How to download music from YouTube?

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In most YouTube videos, music is the protagonist, since it is a fundamental element in any multimedia material. The music is one of the most desired elements by users of this platform.

However, just as it is not possible to download YouTube videos directly, it is also not possible to download music from YouTube natively so, many users are forced to look for ways to download the YouTube songs they like the most.

How to download music from YouTube video without programs

Among the means used by users, there are some software and websites that allow you to download music from videos. Now, the software is usually heavy or complex to use.

Websites, on the other hand, are much more user-friendly and offer you endless possibilities for downloading music from YouTube. Of course, there are a lot of such sites, so we have decided to tell you about the 2 most popular ones.

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This page is well known because it employs a very simple procedure to be able to download music from some YouTube video.

How can you download music from YouTube with vidtomp3? To use it you have to go to the YouTube page and search for the video containing the music you want to download. Then you have to copy the URL address of the video, which you can find in the address bar. After you have copied the address, go to the page to download music from YouTube.

When we enter we realize that it only asks us to paste the URL address that we had previously copied. Then, it is necessary to press the button that says Download, immediately a tab will open with a link, which you will have to press.

Finally, a last window will open with a button that says Download MP3, which you should press and the download will begin.

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Basically, this is a page that is listed as one of the best for downloading music from YouTube videos. Its operation is very simple, it only requires the URL address of the YouTube video. Since, when you open the page, it prompts you to enter or paste the address already mentioned.

Next, you must select the format of the song and click on “Convert to“. Finally, the song is downloaded just like that to your computer.

Download music from YouTube with programs?

How to download music from YouTube? Downloading music from YouTube is not possible in a straightforward manner, however, this has never been a problem. Since, applications, programs, tricks and pages have been developed to be able to do so.

Of the latter, the most important of those we showed in a previous section. The point, is that other possibilities such as specialized programs for them were not taken into account and therefore we are going to see programs to download music from youtube online.

Over time, a large number of software have been invented to download music from YouTube videos in mp3 and mp4. So, I will make you a recommendation that will surely suit your purpose very well.

aTube Catcher

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Indisputably, this is one of the most popular programs for downloading mp3 music from YouTube videos. How do you download music in aTube catcher?

How aTubeCatcher works is very simple and is one of the best programs to download music from YouTube. To get started you have to go to YouTube and search for the video from which you want to get the song. Then, you have to go to the address bar and copy the URL address of it.

When you have the URL address, you have to open the program and paste the link in the space provided. Underneath, you will find several options to choose the quality you want the music to be when it has been downloaded.

Finally, you proceed to click on the “download” button and the music will be downloaded automatically to your computer.

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