the incognito mode, otherwise the prices that the page will show you will be higher.

Cheap flights in Spain with Skyscanner: Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Seville, Tenerife

Flights that are within Spain are very sensitive to dates, so the price can vary depending on the season, so even if the flight is a short distance it can be expensive.

Also, a disadvantageous point is that cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Seville and Tenerife are in high demand so their prices are high.

For the trip to be economical, you must follow the guidelines already mentioned, as if it were an international flight, the anticipation is also a crucial point for the saving money. This way the trip within Spain will not severely impact your financial situation.

Cheap flights across Europe with Skyscanner: London, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam

Skyscanner can also help you get cheap flights in beautiful cities like Paris, Rome, London and Amsterdam. The search engine will show you the different daily flights departing to these beautiful and touristy cities in Europe. So, be aware of the time, day and month when you plan to depart for these cities.

Considering the recommendations I have imparted throughout this post is strictly necessary, especially when our flight has as destination such emblematic cities as Paris and Rome, due to the fact that, being in-demand tourist sites, transportation, accommodation and flight services are higher priced.

Despite this fact, with the Skyscanner platform you can get really attractive prices. Of course, it is necessary to make the bookings with enough time, especially if we want to go to some of these destinations in high demand seasons.

You should definitely learn how to surf the web, otherwise the offers will pass you by and you won’t even notice. With this search engine you have endless possibilities at your fingertips.

International Cheap Flights with Skyscanner: Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Colombia

Traveling to Latin America is not as in demand as touring Europe. However, we know that in this continent there are beautiful and very nice places that would represent an unforgettable vacation.

In recent years, Cuba and Mexico have made an effort to open up to tourism, which makes the demands and offers intensify. You can find good prices on your tickets to these destinations with Sky scanner.

Some people think that they can only use this site to search for flights or accommodation in countries in developed continents, however, one of the features to highlight about Skyscanner is the fact that you can choose to travel to virtually any corner of the globe.

There are thousands of destinations, and even countries such as Cuba are within the “borders” of this mega online search server.

How can you find cheap flight deals with Skyscanner

Finding cheap flights with Skyscanner is great. This site that functions as a great search engine for flights, hotels and more is simple, easy to use. It is true that on the net you can find some alternatives, however, Sky scanner is my favorite. This site is complete, and simple to use.

It is true, that when we travel, we sometimes we have no control over dates, and we tend to choose the flight available at that time. that moment. However, for special occasions, this website can be very useful. very useful. It can even be our ally to forge new adventures.

The idea we gave you about taking advantage of stop-overs is very interesting. very interesting — travel within a trip! Stopovers are so stressful, why not take advantage of the time in the city where we are waiting for the next flight? next flight, maybe if you leave a two- or three-day margin of two or three days, you can visit excellent places.

If you have no idea of the activities for stopovers, you can view the bills, which will introduce you to all the sites you can visit on your tour.

And what about the flight alerts? This tool is great if you don’t have time to hunt for deals, just set the destination, the number of travelers and the fare you’re willing to pay.

Skyscanner is a great search engine, one of the best on the Internet. Its popularity is due to the impeccable service it offers us. None of the alternatives is really a rival to such a great search engine for flights, accommodations and car rentals.

To make the most of it you should be sharp, and use the incognito mode, remember that every time you enter a page you leave a trace on it and on a platform like Skyscanner can represent more or less money. So, be smart and don’t let technology with its spying methods play a dirty trick on you.

In this post I didn’t dig into the big advantages in locating hotels or cars for rent, but it’s amazing how many promotions you can find. This platform is one of the best inventions ever.

Planning a trip is getting easier and cheaper. Undoubtedly, if you want to travel, Skyscanner will be your great ally.

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