How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

saber bloqueado whatsapp

You want to send a message by WhatsApp to a person, but you notice that the hours pass and no response. Maybe you think that you have not had time to see it or maybe you wonder how to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp? Is it possible to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp? You still do not have WhatsApp installed?

Don’t worry!  this action is very common among friends and even family. Nowadays it has become a way of saying: I don’t want to talk to you anymore through this application. But in this post I will let you know several tricks or easy hints that will lead you to answer your doubts, read on and let’s catch together that person who has blocked you!!!

Is there a unique way to find out if you have been blocked?

I would love to tell you that yes there is an answer to how to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp . However, the answer is a resounding “no”. The truth, is that this application protects the privacy of users, so that if someone feels uncomfortable by any contact this can decide to cancel all kinds of relationship without the other person to know.

This fact avoids more uncomfortable problems, and even protects your integrity against attacks of any kind. Now, is it impossible to know if you have been blocked from WhatsApp? There are signs that can tell you. Below, I invite you to consider several changes in the account of your contact.

You can’t see their last login time

This is one of the ways to analyze if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. If for you it was normal to see when the person connected and disconnected, but, from a while in this part you do not observe it.

This may be an indication that your friend doesn’t want you to hear from him. Now, WhatsApp is an application that allows you to hide the last connection time. Once the user activates this option, it will be impossible for him and for you to see the last time they were online.

Although this condition is not a total sign that he has blocked you, but, it could be one of the many signs that may be evident that the person is already restricting you.

Make sure of this by sending messages at different times and on different days. However, it is important to note that, if your friend never received your messages again, it will be one of the most powerful clues to conclude that you are on their blacklist.

You cannot see profile picture updates

How do you know if someone has blocked you? Some suspicions could bring you doubts and make you question it, this application is one of the most used in instant messaging, motivated to this has caused great intrigue in knowing when a contact blocks another. It is very common that when creating a profile the user uploads a photo of himself in order to identify himself among the others.

Generally, the profile picture is the first thing you will see when searching for a contact to send a message to. The photo update is concurrent on WhatsApp users, and which will depend on the configuration that this contact has, you will be able to see it or not.

It could be that, you have selected the option to show the photo to some of your contacts or it is possible that you have no profile picture at that moment.

The issue is, in that it is common or normal for you to see that person’s picture and for them to change it consecutively, and if that is no longer the case, it is possible that they have blocked you.

Another thing you should look at, is that if in addition to this you also can’t see the description on their WhatsApp profile it could be another symptom of blocking.

In short, if you notice that both the photo and the description no longer appear to you, it is cause for suspicion. Of course, there are other signs that, along with this one, can be key to knowing if someone has blocked you.

Some people set their WhatsApp so that only their contacts see their profile, so if they no longer like you and have deleted you from their list, you may no longer see the photo.

So, if you had an argument yesterday and today you no longer see their photo, then it’s almost obvious that your friend really got annoyed with you and blocked you.

You can’t contact him by calls

It has already gone out of fashion the typical voice calls, now we are in the evolution of another technological era of social networking, and thanks to the diversity of applications that we have at our fingertips this is done in an easier way.

WhatsApp has become the most used application not only for instant messaging but also for voice calls.

It is always possible that your friend is in a place that does not have coverage, however, if time after time you try to make calls and it does not even ring, it is very likely that it has blocked you.

Generally when you block a contact the voice and video calls with that person are completely cancelled. So that’s one of the ways to know if you are on their dark list of blocked.

You don’t observe their statuses as before

Do you think you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp? If you constantly watch your friend’s status and out of nowhere he or she hasn’t posted again, it’s time for you to start getting suspicious. When a user decides to block another person, it restricts him or her from enjoying his or her statuses.

Of course, before you rush to think the worst you need to know that this application currently allows you to post hidden statuses, that is, you can configure your account so that some users do not see it. Although if this is the case, then even if he hasn’t blocked you yet, he may no longer want you to be aware of his personal accomplishments.

Don’t know how to hide WhatsApp statuses? Well, this is done in a very easy way, go to “settings” and there you press next “account, privacy and status” to finish the process you must decide and check if you want to hide your statuses to all your contacts or with some particular exceptions.

You yourself can restrict other users from seeing some of your statuses, this is very useful if you want only certain friends to be able to see that particular status video.

Does not allow you to add it to a group

This is another option to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Creating groups on WhatsApp is a fun way to unite friends and even family members. So you’ve been checking the signs I’ve shown you above, you can try the option to add it to a group.How to do it? The steps are quite simple, I will reveal them to you briefly.

First, you must create the group and then search for the suspicious contact you think has blocked you. Directly the application will not give you obvious signs that this person you cannot add, but when you go to check the list of group members, there it will not appear. This will be conclusive proof of such a block.

Of course, if you have friends in common and they belong to a common group in which your friend is actively participating, this will be incontrovertible proof that he/she wants nothing to do with you.

Tips to get out of doubt: Use another WhatsApp account

This trick will help you a lot. If you’ve already tried everything and paid attention to what I’ve discussed with you, it’s time for you to use the card up your sleeve and use another WhatsApp account.

It is very easy to carry out that method, after giving start to another account, you add your friend’s number and start a conversation with her. If with this you see that the messages reach her much faster, you see the double ticks, you see her profile picture and her statuses… Bingo! you have been blocked.

On the other hand, you can ask a person of your total confidence to add your friend and thus be able to perform the steps I mentioned above. It is important to note that, if by adding him/her you can see his/her photo and status, then suspicions will be a reality, and it may not even be necessary to start a conversation.

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Businees or WhatsApp Business, is a completely free cell phone application, which has been developed for small and large organizations. This app facilitates the interactions you need to have with your customers and contains many tools to organize and respond faster.

Although you may think that this blocking is something done on a personal level, it also happens in companies or in business. Using this application can become a bit annoying for users as some companies use a lot of advertising through the WhatsApp platform and this marketing abuse can cause their customers to block them.

To find out if you’ve been blocked you can use the same tricks I already mentioned, but you’ll only be absolutely sure if you ask the person directly. Now, if someone has blocked you, you may be wondering why they blocked me? There are good reasons, here’s why.

If you abuse promotional messages

If you continuously send advertising or promotional messages to your contacts it can be very annoying and unpleasant because generally your users are using this application on their cell phone. So constantly receiving this news could be very annoying.

So it’s time to slow down this marketing technique. Send your promotions when necessary. Remember, if you overdo the advertising, customers will feel overwhelmed with so much content and, in fact, they will no longer pay attention to your promotions.

They will eventually end up blocking you, leading you to a financial cliff.

Automated submissions

In the field of marketing, task automation is commonly used as ActiveCampaign does, which allows the business to achieve popularity.

However, it is vital not to abuse this technique or you will get one more blocked customer on WhatsApp. Rather, perform manual tasks, assigning staff to send them at the right time and not automatically. For it might seem too excessive and robotic.

When it comes to business it is necessary to use IT in a totally intelligent way so that it adds more customers and does not subtract.

Continuous unnecessary interruptions

Imagine that the vast number of your customers work in front of a computer all day long or need to use their cell phone much of the time. Wouldn’t it be very annoying to constantly receive unnecessary messages? Of course!

If you continuously interrupt the work of your users, you will be adding negative points as an employer, and it would be reason enough to block you. So, if you want to grow your business, it’s time to take all these valuable suggestions into account.

This will help you grow your customer community and not give you a reason to be “blacklisted” as well as be cautious about promotions, offers and content delivery.

Sending messages without consent

Obviously companies need to promote themselves, explain their services and promotions. This information is very valuable for a user who wants to follow the latest movements of his favorite company.

However, if as a business owner you get the contact of the customers and without their permission you start sending this information you will be blocked right away.

Remember to offer the ability for them to subscribe to the page, or business updates. WhatsApp is very useful for this function, but remember that this information is only of interest to loyal customers and is not a good technique for attracting new customers.


WhatsApp is a very popular application that allows us to have contact with our family and friends no matter the distance. However, to ensure that we feel comfortable with it, the App allows us to restrict information to third parties, and even block them, cancelling any type of communication.

There is nothing that really convinces us that we have been blocked, however, there are a number of indications that can lead us to reach that conclusion.

The easiest way to find out is to send a message, if he does not receive it, it can be a clear indication. Now, how do you know if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp without sending messages?

As we have discussed in the course of this post, you can try to see his last connection, status, profile picture and even add him some group, if all this fails, it is very likely that you are blocked.

I honestly think, before jumping to conclusions, think about the last conversation with your friend, did you have an argument? Did he take too long to respond? Maybe something bothered him about you, and that’s why he’s made that decision.

The same is true if you are in business and you use this App to grow the business. If you constantly perceive that customers are not interested in your promotions and in fact don’t receive them, it’s time to make a change in your sales technique.

The technology opens the way to success, use it to your advantage, keep in touch with your loved ones and build customer loyalty. WhatsApp is an ally to get to success.

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