Who doesn’t follow me on Twitter?

quien me sigue twitter

Twitter has become since its launch to the public in 2006, specifically on March 21, one of the most important social networks for human communities.

Credit for the creation of it can be given to a group of four people, these are Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and last but not least, Evan Williams.

How do I know who doesn’t follow me on Twitter

Today the social network known as Twitter is used by almost all people and companies that want to reach a large group of people, it has a version that is compatible with devices that have Android or iOS systems and this has reached the figure of over ten million five hundred thousand downloads around the world in the Play Store.

Twitter is based on having followers and the more followers you have and the better quality they are, the more popular you are on this social network. That is why they have created websites to buy followers on Twitter.

Why do people follow you and then unfollow you?

The following is a list of the most common reasons why people at certain periods of time are followed by some other social network user and soon after stop following back, these are what you will see below:

Not interested in the content

The most common reason why a user should stop following another is because the content uploaded on it is not of their interest, they may have started following due to recommendation because of a friend or a colleague and decided to give the opportunity, however, after a while they would realize that the subject matter or directly the content is not to their liking, this does not imply in any way that the account is of poor quality, just that person is not part of the group to which the posts can be directed.

You make too many posts or too few

How much content should I upload is a question that many users of this social network ask themselves, this is because while on the one hand there is a group that gets tired of waiting for the account to make a post and stops following it, on the other hand there is also a group that gets irritated when many posts are made in a row on the account, which is why each user must adapt to the audience they are targeting and establish the amount of content that is beneficial to upload at every opportunity.

Seeks attention

Although it is a technique to raise the number of followers of an account that is not very well seen by the community that belongs to the social network that is Twitter there is no denying that this has obtained results that make it valid in a huge amount of occasions, this is the method through which a huge amount of accounts are followed and stop following them after a small period of time, this makes the user get more attention and their number of followers increases.

This method which is seen in a bad way by many page users can work in several ways, the first is that the account being followed decides to unfollow and that after a while the user looking to gain followers stops following you so that it is denoted that your account has more followers than people following, the second way in which it can work is related to the point that will be seen below.

Follow was not returned

It might surprise a huge number of people if it were made known to them that one of the first reasons why one user unfollows another is the simple fact that the second one did not follow back their account, as mentioned before, this connects to the previous point due to the fact that these attention seeking users do not have the slightest interest in having the number that corresponds to the people they follow rise or even match the number that corresponds to the followers of their account.

Find out who is not following you on Twitter

One of the problems with Twitter is that a large number of users lack the ability to discover which accounts have unfollowed theirs.

This can occur for a number of reasons, however, what is most pertinent here is to talk about what accounts have recently unfollowed yours or another specific user’s account.

To learn which accounts have ended their following of yours in a short period of time you have two methods: The first is the most complicated, since it requires you to have a securely stored list of all the accounts that have been following you.

The second and much simpler and much more practical is to use an external application to discover it, some of the most useful tools in this area will be discussed below.

Tools to find out who unfollows me on Twitter or stops following me

The following is a list of applications and tools that are external to the Twitter social network and that have the main objective of letting a user know the number of people who have recently stopped following their account, these are the ones that will be seen below:


The first Twitter plugin we have is Metricool, this tool can not only be used for a Twitter account, but can be applied to almost every website in existence.

This allows the user to view the most recent movements that have occurred in your account such as the number of visits you have received, this tool has a website and an app on the Play Store, those who have tested it recommend using the website over the app.

Try Metricool for free


Another application that aims to help people learn about the most recent movements that have transpired on their Twitter account at ManageFlitter. This tool has the approval of more than three and a half million people so it cannot be downplayed.

According to the opinions that make reference to this application, the results obtained are enormously satisfactory and the statistics that they present facilitate to a great extent the reading of the same by the user in question.

Try ManageFlitter for free


When it comes to mobile applications that serve to complement Twitter one cannot avoid mentioning Crowdfire. This tool has the main objective of helping users in the marketing aspect and allows any person or company to get a bigger and better presence in almost all the social networks that exist today, the application is compatible with devices running Android or iOS and has exceeded two hundred thousand downloads around the world in the Play Store.

Try Crowdfire for free .

Audience Network

Audience Network or, as it is also simply called, Audience is a tool that can be considered a complement to almost all social networks and applications that exist today, including Twitter, this aims to help its users to make ads without large expenditures of money are necessary, today the application of Audience has some errors that cause it to be uncomfortable to use it so it is recommended to make use of your website.

It should also be noted that numerous companies have made use of this tool so that their ads, whether for an application, a service or a product can reach a larger audience without significant losses in the economic aspect.

Try the Audience Network for free


In today’s market there are two applications that have the name “Whounfollowedme” one developed by the company by the name of Webilisim and another that was created by the company of ImpactoBTL, the first one is exclusively oriented to the social network of Instagram so it does not work for Twitter users, the second one is designed for the social network of Twitter and is designed to fulfill the objective that the user has the ability to discover who has stopped following their account.


TuitUtil is a website designed to realize and fulfill the objective that people who make use of it have the ability to discover who have been users who have recently stopped following a specific Twitter account, this has a large group of people who have used it; currently it does not have an application that is compatible with mobile devices so it will be necessary to enter its official website if you want to use any of the services it offers.

Twitter Counter

The next tool to complement the social network that goes by the name of Twitter that will be shown here is Twitter Counter, this is a web page that has the objective that a user is able to visualize each and every one of the movements that have been developed in regards to their account, making use of Twitter Counter a person can have access to the statistics related to their account; currently it does not have an application that is compatible with mobile devices it is only as a web page.


Twitter audit is a website that is used to complement Twitter with the aim that a user can verify that the followers of your account are true and do not result in fake accounts, this site has two versions a simple one where you can verify five thousand accounts for each use and a version that is called “Pro” and that allows to raise this figure significantly to save time, the vast majority of opinions that refer to this website seem to be satisfied with the results.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is the name given to a website that aims to let people know the relationships they have with other users either by letting you know which people follow you and he or she does not, those he or she follows but not the other way around and mutual relationships where both users follow each other, this tool can also be used to know this same data on other social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram.


Another tool used with the aim of complementing the social network known by the name of Twitter is iUnfollow, this is a web page that allows to visualize in a comfortable way the users that have stopped following the account of a person and have the option to remove them immediately, despite the huge group that has made use of this tool and that have been satisfied with their results, an application compatible with mobile devices has not yet been created.

Conclusion: This is all the information of relevance regarding the social network Twitter, as you can come to appreciate, here we have been able to observe data about the main and most common rreasons why people stop following a specific account.

It has also been possible to visualize a wide selection of tools external to the social network through which it is possible to obtain information that refers towhen a person has stopped following another user’s account.

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