SEO on YouTube: How to position videos in 2021

seo en youtube posicionamiento de videos en buscadores

You may have heard of SEO -Search Engine Optimization- according to its acronym refers to the techniques used in order to improve the positioning of the website in the different search engines. In order to achieve this, internet users must constantly update their content and make it more and more attractive.

You may have heard of SEO -Search Engine Optimization- according to its acronym refers to the techniques used in order to improve the positioning of the website in the different search engines. In order to achieve this, internet users must constantly update their content and make it more and more attractive.

On YouTube you can inform and entertain through short or long videos. But if you have a channel on this site, how can you get it found in search engines? What steps should you follow to achieve this? Here I will answer these questions, but first let’s look at the importance of audiovisual content in marketing.

Is it important to do SEO on YouTube?

When we talk about YouTube, we talk about Google and if we talk about the king search engine, we talk about web positioning. Since Google bought the most important video website, its importance in the organic results of the search engine gained importance over other platforms such as Vimeo.

That tells us that in addition to appearing in the search engine of the video platform, we must also do SEO to appear in Google. Is it easy, no, but it is possible and for that we will treat the videos as one more tool for visibility of our website.

Why is audio-visual content important?

An image says much more than a thousand coherently organized words. And this is because a video can transmit emotions, feelings; plus it can easily adapt the content you want to convey. On the other hand, the visual content that you are going to present must be authentic and able to capture the user’s attention.

You should keep in mind that you can consume a video quickly, but just as it can be played, it can easily be taken away perhaps because it’s boring or doesn’t contain the information you want. Therefore, the content you create should be entertaining, that engages with just a few seconds of playback.

Visual content is the most widely used marketing method today, and YouTube presents the opportunity to promote your brand, content or product in a simple way in order to increase the number of customers and even reach those people you wouldn’t reach in other ways.

Remember a video captivates much more than a piece of writing, it makes the user fall in love with your content. This takes time and effort. On the other hand, we all have different tastes, so think about who will watch the video and be realistic, not everyone will like what you offer!

An image can be very powerful, as long as it conveys the right message. But, what if you already have a YouTube channel and you want it to have high positioning. In that case, you need to then apply SEO, so here’s how you can rank your content in the first place.

Objectives of SEO on YouTube

Setting a goal before starting to create a video is the first thing we must take into account to be able to position videos. If we are not clear about what our destination will be, we don’t know how to take the intermediate steps to get there.

Once we have defined the topic and the goal, what do we achieve by positioning videos on YouTube?

Help our website to improve the results for keywords, thanks to our videos and the keywords we use, we can give strength to our website by including the video in our pages and / or related that video with our website.

In addition, if we position the video in Google we will be copying key positions to redirect traffic to our website while we will be getting qualified links pointing to our site, which will improve the organic results of our page.

Another objective can be branding, creating a brand image of our company or business. We must create a video that can become viral, that is, shared by thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc … and for this you must be original and create a striking, shocking, funny or if you wish, controversial video.

Our ultimate goal when doing SEO on YouTube is to get links from other domains and different hostings and allowing other users to embed the video on their websites is something we must allow.

Links are the life of SEO because they get traffic and generate credibility and authority to our websites.

Steps to position a channel on YouTube

YouTube as a social network has become one of the most visited platforms worldwide. With more than 300 hours of video uploaded daily, this network has enabled entertainment and learning for thousands of people. The statistics demonstrate its brutal growth. One that never stops.

But what makes it one of the most visited sites? The content of its videos. Of course not all videos that are uploaded get as many plays or likes. Sometimes this is because their content does not attract attention at all, but the truth is that the positioning is more related to techniques that allow you to highlight them.

Next, I’ll give you some tips on how you can rank your content on YouTube

Video creation

Have you noticed how more and more influencers are getting thousands and thousands of views on each of their channels, not only are they eye-catching but many of them are sincere and showcase current and fresh content. You can do the same.

When creating videos for your channel try to make them address a theme that is of interest to the people who follow you or who enter the platform. Remember that to apply marketing techniques you must think about your customers; well with YouTube users the same, attract them with fresh content, that they are satisfied with what they see.


To apply SEO time is important, because that’s what your visits will depend on, how so? Well it turns out that during the first 30 seconds of the video you can determine if it will be interesting or if it will become tedious. That’s why you should use those first 30 seconds wisely.

You may think it’s too short a time, but the truth is that we don’t want to waste it. Hence, those 15 or 30 seconds should highlight what sets your video apart from the rest, comment on some of your content, plus show that that content includes the search topic.

And since this is very important, don’t make a video too long! There are those who post long information exceeding 15 mins, and at the end they don’t say anything concrete. Therefore, try to make your content less than 10 mins, and that it presents the answer you are looking for.

Use keywords

Regardless of the content of the video, the keywords are important to achieve your positioning on the network. The title, the description and even the tags allow you to appear in the search engine, so you should think carefully about what to use. What to consider when thinking about keywords?

Obviously the words you are going to use must be related to the content of the video. But be careful, very technical words are not the best for it. Check in the search engine what is related to the topic you are going to talk about. That is to say, the words that Internet users use to find the answer to the topic in question.

Based on the searches most viewed by users. You can also use Tags. When you place your name or your channel’s name in these tags, you make it easier for users to find you; they even appear  as related videos.

Now, what if between our tags we place the names of the first 4 or 5 videos that appear in the search results. You may find this move a bit strange, but what will you achieve? Since those are the most visited, by doing that you will have a much better chance that your video will appear among the related ones.

That said, remember to be creative when writing your tags or keywords, make your mind wake up and think about how to get the attention.

There are even many tools that can help you, such as Answer the public, designed to generate those keywords related to what we want. We have TubeBuddy, special to see the tags that the competition has, in addition to suggesting new ones for you. Tag For YouTube and YTCockpit are also very good in these cases.

Interaction: Indispensable for positioning

Something that has been seen in recent years has been people’s reaction to content blogs, videos, or simple statuses on networks. Sure their content tends to be hilarious or very interesting. The point is that these reactions result in increased traffic on the Internet.

A comment, likes and shares can position you in the network, so we must try to give strength to the video through interaction. What can we do?

During the video you can ask questions, or raise a problem that generates comments and even a debate. The comments demonstrate the interest of users in the content, and imply the permanence of the content on the platform. You can also initiate a contest or sweepstakes that allows people to participate.

On the other hand, try to respond to comments, interact with the audience, establish feedback that will continue to generate participation and continue to improve the ratings of the video. Remember to take care of the audience. In fact, that’s what allows you to improve your positioning.

Likes and Dislikes. Maybe you have seen videos with more than 1000 likes or 1000 dislikes. Believe it or not, this doesn’t work on your channel ranking, but if they don’t contribute what are they doing there? The more “likes” the video has, the more the user will want to see why the content catches their attention, which will allow the video to be played. It’s a very smart and practical strategy.

The Share button is very important. This allows the user to play the video and if he likes it, he can send it to more people, either by mail, networks, among others. This contributes to increase the rating of visits. You can even ask for it to be shared.

Now if we talk about interaction, we cannot leave aside the “Subscribe” button. A subscription indicates quality, hence YouTube is responsible for positioning it. What can you do to get it? At the end of your videos, ask the user directly to subscribe.

Of course you have to understand that not everyone is the same, there are those who subscribe immediately; but there are also those who need you to show them why it is important to do it. Keep in mind that the more interaction, the better the position.

Click-through rate on your videos

If many people search for a keyword in the search engine and click on one of the results more than once, that result will gain positioning. That is why it is necessary to optimize the CTR to establish the ranking.

What is the most important thing in a video? The title. Since it is the phrase that is going to represent your video. The keyword of which we spoke a little while ago, will go in the title; so try to make it as attractive as possible. Engage people from the first moment, awaken the curiosity of the customer.

The title is accompanied by the video description. That’s why you should make sure the text is 250 to 350 words. You may think that no one sees the description because what matters is the image you are going to show, but, even if few people read it, YouTube and Google do take it into account. So present a fresh and simple piece of writing that addresses what you will present. In fact, that’s where you can place keywords.

You can also add a link to your channel or other videos. As a personal note, don’t saturate the videos with so many tags!

Something important that is necessary to highlight for the positioning of your videos is the Thumbnails, cover or main image of your video. We are at the time when you can customize your image, so use something eye-catching and with large text, well placed colors, attractive photos, taking into account that 90% of the most viewed videos on YouTube owe their place due to this factor.

Remember: A picture can say more than a thousand words. Hence, you can’t just place any image. If you’re going to talk about love, you can’t put a scary image, what would be the message? So make sure that the Thumbnail is powerful and conveys the main idea.

YouTube takes into account the amount of clicks that users give to your content, so make sure your videos are what users are looking for.

Display time

This is an important factor when applying SEO. Normally, television does not stop, every day, hour, minute and second has open transmission, and YouTube wants to do the same. That’s why it tries to promote and boost the videos that has more minutes of accumulated viewing. So for that to happen with your channel you must know how to apply video marketing


You must keep in mind that subscribers are the most important, that’s why you should try to gain as many as possible. Remember what I said a few paragraphs before, “More subscribers, better position.”

Now, we mentioned a little while ago that videos that long are not that good, but the time is going to depend on the content you are going to present. If you really need much more time, you should make sure that it contains valuable information, that it is interesting. There is no point in going on and on about something irrelevant.

The formula is time + content equals more followers. A comedy video can become a whole marketing, that is a way to make money Online. But of course, SEO is critical in audience retention. Hence, you must be very astute to place yourself above the competition.

Capture the user’s attention

On the YouTube social network, there are many videos whose beginnings are very good, but as they progress they fall into monotony, their rhythm is not constant at all. This causes loss in the audience. Therefore, you can try to do the following:

  • Change the tone to emphasize the idea.
  • Make funny comments from time to time, the audience loves that.
  • Sound effects can help you.
  • Use different shots and approaches.

Make your video dynamic, the same words over and over again are boring. Convey emotions and make the viewer feel them. Also, you’ll get more followers by uploading videos much more frequently, so you’ll give them something to look forward to.

SEO Off page in YouTube

More and more videos are being uploaded to YouTube on different topics, more than 300 hours of video per day. impressive! But more views, means a very demanding audience. So, promote your videos and your channel on other networks or even on your blog. Google will take into account the links that are in your video and will give you a better ranking.

But something you can also do is insert the video along with its link on your blog; if you have one, adjust the size of it and advertise it. This is in order to let others know of its existence and that of your channel. People who follow you on the different platforms you have, will also follow you on this one.


“On air” or “live” are well-known phrases, and used by television. But perhaps you’ve noticed Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have this same feature. YouTube is not far behind, since thanks to a Streaming you can have a direct interaction with your subscribers and those who are not as well, achieving greater reach, since the user will feel much closer to you.

These videos are not deleted, but rather retain their quality, having been recorded in real time. Streaming is a very economical way to promote your content.

You have many ways to promote your videos and even your channel; SEO as a technique can work for you. The quality of your videos will depend on the content. Of course the image is very important, because if you present a pixelated video, poorly recorded or with a very low audio, it will not serve you at all. So be careful with the quality of your videos.


To conclude, we cannot end this article without mentioning that one advantage is that YouTube is free, hence the only expense you will have will be time and energy; but that, knowing how to apply the right techniques, it will be worth it.

Since this platform is one of the most visited, you must prepare well what you will do, you can not leave it to chance. A good video can not only position you, but also generate a good income, and at the same time you will provide a positive approach to your brand. People react better to an image than to a text, so let’s get to it!

8 tips to position videos on YouTube

The musketeers were 3, 4 the horsemen of the apocalypse, 5 are the continents, the magnificent were 6 (in the cartoons), the dwarfs were 7 and the keys to improve positioning on youtube are 8

  1. Quality content: In SEO content is king and in the video was not going to be different so we have to create videos of the highest quality so that our visitors get a minimum quality. Positioning a video on YouTube of poor quality, first , is more difficult and if we manage to position it, over time it will fall sharply.
  2. Choosing keywords to position: Once we have created the video we have to choose the keywords to position. You must do a search to choose the ones with the most results, but they must always be related to your video. Keep in mind that the more searches, the more competition but that does not discourage you to go for them.
  3. Attractive and not misleading title: The title is one of the key sections when uploading and positioning a video. It provides suitable information of our video to the user at the same time that gives information about the content to our friend Google. Include the keywords in it and give an eye-catching touch to the title with a length of less than 60 characters. Also a good way to create a title is with words like how to, How to, Tutorial, Learn how to, etc… Include the title in the name of the video, locally, before uploading it. Never upload it with a name that is not the title you will put on YouTube.
  4. Correct video description: Make an attractive description that contains a lot of information, it will be good for YouTube and Google. Put (if or if) a link to your website to get linkbuilding and qualified traffic to your website.
  5. Correct tags: The t-tags are also very important for YouTube to offer your video for a particular search.
  6. Subtitles: Google and YouTube use subtitles to extract very valuable information from our video. We must make a transcript of the content of our video and we will always add it as a subtitle to it.
  7. Share:The fish drank, drank and drank again and you cshare, share and share again. You must also include the videos within your page.
  8. Methodical in uploading deadlines: Publish every so often, no matter if it is every day or every 15 days, but make a method of uploads to Youtube. Your followers will appreciate it and also Google and remember that you upload videos for them both.

And for visual material, a video explanation of how to rank on YouTube:

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