How to use WhatsApp Web from PC How does it work?

whatsapp web

It is undeniable the popularity achieved by the social network WhatsApp through its Smartphone application, to such an extent that it has diversified in different aspects of life. It is no longer a simple means of entertainment, it is present in the work, family and even spiritual environment of a considerable number of users.

For this reason, about 4 years ago, the leaders of this great company decided to take the leap to offer the experience of using WhatsApp from the computer. This modality was baptized with the name WhatsApp Web available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Is WhatsApp Web a separate account from your phone

The answer is a resounding no. What this application does is a temporary migration of a previously created account affiliated with a phone number, so you can access it from your computer.

For this reason, every action you perform on WhatsApp Web directly influences the affiliated account on your Smartphone and vice versa, also the emoticons. Unlike other social networks such as Telegram, this application requires a constant synchronization between mobile and PC.

If you run out of battery, I am sorry to tell you that you will not be able to use the session you have opened on the computer. For that reason, it is recommended to keep your Smartphone connected to a charger. Here you can see more WhatsApp tricks that you don’t know.

WhatsApp Web can be installed on the operating system or browser of your choice, all are supported. You also have the option to use it directly from its official link. It is completely free and its use requires a constant online connection.

Synchronize your WhatsApp chat account with WhatsApp Web

To enjoy all the options of this popular application on your computer without losing WhatsApp conversations, you must first synchronize the account established on your Smartphone with your computer. Just follow these steps:


Step 1, use the QR Code

If you go to the link, a page will load that conforms to your browser language showing the procedure to follow. What stands out the most is the QR code, an element that you will have to scan with your mobile App.

WhatsApp Web
How to use WhatsApp Web from PC How does it work? 12

Step 2

To perform the scan, you will need to open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Then, enter the settings menu and click on the WhatsApp Web option.

You will get a message indicating that you must position the on-screen box over the QR code to scan.

WhatsApp Web

Step 3

Aim the camera lens at the code found on the PC, making sure that the code is completely inside the predefined box.

You should not take too long between the time you place the QR code from the computer and the activation of the scanner in your Smartphone application, because WhatsApp Web has an expiration time for the code.

If the time runs out, you will have to click where the code was displayed for it to reappear.

Once the scanner manages to identify the QR code, WhatsApp Web will load all the data contained in your application, allowing you to perform all the tasks you commonly perform in the mobile application.

As long as you do not close the tab where you are managing your account, you can go to it without having to repeat the synchronization steps again.

How do I end the remote WhatsApp Web session

As a security method, from WhatsApp you can verify the connection established from the computer, indicating the last connection time,operating system and browser used.

If you have left your connection open by mistake or for some other reason you wish to close it, you have at your disposal the option to lock the session remotely from your mobile device.

Using WhatsApp Web, it is possible to have more than one session open simultaneously. If you perform browser history clearing; including cache and cookies, you will lose the initiated synchronization.

Use WhatsApp Web as an application installed on your computer

An alternative that offers you certain advantages is to use the WhatsApp Web application, to be then installed on your operating system.

Windows and macOS

From the official page you will have two download options available: MacOS X 10.10 or higher and Windows 8 or higher in its 32 and 64 bit versions.

Once downloaded, you proceed with the installation of classic. After the installation, you will only need to start the program and scan the QR code following the same steps described above to achieve the synchronization of your account.

Linux and all variants of Free Software for WhatsApp Web

The Open Source operating systems always offer the best alternative, so you won’t be left without enjoying the most innovative in technology.

You can go to the software center or application manager and search for WhatsApp Desktop, download and install the application and you’re done. Since it is an unofficial application, it is likely that in some cases you will not be able to find it in the predefined download sites.

If that’s your case, you can download the installer compatible with distributions that use .DEB packages, which are:

  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Debian
  • Derivatives

You can easily get the 32-bit or 64-bit installation packages; as required by your computer, from your favorite search engine.

Advantages of using WhatsApp Web installable programs

Perhaps at this point you are wondering why download a WhatsApp Web application for computers, if you can use it directly from its official link?

To answer this question, I will tell you the advantages that I find.

  • You will have a direct link icon to the application, without relying on a browser
  • Once opened the session will not be lost, even if you close the application or turn off the PC
  • You free up memory and optimize the performance of the browser avoiding a crash, especially if you are used to using multiple tabs
  • Better use of desktop space

Use WhatsApp Web as an installed application in your browser

No, it was not a mistake, nor are we repeating the same topic. It’s one thing to install the application on your computer, it’s another to install it on your browser of choice.

In Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others, we find Addons of WhatsApp Web application, so it can be used independently of the official link.

Some even split the application from the browser itself, so that it behaves as a standalone software with its own icon on the computer. The truth is that they are still powered by the browser’s services even when the browser is apparently closed.

What should I do if I have problems scanning the QR code in WhatsApp Web

Sometimes it happens that we fail to scan the code correctly in WhatsApp.

This can be produced by different factors: low resolution of the computer screen, poor camera lens, imperfections of the PC screen that do not allow the correct reading of the code or even that you have a damaged rear camera and you only have the front camera.

Let’s look at several ways to scan the QR code and be successful despite these drawbacks.

Low resolution or screen glitches

  • Try to change the resolution of the screen trying to find the one that gives the best sharpness
  • Minimize the WhatsApp Web application window and drag it with the cursor, trying to place the QR code in an area of the screen that keeps the best sharpness and try to scan from there

Camera lens deficient or front camera

  • You can also use the “Ctrl” and “+” key combination. If you are using the MacOS operating system, the key combination would be “⌘” and “+.”
  • When you have done the scan, remember to return to the original size by pressing “Ctrl” and move the center wheel back or the “Ctrl” and “-” combination.
  • If you only have the front camera, you can scan the code with it. Rely on the utility of a mirror. Since you won’t be able to see your mobile screen to square the box in the code, a small mirror pointed at the mobile screen will allow you to perform this feat.

Is it possible to have WhatsApp Web without syncing with your Smartphone?

Yes it is possible, but I recommend you to do this method only if your phone has broken down or you don’t have a supported device to install WhatsApp.

There are programs called Android emulators that offer you to enjoy the experience of a Smartphone from your PC. Download and install the one that best suits your computer’s requirements.

You will see that once you run the program, you will have an application store to download all the Apps you want, including WhatsApp.

After installing the application, follow the steps to open the account with your phone number and perform the synchronization by entering the code that you have been sent by SMS to your mobile. Once you have done these steps, you will already have your WhatsApp account without Smartphone on your computer with all your contacts.

Disadvantages of using Android emulators for WhatsApp

You should take into consideration, that if you perform these steps while you still have your account linked to a Smartphone, WhatsApp will be disabled, because the company does not support a same account linked in two Apps.

Another disadvantage is that emulators generally consume a lot of system resources. This means that if you don’t have a computer with good features, your experience will be somewhat unpleasant, suffering from crashes or operating system crashes.

Alternatives to WhatsApp What applications exist?

As I commented at the beginning, the giant of social networks and digital communication, WhatsApp enjoys great popularity and acceptance worldwide. However, there are very interesting alternatives to WhatsApp that are worth mentioning.


Every day Telegram gains significant ground in this area, being for now the closest and most dangerous challenger to WhatsApp. Available in its three options:

  • Smartphone app,
  • Installable app for computers (Windows, Linux and macOS)
  • Web version

The big difference and advantage compared to its counterpart, is that although it can maintain perfect synchronization between all its sessions, it does not require a simultaneous connection to work.

This feature make it a powerful tool for file sharing; of any genre, creation of channels, groups, AI Bots and messaging.


A major advertising campaign has catapulted this digital messaging all over the world. Highly compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. Also available on Windows or MacOS operating systems.

Among its features, it offers the possibility of making video calls for free. Its spectacular Stickers stand out and it has no limits to share files.

Facebook Messenger

Application that works as a mobile extension of the native Facebook chat. It can no longer be considered a competitor to WhatsApp, since they share the same owner Mark Zuckerberg.

Through it you can chat with all your Facebook friends, leave voice messages or even make videoconferences.


Social networks are here to stay and each one will adapt better according to your preferences and tastes. As far as WhatsApp is concerned, it is innovating every day to gain more followers. In fact, we have already talked about WhatsApp in other posts and I have told you how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp, how to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp or my favorite, how to recover WhatsApp conversations.

The WhatsApp Web option has taken a major turn thatprojects a new era of communication. It will only be left to hope that other new features will manage to surprise us.

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