How to create a Twitter Card

como crear una twitter card

A good way to highlight certain information about your Twitter profile is by creating a Twitter Card. Next, let’s take a look at what this card is and how we can make one.

What is a Twitter Card

At first glance it might seem to be the same as pinning one of your tweets to the top of your Twitter profile, but the truth is that it allows us to show things we can’t show with a normal tweet, create a call to action or attach photos, videos and multimedia experiences.

This card will help us get more visibility on Twitter, improve our brand image and increase our traffic to the link that appears on it.

Types of cards

There are different types of card depending on the content we want to appear on them:

Twitter card

Summary card: consist only of a title, a description and a thumbnail.

Twitter card

Summary card with large image: is the same as the previous card, but with a large image.

Tarjeta Aplicacion

Application card: is a card that leads to the download of a mobile application.

Twitter card

Player Card: is a card that allows you to add a video or audio.

(Sample images sourced from

How can we create a Twitter Cards.

To make the Twitter Card we must access the website and authenticate with our Twitter account.

The next step we must perform is to select the type of card we are going to create, according to the information we have decided to put in the card.

Once selected, a Sample Code will appear that we will have to edit with our information. Only the text that appears in quotation marks after the word content should be changed, since the rest is the code that must be executed to create the card.

Card ownershipMeaning
twitter:cardThe type of card we have selected will appear.
twitter:siteWe must put the username of our company.
twitter:creatorWe can put our username.
twitter:titleWe will write the title we want to appear on the card.
twitter:descriptionWe can write a description about what we have decided to show on our card.
twitter:imageWe will copy the URL of the image we want to appear on our card.
twitter:image:altWe will add a description of the image for visually impaired users.
twitter:playerWe will copy the URL of the video or audio we want to appear on our card.
twitter:player:width/heightWe will select the size of the player, in pixels.
twitter:app:id:iphone/ipad/googleplayWe will enter the ID of our app in the different app stores.
twitter:app:name:iphone/ipad/googleplayWe will enter the name of our app.
twitter:app:url:iphone/ipad/googleplayWe will enter the URL of our app.
twitter:app:countryIf our app is not available in the US App Store, we will specify the country for which it is available (with the two-letter App Store code).

Once published, we should check that it works by entering the URL in the


You should see a preview of the card you have made, if everything is correct.When we have finished and we have the final code of our Twitter Card, the next step we must perform is to publish it on our website or blog. To do this we will copy the code in the header.php file, just before the closing tag <head>.

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