The new WhatsApp emoticons arrive to Android and iOS

nuevos emoticonos whatsapp llegan android ios

For many years, the communications platform known worldwide by the name: “WhatsApp“; took over the chat market, offering you a completely free instant messaging service. In this year, it proposes us new emoticons for WhatsApp and I tell you about it here.

The available emoticons increase every year without stopping and there are more and more options that are offered to fill with life the WhatsApp conversations.

In 2019 there will be more emoticons for WhatsApp

Instant messaging Apps have revolutionized and popularized these icons to such an extent that we would not know what to do without them. Well, everything points out that in 2019 you will have other 157 emojis to enjoy and improve your communication skills.

Unicode, which is the organization in charge of generating all new emoticons, has communicated that between August and September will arrive the new emojis for WhatsApp and we will have 157 new images. These new emoticons will bring the so promised image of the redheads and even the one of a bacterium or the emoji of the unicorn.

Already there is an ’emojipedia’ with a total of 2,823 emoticons that tries to show any emotion and profession, and even objects and, of course, typical foods of countries.

We have to get ready for this new batch of 157 emojis that will arrive in the middle of the year. Ready to update our Smartphone apps, we will all want to be the first ones to use them.

The WhatsApp emoticons triumph among users

Among the most striking things that this service presents, are its famous and magnificent “emoticons”. These elements are small graphic representations very simple, which illustrate various types of things in reality, such as faces, places, objects, clothes, food, animals, symbols, among others. One of the most famous of all is the unicorn emoticon.

Each of these emoticons can be integrated with great ease into conversations making them much more expressive. An emoticon can easily represent a complex emotion and emphasize a feeling.

Thus the social network decided to create larger WhatsApp emoticons, these can be appreciated when they are sent alone.

The impact that these graphic expressions had on the world was such that people began to take them off the platform to use them in their reality, either by drawing them, wearing them on T-shirts or capturing them on different items.

Although it is true that WhatsApp was not the first platform to use this type of small images, it was the one that in recent years promoted its development. To such an extent that currently social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, followed its same format within their programs.

Now, in many occasions the emoticons are not updated correctly in the mobile devices, therefore, people must find other methods to be able to download or activate them in their devices, either for Android or WhatsApp emoticons for IPhone (IOS).

How to enable emoticons on Android

While it is true, that there are certain external applications that allow you these little images. The best way to automatically activate the new WhatsApp emoticons that were released in 2019, there is a secret millennial way known by the name of “Tester.”

What is a “Tester”? The “Tester”are those people who spontaneously decide to use the test versions of applications several months or days in advance, before they are released.

To be part of the “Testers” program from “Google” all you have to do is enter directly into this link:

Once you have accepted to be part of this project you will be able to get, without any problem, all the versions of WhatsApp that are going to be released in the next months.

To get the same, all you have to do is log back into the Play Store after becoming a “Tester” and look under the menu tab for all your apps.

When you go into the all your apps tab click on the WhatsApp icon and followed by this click where it says “Update”. When the download is finished you will be able to enjoy all the new benefits that the “Beta” version of the program presents for you.

Also, thanks to this new version, you can access all the new WhatsApp Android emoticons, that have created the developers of this, to incorporate them into your conversations.

How to use these new WhatsApp icons

Once you have the latest version of the application or any of the “Beta” versions, by being part of the platform’s “Testers” program, you can easily access a large number of colorful and fun icons for your chats.

The way to use them is very simple, you just have to enter any of your chats and select the little face that appears on the left side of the typing bar. When you click there, a window with all the icons available in the social network will be displayed.

The direct use of them will depend on the interests of the users, since they enrich in some way or another the conversations. However, there are cases and messages in which the most advisable thing is not to use these icons, since they take away the seriousness of the subject.

Similarly, these small images also work as an important descriptive resource, since they allow you to attract people’s attention very easily. So much so, that Google also allows emoticons in the results of the SERPs. This is why it is so important to download WhatsApp emoticons somehow, if the application does not update them by itself.

The so-called,”Emojis“, revolutionized in an incredible way the world of communications worldwide, to such a degree that they are present in almost all chat platforms and in the different social networks of the world.

What benefits does WhatsApp offer to users

Similarly, not long ago, they also added among its main options the fact of being able to comment directly on the messages received. This means that everyone with the application can select a specific message and comment on what they think about it, add an anecdote, among other things.

Users can also comment on photos, videos, voice notes, anything that is sent through WhatsApp can be commented on directly.

However, this platform is not perfect either, from time to time it presents certain errors, among them is the famous message that blocks WhatsApp, which is a code that makes the person who receives it stop working chat.

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