How to create stickers for WhatsApp?

como crear stickers whatsapp

The way we communicate our ideas and feelings evolves according to its form, being favored by the circumstances and the reach of new methods and strategies. On the other hand, social networks have boosted communication globalization as never before in history.

Sometimes there is a lot to say and little time to express, and that’s where the wonderful utility of Stickers emerges. Millions of users of the most popular social network WhatsApp use stickers daily to express a feeling or bring humor to a situation.”

In the app stores you can find countless stickers to be used in your daily conversations. However, you may possibly wish to create stickers for WhatsApp of your own and bring a touch of originality to every Sticker used.

How to create custom Stickers for WhatsApp

There are several WhatsApp methods and tricks to create stickers and achieve build your own Pack of stickers. You have at your disposal specialized applications that can be managed from your own Smartphone to perform this action and also through programs or image manipulation software developed for PCs.

Create WhatsApp Sticker from your Android phone

Sticker Maker will allow you to create at your whim to create stickers for WhatsApp easily and simply. It is very popular due to its simplicity of editing through tools that any average user can use. Its biggest advantage is that it is all-in-one, i.e. possessing photo editing functions and at the same time creating and publishing the created Stickers.

Your download is totally free and can be downloaded from Android operating systems and iOS operating systems. It has the ability to select the image of your choice from your photo album gallery or download folder to convert it to sticker.

The cutting is very simple, just using your fingers you can take out the figure and have it ready to use. You can create a Pack of up to 30 fabulous Stickers.

Steps to make custom Stickers on Android

  • Start the App and define with a name what the Pack will be called
  • Choose from your gallery the images you want to edit to create your stickers
  • Crop the image by sliding your fingers along the outline to remove the unwanted background
  • Upload your finished Pack and publish it
  • Start WhatsApp and from there include the pack

Create WhatsApp Sticker from your iPhone mobile

In case you own a Smartphone from Apple company, you will need to install two applications WSTick and PicsArt, which combine perfectly to perform this coveted art.

PicsArt will allow you to extract the desired figure from a photograph or image, and through WSTick you can create the Pack to later import it to WhatsApp.

Steps to create custom Stickers on iPhone

  • Start the PicsArt App and choose the desired image from your gallery
  • Select the crop tool and outline the outline of the figure you want to convert into a sticker with your finger. (You will be able to check the selected area as it turns reddish in color.)
  • When you have the finalized selection of your figure click on OK and then Save
  • Start the WSTick App and click on the “+” sign in the upper right corner
  • Define the name and author of the Pack you are creating and add the image. (You must add a minimum of 4 figures in order to create the Pack)
  • Once the Pack is created, you can add the custom stickers to WhatsApp

Create Sticker for WhatsApp from PC

Although you can have interesting and varied applications to create Sticker for WhatsApp from your mobile, the truth is that the precision of the cursor of a PC through image editing programs offers better finishes and can be used from WhatsApp web.

Sticker editing programs or software

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to create stickers for WhatsApp, as most image editing programs have toolboxes that make life easier for us.

For example, you can use the wand or magic lasso to outline the shape you want to draw. You can also drag the pointer around the outline to complete the selection or, to be more precise, click on the outline now and then and check the perfect definition of the perimeter, being able to make corrections before completing the figure.

These functions are standard in most photo retouching programs and are simple and intuitive. Another advantage of editing these images from the PC, is the zoom function which will allow for much more precise selections.

When you have a satisfactory result of the figure you want to extract, you can paste it in a new layer without background, i.e. transparent and save it in PGN format at a size of 512 x 512 Pixel.

When you have gathered all the edited figures, you must save them in a folder inside the memory of your mobile device.

Finally you can upload your custom sticker packs using Apps such as Personal Stickers (You need to upload a minimum of 3 stickers). You just need to add the folder using this app and it will automatically create a Sticker Pack which will be uploaded to WhatsApp.

This pack will be able to be used from Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Web service to edit and create stickers online

If you feel that software management is not your thing or is too complicated for you, but the precision of editing your images from your computer to create stickers for WhatsApp still appeals to you, you have a fourth alternative:

This Web service provides a space where you can upload the photo you want to edit. By simply uploading the desired image, the page through its “AIidentifies and cuts with spectacular precision the figure you want to convert into a Sticker.

Best of all, the download format perfectly meets the requirements of the applications for uploading the custom packs.

Following the steps described above, you can make a collection of the funniest figures of your photos and save them in a folder inside the mobile.

Finally, you can publish your Packs using Apps designed for this purpose, such as, for example, those that we have already presented in this Post (Sticker Maker, WSTick, Personal Stickers, etc.)

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