How to recover WhatsApp conversations?

recuperar conversaciones whatsapp

In this post, we will see how to recover WhatsApp conversations. The WhatsApp application is very useful, with it, you send and receive text messages and even multimedia files, it is an easy way to communicate with family and friends and, best of all, it is superfast.

However, you may have mistakenly deleted some conversations from WhatsApp, maybe you did it on purpose, or you may have changed your mobile and that’s why you lost all your data.

However, you don’t have to worry because it is solvable. Below, I will show you step by step how to recover WhatsApp conversations using various methods. Restore WhatsApp will never be so easy You still do not have it installed? Here’s how to install WhatsApp.

How to make a backup in WhatsApp

Making abackup is the easiest way to recover WhatsApp conversations from years ago, of course they must be configured.

However, there are different methods to make a backup depending on your mobile system, here I will show you. Before we go any further, have you used WhatsApp Web?

With Google Drive for Android

WhatsApp and Google Drive have become best friends! And it is that it is the first option we think of to recover a recently deleted WhatsApp message. To make the backup you want with Google Drive just follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to go to your WhatsApp application, then select the icon of three vertical dots that are located in the upper right corner
  2. After selecting “settings”, press the options “chat” and then “backup”
  3. Finally, you will select “save” to create backups on Google Drive. There you will be able to select the frequency in which all your data will be automatically saved (daily, weekly, monthly) and even if you wish you have the option to save manually. So you will have the security copy WhatsApp.

Once you follow the above steps you can reset your WhatsApp history as many times as you want and restore it thanks to Google Drive.

With iCloud for iPhone

If your mobile operating system is Apple’s iOS you will need to activate iCloud Drive as follows:

In the “settings” option, a menu will open with several options, click “iCloud” and then “iCloud Drive”. After enabling it you will follow these three simple steps:

  • You will open the WhatsApp instant messaging app and access the “settings” of the chat
  • Choose “back up”
  • Finally, choose to save the “daily, weekly or monthly” information. You can also choose whether you want to save the videos or not.

With these small steps, you will already be able to recover WhatsApp conversations on iPhone.

How to back up with apps

There are numerous external applications for backing up WhatsApp. These will prevent irretrievable deletion of your chats, all have basically the same operation: Backup your files. I will explain which are the 5 best ones:

Super Backup: SMS and contacts

The first option to recover WhatsApp conversations is Super Backup: SMS and contacts. With this application you will be able to backup contacts, chats and calls. The application saves all this data on the SD card of your mobile or Google Drive depending on how you configure it.

This application is the number 1 proposal because it is fast making Backups, despite the language of this is English is very easy to use, so it will not be an impediment to saving your WhatsApp data.

JS – Data Migration Backups

JS – Backups Data Migration excels in making WhatsApp backups on Android devices, plus it features to let you choose the data you want to store and have it automatically backed up on a regular basis.

It also allows you to save backups to cloud storage like: Dropbox, Sugar Sync, Google Drive, Box etc. or to the SD card of your mobile device.

Another unique feature is that it also allows data migration to a new mobile, i.e., with the old or old Smartphone you create a QR code and using the new device you scan that code, and ready all your data will be transferred to your new Smartphone.

My Backup

If you’re looking for an app to recover WhatsApp conversations that won’t waste your time making usage settings, My Backup is the one.

This one backs up only to your device’s SD card. Using it is super easy, you just have to touch a button and your files are backed up.

Titanium Backup

If it comes to applications to recover WhatsApp conversations, Titanium Backup has a vast experience in it. In fact, it has two versions (free and paid). It has a wide range of options, allows you to not only copy but also restore all the data of the applications you select.

Yes, not only does it make copies for WhatsApp it also backs up files; if you want it to from MySpace, Telegram, Skype, Tinder, among others.

A highlight is also that this application makes WhatsApp backups in the background, that is, you can use your mobile while Titanium Backup works. fantastic!

Helium – App Sync And Backup

Just like all the previous options for recovering WhatsApp conversations Helium, backup all your apps without having administrator privileges.

Rooting means that the owner of the mobile takes responsibility, as this is done to modify the system. So, although it is not very famous, it safeguards the integrity of the device.

From now on start trying any of these apps to back up not only WhatsApp but all your other apps as well.

How to save your WhatsApp backup to your computer

To save a backup of all your WhatsApp information to your computer you will only need three items: your Smartphone, PC or personal computer and a data transfer cable (USB).

  • After making a copy of WhatsApp on your mobile device, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. When you connect it, you will get a notification where we will select “transfer files”
  • Once it connects, go to the “WhatsApp” folder, click on that folder the right mouse button, clicking on the option “copy”
  • Subsequently go to the desktop of your computer and click again on the right button, but this time click on the option “paste” and ready you will have your backup on your computer.

How to restore backups on Android

Once we have enabled the backups features to recover WhatsApp conversations let’s see how to recover WhatsApp chats, even conversations you had with people who blocked you, then follow these three steps:

  • Uninstall the app: To perform the restore you must uninstall the app from your mobile device, so that you then have access to the “restore your backup” option. To uninstall it, go to “settings” of the Android application
  • Install the application again: Go to the app store, install the application and follow the steps that it indicates, confirm your number, name, among other data
  • Restore WhatsApp backup: After performing the first two steps you must click on the “restore” option, once the files have loaded you can access them.

How easy it is to do! You just need a little patience, following the tips I’ve given you will make your life easier; if recovering chats is what you’re after.

Now, what to do if you only want a few messages and not the whole backup, is it possible to view the messages on your PC or computer?

Well, the Dr.fone application will allow you to restore the files to your liking. You just need to know in depth what this app offers you. Below, I will give you several options that will allow you to make backups on your iPhone, including Dr.fone.

How to restore backups on IPhone

If your mobile device is an iPhone don’t worry, below, I’ll tell you step by step how to recover WhatsApp conversations from your iPhone using two methods:

Dr.fone application

This application called Dr.fone – restore social apps (IOs) is an effective and quick way to restore WhatsApp backup without the need to uninstall and install the application.

Also, the application has the option to transfer the saved WhatsApp data on IOs to other devices such as Android iPhone and iPad, of course for it to work you must make a backup before. Download it and start using it!

To restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone follow these steps:

  • Download and install Dr.fone, connect your iPhone to the computer and select the option “restore Social App” followed by “restore WhatsApp messages on IOs devices”
  • Make a WhatsApp backup and then click next. The time the restore process takes will be according to the backup previously made
  • You can choose any backup file and have access to the content you are going to restore
  • Finally select the data and click “restore to device.”

iTunes application

Few iOS system users know this truth: WhatsApp backup is also available in iTunes backup. You can get the backed up WhatsApp files on iPhone by restoring the entire content from iTunes.

The only problem is that you are going to restore all the data, the ones you want and the ones you don’t. Below I’ll walk you through step by step how to use iTunes to recover WhatsApp backup on iPhone:

  • Run iTunes on your PC or computer, where you previously backed up your iPhone
  • Use your Lightning cable and connect your iPhone to the computer
  • When it receives the detected notification, press the “summary” option. The iTunes screen will display all your iPhone information
  • Click on the “restore backup” option

How to recover WhatsApp conversations without backup

You will have to perform a Backup (backup), although I will give you a warning, this process is complex, any mistake could erase all the information from your device so pay close attention to the following 4 steps:

  • Settings: The first thing you should do is open the WhatsApp application, enter the settings menu and select “chat settings” followed by the option “save conversations”, you are going to save this Backup with the name msgstore. db.crypt7 in the /SDcard/Whatsapp/Databases folder.
  • Rename the backup: In this step we recommend you to use your computer or your Android device files to rename the backup.
  • Uninstall the app from your mobile device: Once you uninstall the app you will rename the msgstore.db.crypt7 file as follows msgstore-year-month-day. db.crypt5
  • Install the application: Finally, you must reinstall WhatsApp, accept the settings and confirm the data. Press “accept” when the app asks you if you want to restore the backup and that’s it!

With these simple, but delicate steps the information you have “lost” will return to your mobile. This way you will be able to recover WhatsApp conversations without backup.

But I reiterate, that you need to understand very well the steps already explained so that you can do it with total success without any risk.

How to recover WhatsApp conversations on your computer

What if you use WhatsApp on your computer, can you recover deleted WhatsApp conversations? Of course you can.

I recommend you to download a data recovery software, such as EASEUS DATA RECOVERY WIZARD FREE which can restore all the lost information from your PC, whether you have deleted by mistake, intentionally formatted, your computer has suffered a virus attack or the system has been factory reset.

Using this method you can recover up to 2 GB of data absolutely free. Let’s see now how to recover WhatsApp chats with this software.

  • Download: Run EASEUS DATA RECOVERY WIZARD FREE on your computer, select where the data was lost, either on the local disk storage or on the external device storage and press the “scan”
  • Scan: By selecting this option the software will quickly locate the deleted data, it will do this scan or analysis twice to recover deeper data. Wait patiently until the software does its job
  • Recover: Once the process is finished, you will be able to view all the data that has been “rescued”, you can select individually or save all by pressing the “recover” button

That’s how simple it is to recover your WhatsApp data from your computer, so the next time it happens you’ll know how to solve it in a jiffy.

Video: How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages


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