How to install the latest version of WhatsApp?

instalar whatsapp

One of the main advantages that technology has offered mankind is the great development presented in recent years in the area of communications. Likewise, the magnificent smart devices are increasingly capable of doing more and more amazing things. Today we will see how to install WhatsApp on your Smartphone.

WhatsApp, which recently implemented new WhatsApp emoticons arrive at Android and IOS, is the most used social network in the world. In this article, I tell you how to recover WhatsApp conversations. Let’s see how to install WhatsApp on your Smartphone.

How to install the latest version of WhatsApp on an Android or IOS SmartPhone

Similarly, as artifacts expanded, certain communication platforms known by the name of “Social Networks” emerged. One of these channels is WhatsApp, a program that offers its users a totally free instant messaging system. So today we are going to see how to install WhatsApp on Android or IOS in a simple way.

However, this platform depends only on the device being connected to the Internet. You can also use WhatsApp Web.

How to Install the latest version of WhatsApp on Android

Installing WhatsApp, this wonderful application on your Android device is very easy and simple, all you have to do is directly enter the Google Play Store and download WhatsApp on Android.

Followed by this you will get the app icon, the only thing you have to do then select it with your finger. Upon doing so, Play Store will send you directly to a window with the specifications to download WhatsApp for free, and an icon with the word install

If your device meets the availability and features listed, it will automatically start downloading the application.

Once the app is installed on your phone all you have to do is link it with your phone number and with a Gmail account to save the backups.

How to Install the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS

The way to download WhatsApp on iOS is similar, as the installation process is pretty much the same for iPhone. You just have to enter Apple Store, search for WhatsApp in the search engine of the same store and select the download of the program.

Once you have the application on your device the next step is to link your email account and phone number with the application. In case you don’t have an account previously, you will also need to create a profile by entering your details and a photo, if you wish, for your user.

How to update WhatsApp?

Many devices update their applications automatically, however, there are cases where you have to proceed “manually” to do so.

In case you own an Android device, you can update WhatsApp for free by searching for the apps you already own on your device through the Play Store.

When you enter the tab that shows you all your programs, you will be able to visualize if you should update WhatsApp. In case it says the word “update”, just select the icon and the application will update automatically.

The way to download this app on IOS is very similar, the only difference is that you have to look for the update in the App Store, instead of the Play Store.

How to update WhatsApp for Android to the latest version

Most devices with the Android operating system automatically update all their applications through the Play Store. Now, it is possible that on your device the option to “automatically update” is not selected, so you will have to renew it manually.

The way to do this is very simple, just open the Play Store and look in the menu on the left side of the screen for the option that shows you all the applications you have.

Once you enter this box you will see if all your programs are up to date or not. If the WhatsApp icon says to its right the word “update” it is because the latest version of it is not downloaded. If you click on these letters, you can automatically update WhatsApp without paying.

How to update WhatsApp for iOS to the latest version

Updating  WhatsApp on your IOS device is the easiest thing in the world. Since first it is totally free. Depending on the device and its owner’s preferences the app may or may not update automatically. This depends on whether you keep the option enabled in the App Store.

Now, if the option is not enabled you will need to enter the App Store app from your device and type in the search engine the word “WhatsApp.”

When you see the icon of the application you should click on it, this will take you to the application window, there, if your program is not up to date you will see the word “update”.

Just click on it, and it will start downloading the latest version of WhatsApp on your Apple device.

How to download WhatsApp without Play Store

Eliminate from your vocabulary the words “I can’t download WhatsApp” and “I can’t update WhatsApp“. The Android Play Store several times has internal glitches and does not allow you, neither to download apps, nor to update them.

In this case, a solution to this tedious problem, if you fail to download the WhatsApp application, may be that you enter directly to the program page.

This is one of the solutions, since there are some “Betas” versions available. These programs are not the definitive ones, however, they present a great amount of improvements and variations in the features of the international chat platform.

Also, this innovative opportunity is perfect for all the application addicts who don’t wait until the latest versions are patented and released.

Also, remember that this platform is totally free, if at any time you come across any page or program that charges for providing this application, most likely you are being a victim of a scam.

How can I restart WhatsApp?

Once the application has been downloaded to your device, there is a possibility that at some point it may fail. These failures can be caused by internal problems of the Smartphone, by internet connection problems and by problems of the application itself.

In the first instance, the best thing to do is to stop the processes that your device is performing and among them completely close the application. If you perform this procedure and the errors continue what you should do is to delete and reinstall WhatsApp.

Similarly, if the problem persists, the solution you can take is to delete the application again. Following this close all your Google accounts and then reinstate them and re-download the app from the Play Store on your Android device.

If by this time you are unable to solve the problem, you can also choose to download the program directly from the program’s page on the Internet; since there you can find different “Betas” versions, that is, versions that are not definitive and that probably contain some kind of flaw or tiny problem.

So, always remember that this application is totally free on any platform or web page that it is found.

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