How to get Twitter followers in 2021

como conseguir seguidores en twitter

A new year is starting and among all your online and content marketing strategies is sure to be get more followers on Twitter.

Today we’re going to talk to you about how to get Twitter followers in 2019, and the first thing we want to talk about is the mistakes you make when doing so. Almost more important than knowing what you should do knows what you shouldn’t do.

Many users have numerous followers, but these do not interact with their profile, i.e., they have very few likes, retweets, mentions or comments.

The most common mistakes when looking to get Twitter followers fast are the following:

  1. Start following users only looking for reciprocity. With this you can achieve two things, the first is that they do not follow you back because they are not interested in your profile and the second is that, effectively, you get them to follow you but because they have no interest in your account they never interact with you. This type of followers will be useless when it comes to working your brand.
  2. Buy followers on Twitter. There are people who use this method to get more followers and it is something that, depending on your goal, can be useful or not. If with this you intend that by having more followers your account becomes more attractive and makes that “call effect” to other profiles interested in yours, it can be a good option, but if you intend that those purchased users interact with your account, it will probably never happen.

What do you need to do to get a lot of followers on Twitter

Once we have talked about what doesn’t work we are going to start getting into the subject, we are going to see different strategies to get free Twitter followers. We are going to divide these strategies into 3 different sections: strategies to follow offline, strategies within the Twitter platform itself and strategies using different tools.

There are not many people who use offline strategies, but they work quite well in the beginning in this social network. Let’s look at three examples:

  1. Do you have a physical business? Take advantage of that storefront and promote your Twitter account. Whether it’s in the form of posters inside your business, as a footer on the signage you use on a regular basis, on a business card that accompanies the purchase when you hand it to a customer… Let your imagination run wild.
  2. You can also use personalized stationery. If you deliver some kind of dossier to your clients, on pens, on your uniform or on your employees’ uniforms…
  3. Another option is to talk to family, friends or clients and tell them in a clear way, that they follow you on your Twitter account. Either as a personal favor in the case of the closest ones or as a way to be in touch if they need to solve any doubt, you can even do some kind of sweepstakes or contest from that account and promote it in a physical way among customers.

How to get people to follow you on Twitter

We already have our offline environment as followers. What other options do we have? The most common, simple and economical is to understand the functioning of the Twitter platform itself and its users and use it to our advantage.

First it is very important to know what kind of people you want to be your followers and before even thinking about getting followers on Twitter, you should outline a profile of them. This way it will be much easier for you to find people with ideas or values similar to yours, people interested in your products or even people who have a business that competes with yours. These three profiles will help you to expand your followers.

You can use a search for hashtags to find those people, the advanced Twitter search engine or even search who are the followers of your own competitors, once this is done it is as easy as follow them and wait for them to return it. Another option is to move through the Trending Topic to see what is being talked about and who is talking about it.

Didn’t we say before that you shouldn’t follow anyone looking for reciprocity? Yes, but in this strategy you are counting on the fact that you have studied the person’s profile and believe that your profile may be of interest and useful to them. It’s a small nuance but it makes a big difference.

Don’t forget that Twitter is a social network. Socialize with other users, both references in your industry and potential customers. Give likes, comment and retweet. Make them feel close to you and empathize with other people. This will increase engagement and make them interact more with your content.

Once you’ve started doing this, leverage the relationships you create with referrers or other companies to somehow work together. Create alliances to help each other get more visibility.

How to reach more people on Twitter

Let’s talk now about the different tools we can use to reach more people on Twitter. We are basically referring to automation tools and search tools.

Automation tools

These are the ones that will make you not need to be in front of the keyboard to sendtweets. There are tools like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or Dlvr. it that allow you to do just that: from scheduling the tweets you choose to be published on the day and time you choose to coincide with your prime time, for example, to scheduling automatic posts of content published on websites of interest to your followers.

Search tools

Tools such as Tweepi, ManageFlitter, TrueFollowers or Followerwonk you can search for profiles depending on your interests. You will be able to filter them by location, name, interests or almost any concept you need. Once you have found them you can follow them and start interacting with them, this way it will be easy for them to follow you back.

Twitter is a very dynamic social network and thanks to which you can get a great engagement with your customers and followers, which will facilitate sales if you have a company or business, or simply increase your visibility in your personal profile. Once you know how to get more followers on Twitter, it is up to you to put it into practice.

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