How can I watch Disney+? Free 7-day trial

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Disney+ is a service where you can enjoy subscription-based video streaming just like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. It is operated by Disney Streaming Services. In it you can enjoy a wide variety of current movies and series. That is, all the content of Walt Disney Studios.

Can you see audiovisual content from previous years? Well yes, all content from their subsidiaries such as Marvel, as well as Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and much more.

Boredom is a thing of the past with this subscription-based service. Now, if you’re not quite convinced of all you can enjoy, we encourage you to log in so you can enjoy Disney Plus for free.

Don’t be left behind, as since its launch (November 2019) just a few months ago, its audience level has been abysmal. Reporting in February 2020 28.6 million registered users. Take advantage of Disney’s free trial version from our invitation link.

How long is the trial version of Disney +?

The trial version is only available to those who are new subscribers. This is so that you can look at all the content that this server gives you. It’s like a little taste of how much fun you will have. The duration of the free version of Disney + is 7 days.

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What you can see with the Disney + trial version

This entertainment trial version of Disney+ is not limited. This means that you can enjoy for a whole week all the audiovisual content of the platform. This way you can see the entire panel of programs and movies available.

It is important to note that the programming offered by Disney plus is exclusive. Therefore, during the time of the trial you can watch the entire stream of novel entertainment and see if it is worth making a payment for the service.

And not only that, you can also enjoy what Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic has produced over the years that have been iconic classics of our childhood. This way you can delight yourself with a very varied, current and exclusive content for a low cost.

Steps to register for Disney+

Enjoying this free service is very easy, you just need to register in 5 simple steps. I will detail them in detail below.

Log in to Disney Plus

This is definitely the first thing you should do.  I’ll leave you the link for you to easily login.

Choose the free option

Once you are on the web page you must decide between two options that are clearly identified with a blue ribbon: Annual subscription and 7-day free trial. You must click on the one that says free trial.

Register your email

By clicking on the free option you will be asked for an email address. It is important that you register your regular email address, since it will be the same account you will use every time you log in to the Online Channel. Do not worry about the new messages, you can decide whether you want to receive notifications to your mailbox or not.

Enter a password

This step is vitally important. You must put in a password that is easy to remember, but difficult for third parties to crack.

Register your payment method

At this point you must choose between two types of payments. An annual payment of €69.99 or a monthly payment of 6.99. It is important to note that the annual rate will save you some money. That is, if you decide for the first option (annual) then the monthly fee would cost 6 euros net.

Of course, this is a formality, because if after the free trial you simply consider that the service is not worth what it costs, then you can cancel your subscription from your same profile on the Disney Plus platform.

Enjoy 7 days for free at Disney +

How to sign up for Disney Plus from Movistar

As I explained before, the monthly cost of the Disney Plus subscription is €6.99. Now, if you already enjoy Movistar services and, in fact, enjoy one of the tariffs compatible with this channel, you can enjoy the programming without having to make any additional contribution, that is, you will continue to cancel the same rate, but with an extra benefit.

Signing up for Disney + from Movistar is really very simple. Follow the steps below.

Check if you enjoy these Movistar plans:

  • Fusión Total Plus
  • Fusión Total
  • Fusión Selección Plus con Ficción
  • Fusión+ Premium Total
  • Fusión+ Ficción Total
  • Fusión+ Ocio Total
  • Fusión+ Premium Total
  • Fusión+ Premium Extra
  • Fusión+ Fútbol Total

Log in to movistar

Log in to movistar just like when you log in to view your contracted products and other matters.

Observe the server

Once you’ve entered the TV section, look for a button in one of the corners promoting that you’ll be able to enjoy Disney Plus for free. It may take a few minutes. Have some patience.

Go to the official website

When you click the button, you should wait for it to redirect you to the official Disney + page

Create a user

Once inside the official Disney + website, you must register an email and password. With it, you can log in on the supported platforms, which includes the Apps for iOS, Android, etc. In this step, you must accept the terms of use and you’re done.


Disney Plus has been a total success, and now that it is available in Spain you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this exclusive channel. In fact, this excellent free option will allow you to see a preview of all the potential that Walt Disney Studios and its subsidiaries

It is evident that movies and series are part of our daily lives, for such reason, the whole family can instantly enjoy all the programming at a more than affordable price. If you have any doubts about how much fun you can have, log on to the Disney Plus website to enjoy an exciting and entertaining week from the comfort of your own home.

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