History of Twitter, how Twitter Inc. was born

historia twitter

Everything that exists in the world has a story, a why, an explanation and of course Twitter also has its history. All the ideas of man started from something small that grew and spread to every corner of the planet earth.

The history of the social network Twitter

The will of man has made him break his greatest barriers and constantly evolve. In the beginning all means of communication were written by hand on papyrus and clay tablets. Years later paper appeared and with paper came the printing press.

Thousands of years later human intelligence developed the computer (also known as computer or PC) and with them the course of man changed; technology advanced 70 years in a disproportionate way to the point that there are mobile devices or smartphones capable of solving problems such as large computers do.

Now, as the media changed, the ways of communicating also changed. Today the world is connected through the Internet. In this way, great geniuses devised the mass communication channels that are currently known as social networks.

Within the social networks devised by mankind, one of the largest information and opinion media is Twitter. A free space in which users, by creating an account, can write and publish whatever they want without any limitations, as long as it can be summarized in 280 characters (until recently it was 140 characters).

With this great tool, the big news industries can notify constantly and in real time about all the events taking place all over the globe and even beyond.

Thus, the questions commonly asked by people are:

  1. Who created Twitter?
  2. What was Twitter created for?
  3. How was twitter created?
  4. Where was Twitter created?

How was Twitter born?

Twitter was born as an idea of several workers of the American company “Odeo”, in order to form a microblogging” platform for all its employees to be interconnected.

The first name the initiative had was “Status us”, then they thought about calling it “Twitch”, but finally the creatives decided to stick with the recognizable name “Twitter”

Many may wonder where this curious name comes from. The word “Twitter” comes directly from the word “Tweet”, which in English refers to the sound that birds make. That is why this is the name given to each of the messages that are sent through this magnificent medium.

To continue with the idea of birds, the creatives also thought of using a blue bird as the symbol of the application. Today this one of the most recognized logos worldwide.

Now, the answer to the question, what was twitter created for?, is that it was developed to keep the members of a company interconnected at first.

Thus they could know the necessary information exposed by the same and freely expose their opinions, and perhaps even their mood. On Twitter the expression hashtags and Trending Topic was created.

When was Twitter created

This initiative emerged in 2006, and as mentioned above, was developed by an American company residing in the city of San Francisco called “Podcasts Odeo, Inc.”.

In the beginning, the company only had a small staff of just 18 people at most.

Exactly, it was in July 2006 that the initiative was openly launched to the public with a first Tweet that read: “just setting up my twttr”. As the months passed, the company boomed with international audiences, to the point that by the following year it was producing between 20,000 and 30,000 Tweets a day.

So the industry was growing more and more and by 2009 they decided to translate the site into other languages of the world. The first language Twitter was translated into, other than English, was Spanish.

From the year 2010, until today Twitter applied a great advertising project, which allows large companies in the world to expand their reach in order to reach a greater number of users.

Within this summarized history of Twitter it is important to state that the platform is currently managed by a company called “Twitter Inc” which was created by several of the founding members upon receiving financial backing from certain large investors.

So much has this communication’s industry grown that by 2020 the company is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion.

Who created Twitter and in what year

This wonderful platform was developed in 2006 by several employees of the company “Podcasts Odeo, Inc“, including: Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, Evan Henshaw-Plath, Noah Glass, among others.

The location of Twitter’s creation was offsite at one of the podcast’s offices in San Francisco, United States.

However, of all these people the one who gets the most credit for the creation of twitter is Jack Dorsey, given that it was he who, in collaboration with other team members, founded “Obvious Corporation” as a new backend company for the site.

Although this company initially had only 18 employees, thanks to the support and confidence provided by foreign investors, the industry was able to expand and thus change its name to “Twitter Inc.”

Jack Dorsey is the one who created Twitter, and therefore it is he who currently heads the Board of Directors of Twitter, Inc. This position is one of the most important because it represents the support of the entire company, and also represents a great recognition of his achievement and perseverance.

Twitter is a platform that has never given up and has always remained loyal to its users. No matter how many times they try to sabotage and take down the site, they always find a way to restore it with greater security, greater strength and greater support.

By 2020 Twitter will be part of the vast network of platforms that keep the world connected.

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