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WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging applications that has been expanding its features over the years. Currently you can send audios, make voice calls and even video calls and it’s time to know the best WhatsApp tricks. With each update it incorporates some interesting points that sometimes go unnoticed.

Now, if you already know how to make copies of WhatsApp, restore WhatsApp conversations on your mobile or computer or recover deleted photos from WhatsApp, I will tell you that behind this App there are a variety of tricks that are worth knowing.

Have you had arguments for not answering a message you already read? Have you been blocked from WhatsApp and want to be unblocked? I invite you to get to know this great application so you can make the most of it.

Trick 1: Unblock a contact who has blocked you

It is possible that some contact from your list has blocked you, therefore, you can neither send him messages, nor call him, nor see his statuses. With the following WhatsApp trick you are going to be able to do the unblocking:

  • The first step is to open our WhatsApp, press the three vertical dots that are located on the right side of our screen
  • Select the “settings” option, press the “account” option and then “delete account”
  • After deleting the account we must uninstall the App and install it as if it were the first time
  • Again we return to the chat and look for the contact of the person who has blocked us and it will appear visible. That’s it!

Tip 2: Send pictures without losing quality

When we send photos through any social network or application it loses quality. Here I will explain you how to send them without affecting their appearance with this WhatsApp trick:

  • We access the chat to which we want to send the picture
  • Normally we select send through the gallery, but this time we will not do it, but rather we will send it as an attachment, this will make the image does not lose the quality or look pixelated.

Trick 3: Read the message without the sender knowing

This is one of the most controversial situations of the application and falls under WhatsApp tricks. Some family members, friends or partners become very insistent with the idea that you should reply immediately if you already read them.

Now, there are several ways to avoid these endless pointless discussions: You can suspend notifications for reading messages, how to do it? Setting up your account

  • You must go to Settings
  • Press account, then privacy
  • Finally, just uncheck the read confirmation checkbox.

It is important to note that you cannot pick a specific contact for this, i.e. disabling delivery notifications will apply to all contacts.

On the other hand, this feature will affect all the messages you receive, starting from the moment you decide to make the setting.

You can also prevent the sender from knowing that you read the message, by activating the Airplane mode. Let me explain, when you get a message, even if you have not read it, it is already downloaded in the chat, then, if you disable the network (airplane mode of the mobile) you can enter the chat in question, read the message and leave.

You can turn airplane mode back on and even if you have read the message, the other person will not know about it.

Tip 4: Formatting letters

This other WhatsApp trick is for those who love to send texts where key ideas are highlighted, the functionality to apply formatting (bold, italics, strike through etc) is great.

However, the options to apply it go unnoticed by the fact that they are not exposed somewhere in WhatsApp. You just need to apply some simple symbols on the text. Below, I will show you in detail how to do it:


  • Cursive Font: This font is very nice and can be used to write an inspirational message. For the sender to see the format you only need to write an underscore ( _ ) between the sentence. Example _I love you_ so simple.
  • Bold type: It is useful to highlight key ideas in a text, before we placed capital letters, but bold are better. To do this place (*) between the phrase or line you want to highlight. Example: *You have 15 days to withdraw*
  • To Strikeout: If what you want is to make an intentional change in the text; perhaps to point out past prices and current offers, just use this symbol between the phrase in question (~). Example: ~1500€~

On the other hand, you can combine the form of letters, that is, if you want to place bold and at the same time that the letter is italic you can combine it in a very easy way.

Example: _ * Phrase * _ it is important that the symbols are always in the same order, i.e. if you use the bold one to open it should be the last one when closing, it should not be done like this, for example: _ * text _ *

Trick 5: Dictate a message

Another WhatsApp trick that I love. Sometimes we have our hands full, so we can’t text a friend. Sending a voice message is also awkward because you have to hold down the microphone.

In those cases you can use Google Assistant, you approach your phone and say “Ok Google” then say “send WhatsApp to so-and-so”, say your message and the program will write it. If your phone is not Android but iOS you can use Siri, it works just as well?

Tip 6: Restrict access to WhatsApp

Our mobile is a personal device, in fact, with the amount of information we share with our friends in which we send voice messages, photos and even videos, you sure don’t want anyone to see your conversations.

To do this you can implement a password. The App offers us this option, just go to application settings and indicate a new password to access WhatsApp.

Tip 7: Search for a specific message

If you had a long conversation with your friend, but in the middle of it he mentioned something of great importance, and no matter how hard you try to search within the chat for the message you still can’t locate it, don’t worry, it’s very easy to fix it.

Simply access your friend’s conversation, if you are looking for the message is because you remember something of what he told you, go to the top of the chat, there you will see three dots, press “Search” and a bar will appear.

There you should type a phrase that you remember. Then the message with the expression highlighted in yellow will be located.

Now, if you don’t even remember who gave you the information, but you know you chatted it with someone, use the search magnifying glass at the top of WhatsApp. There you will type in a phrase you remember and you will immediately be shown the chat containing the message.

Tip 8: Don’t let anyone listen to your audios

In the past, we had to be alone to listen to voicemails. If we were in public and you wanted to listen to the message you had to turn the volume down, but this way, it was very uncomfortable.

Now WhatsApp allows your audios can be heard in the headset of the mobile. So, if they send you a voice message you must bring the mobile close to your ear and then no one will hear your messages.

Tricks 9: Privacy

It can be said that WhatsApp is a social network, there we share our favorite photos and in the statuses we announce personal things, from thoughts, photos and even videos. Should everyone know what we share? Absolutely not. Set up the app and decide who you want to share this type of information with.

  • Go to privacy panel
  • Press setting, select my contacts

This way only those you have on your mobile will be the only ones to see your posts, if you don’t set this up everyone will have free access to your information, even people you may not even know.

Trick 10: More options on calls

When answering a call, the screen only displays “answer or reject” plus the message icon. In this trick you’ll see that there are other options that are worth knowing about when receiving calls via WhatsApp:

  • When the call comes in we press and slide the message icon on the right
  • About 5 options will appear where an automatic message will be sent explaining the reason why you are not answering the call.

This is very useful, if we can’t answer at that moment. WhatsApp is an application is very interesting, but it is necessary that we explore in it in order that we can enjoy all that it offers us.

Trick 11: Emojis

It is true that with the sticker and GIF packs in this application, the use of emojis has diminished a little, however, these default emojis are very complete and allow us to quickly express our emotions.

Well, you can slightly resize them if you send them individually. That is, if you send several it will have the normal size, however, if you send just one it will look slightly larger.

Video: 18 WhatsApp tricks you should know

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