How to make a YouTube channel in a few minutes

como crear canal youtube

Before knowing how to create a YouTube channel and asking yourself, How can I make my own channel on YouTube, you should know that YouTube is a web portal where people can post and watch videos of any kind (respecting of course the regulations of the site).

It was created in 2005 and later in 2006 it was acquired by Google. Thanks to YouTube we have all seen how normal people become incredibly famous and therefore we are going to see the steps to get started in the world of videos. Let’s continue to see how to open a YouTube channel.

How to get started on YouTube?

Getting started is very simple. First you must create a Gmail account or if you already have one you must log in with your YouTube account. A YouTube channel is the tool where you post the videos you want to show to the public, which in this case is the whole world.

So channels are like an office where you serve people, it should always be well presented and clearly express what the channel is about.

The importance of subscribers

Subscribers on YouTube are the people who join your channel by opening a YouTube channel for the content you present in order to be aware of upcoming posts through notifications.

These generate the views for you, which on YouTube that’s money. So the subscribers themselves are what make you recognized. Remember that subscribing to a YouTube channel is free. The best ways to gain subscribers are:

Be consistent in presenting content

Regularly create videos at similar times so that subscribers know when they can enjoy the videos.

Have a first-look trailer on the channel.

This is a good idea, as people can see it when they enter your channel and know what the channel is about and if they are interested they can subscribe.

In fact, this way people will not think that the videos are boring and will not watch them, but with the trailer they will be given a small preview of what the videos will be like and then they will enjoy them if they are of interest.

Remind them to subscribe to your videos

Another tip if you are thinking about creating your YouTube account. Many times people watch videos on your channel but don’t subscribe for different factors, most of the time it’s because they don’t know the option to do so.

So remembering it in the content is ideal, offering the advantage that if they subscribe they will receive notifications to enjoy more videos. This should be done once or twice maximum, either at the beginning or at the end so as not to stun the person watching the video.

How to create a YouTube channel in 2021

In these times of innovation technology is constantly changing and so is YouTube. This is why the process of how to make a YouTube channel in 2008 is not the same as what we use today in 2019 and now you can download YouTube videos and you can also download music from YouTube. If you are going to sign up, you need to follow this series of steps to create a YouTube channel:

Step 1

The first step to create a YouTube channel is to have a Gmail email and sign up for YouTube. This is how the channel appears.

Step 2

Include interesting data in the channel. You should take the time to fill in as much information as possible to your channel. This platform is available to everyone and the more interesting you are the more you will attract attention.

Step 3

Design the channel panel with a page called Pixlr. Within this page select the express option and implement a template with the exact measurements that YouTube imposes.

Step 4

Inside Pixlr we can place images. It is recommended that you start by placing several types of images that represent the channel, for example your profile picture or pictures that represent the content of the channel.

Step 5

Choose the most striking typography for the channel name, logo and video content on a page called Cooltext. Within this page there is an infinite selection of fonts and colors. So you can always find the ones that best suit your channel.

Step 6

The creation of the channel name is one of the most important factors when presenting content on YouTube. Therefore, it should be eye-catching and representative. Most YouTubers use their own artistic names or if they are a company their brand names. Usually including a unique feature, which is currently often used many emoticons.

Step 7

Customize the channel with the themes presented by YouTube or create the theme yourself. Of course also choose from the wide palette of colors offered by the platform, one that is consistent with the images you are going to show and with the content of the channel itself.

Step 8

YouTube offers Landing Page, which is the design of your cover and is the first thing your subscribers will see. Always choose a design that goes with the style of your channel. There are several options such as Blogger, Red, etc.

Start uploading content on YouTube

After following and fulfilling the series of steps explained above, we are ready to start uploading videos to the channel. There are several ways to upload content:

  1. From your PC: The easiest way to do it is from your computer. Within YouTube there is a tool called uploader, which allows you to select a video from your computer. So that depending on your Internet connection and the length of the video, this according to the average offered by YouTube, in 5 minutes and would be mounted on your channel.
  2. From your Smartphone: Depending on the quality of your device, you can record and upload videos in a very easy way. Regardless of whether you record the video or not with your cell phone, it must be sent from it to an email that YouTube offers you so that the video falls directly into your channel (still without presenting it to the public) and there select it to be uploaded to your public channel.
  3. From a Webcam: This is the most difficult way to do it, but very practical for some. You connect the camera to the computer and start recording and then automatically upload it to the social network. Of course, this works only for people who present the content without cuts and do not need to edit the videos.

Start creating content

The video is like the channel, you must follow some criteria before thinking about putting it together, as in:

  1. Name of the video: Just like the channel the name must be original, attractive to the audience and referring to the topic to be covered in the video.
  2. Video parameters: Everyone has their own style when presenting content, but always follow more or less the same parameters such as: the title, the main idea of the video, keywords, subtitles, etc. Whether it is comedy, tutorial or informative we always find these aspects in the videos. SEO for YouTube can be easy.
  3. Personalization: Always give your own style to the content. The most successful YouTubers, with more subscribers and views are those who present the most original videos within their channels on the platform.
  4. Editing: This is the most important aspect for the video. Already when you have everything recorded we must know where to edit these videos. The most recommended is to download the Adobe Creative Suites cloud (we recommend the most current one which is the cs7 cloud), where from there you can acquire the different applications to form a successful video. The most used are Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition.

YouTube and copyright

Copyright is the exclusive copyright of content such as literature, music, concepts, images, etc. and when opening a YouTube channel you must take it into account. The truth is that on YouTube it is very common to use copyrighted content, usually out of ignorance of the fact that they are copyrighted. When using them, the social network automatically closes the channel until further notice. Some ways to avoid copyright in videos are:

  1. Create your own content: Some people find it difficult to create their own content, perhaps because they do not know where to do it. Actually, it is very easy to do, especially images. You simply have to use images that are allowed to be used by anyone, this can be found out through the Creative Commons page.
  2. Music for the ears: It is recommended that for videos you use music that YouTube allows. You can know what they are if you check the music library of YouTube itself, which allows its use for commercial purposes. The library is available from your channel in the creator option.
  3. Tell YouTube what you are using: YouTube, especially if you are starting a channel, always asks you to send them all the content used in the video you submit. It goes without saying, because if you don’t, you will be investigated for copyright infringement and it will take longer to gain YouTube’s trust.

How to make money on YouTube?

Before starting to monetize you must follow all the steps explained above, get enough audience and be passionate about creating videos. After achieving all this we can start making money. There are different processes to be done:

  1. Monetize the videos: You must authorize YouTube to place advertising on your videos and declare that none of them are copyrighted.
  2. Have a Google Adsense account: This Google page is where your earned money comes in. You must register in this Google page with a bank account or a PayPal account. It has as a requirement to be of legal age.
  3. Youtube Partners: After achieving monetization, a YouTuber can become a YouTube partner to acquire more tools for content creation and earn more money. To become a partner you must have more than 15,000 hours of playback accumulated in your channel for 90 days.

And this is the easiest way to create a YouTube channel and start making money in a very short time, what are you waiting for? Start applying the steps we give you here and become a famous YouTuber in a very short time.

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