What is TikTok, and what is it for? 6 Tips


It is estimated that the number of TikTok users easily exceeds 1 billion. In fact, in three months alone; more than 300 million downloaded the App.

It’s definitely become an internet phenomenon – teens love it! This has led marketing experts to see the possibilities of using it to give visibility to their brand.

But before talking about everything it offers, you should know what TikTok is and, secondly, what it is for. So you can learn more about this platform and use it to grow your business.

What is TikTok and what is it for? 6 Tips
What is TikTok, and what is it for? 6 Tips 11

What is TikTok? How did this App come about?

TikTok is a social networkon which you can record and edit videos.

Although other social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, among others; offer the possibility of uploading videos, live broadcasting and other functions that can be very similar to those provided by TikTok, the reality is that this new platform is on its way to obtain the first place worldwide, surpassing the other applications, some of them considered as market giants.

What makes this social network attractive is the way it presents clips. Its fun and clean performance, at the same time the speed of downloading them is quite a revolution.

TikTok appeared with force in 2018. Already by that time there was an app that allowed you to listen to and download music, known as musical.ly. Perhaps due to the fact that it was not so popular, at least not worldwide, it was merged. Out of that merger came the TikTok application as we know it today.

Bytedance is a Chinese company, which owns TikTok, an application that, by the way, was developed in just under 7 months and then released to the market both for use from the web and for download on mobile devices.

What is TikTok used for?

The first thing you should know is that TikTok is a social network aimed primarily at posting short videos. Therefore, the main use it offers you as a user is to enjoy millions of videos, of any kind. You can also upload your own content and other users can see them.

In other words, TikTok is an application for viewing and sharing any kind of clips, as long as they are short and comply with the conditions set out in the platform’s rules.

Due to the wide variety of categories available for making videos, the possibilities for uploading and viewing new clips are endless.

Meet people

As it is a social network, it is normal that it is used to socialize with other users. In the video posted by someone you will be able to see a number of options available to you.

These will be presented each time you watch a video. Among those options are the options to follow that user or comment on the video. This interaction allows new friendships to emerge.

Whether they are people with many or few followers, you can easily add them to your list of users you follow. You can locate them by their username or directly on one of their videos.

Enjoy videos by category

Some users prefer to make videos related to a specific topic, whether it’s comedy, music or something else. That’s why it’s very easy to get videos on a specific topic in the search engine. If you want to get started in the world of TikTok you can make use of this strategy.

Recording videos

You can upload your own videos and become well known in the application. Just use the recording tool located right in the middle.

You will be able to record your short video and upload it. But, to make it stand out and be seen by many people, we recommend that before uploading it, you put some filters or special effects to make it look more interesting.

Doing Challenges

Challenges are also very popular on TikTok. Some users make a video where they demonstrate their ability in some activity and then challenge others to do the same thing in front of the cameras.

There are also challenges that are presented in the form of a hashtag or tag. After that, millions of users carry them out, or at least try to.

Making Direct

Although not all users have the ability to do so, TikTok also serves to stream live.

The user follows a series of steps and finally can start a live. In this you can perform any activity you want, of course, respecting the rules of the application. Thanks to the number of followers, it is possible to make money in the application.

Make money

This is one of the most interesting points for all TikTok users. Maybe it’s something you didn’t know yet or at least weren’t clear about. I am going to show you how is the process for a user to earn money in TikTok. What you should be clear about is that, at this point, TikTok differs from the other platforms.


In the case of the others, they themselves pay their users by number of plays and reward them as their number of followers or subscribers increases. TikTok does not pay its users, not even those with millions of followers. So how do you make money on this app

It is the users themselves who send gifts to the tiktokers they want. And these gifts, when they reach a certain amount, can be exchanged for real money. A user using the platform for this purpose can earn up to $1000 in a week. Not bad, right?

TikTok and marketing

As you may have noticed, this social network is on the rise, and you can’t be left behind. Social networks allow you to have a better approach with your audience or consumers. But this social network makes it possible to attract younger customers.

On the other hand, presenting your brand on TikTok allows you to project a fresh and jovial image.

One marketing strategy that has been useful is to give a behind-the-scenes look at your company, that allows you to cause engagement. Remember that to get attention you have to be fun and approachable.

There is no doubt that this social network is an excellent platform to have greater visibility and approach with consumers.

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