The 15 Most Followed Accounts on TikTok

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TikTok is a powerful social network that has managed to place ordinary people at the top of the fame. It is the favorite of teenagers! The number of followers continues to grow exponentially, reaching tens of millions worldwide

Generation Z is happy with TikTok. There is room for all kinds of talents and skills in this app. In fact, some titokers have millions of followers. Today I’ll tell you about this group of influencers.

Most-followed tiktokers in the world

Having many followers allows you to grow in the artistic world, but it is also an excellent way to promote a product. And having so many followers, it is very easy that any publication you post, is seen by millions of people.

Of course the most popular tiktokers can do brand promotions, so, if you know who are the most popular you can make use of them to advertise your brand.

I’m going to show you the 15 tiktokers with the most followers worldwide. You can also see what makes them so interesting and copy some of their strategy. Of course, as the amount of followers varies constantly, the amounts I mention will only be approximate.


This guy is a Internet celebrity. Before TikTok he was not unknown as he was a singer and actor. However, he became very popular on the platform. In fact, he collaborates closely with other Tiktokers.

He lives in the city of Los Angeles, specifically in a residence set up so that many TikTok users can live there and collaborate with each other. His followers reach 28.6 million.

Arishfa Khan

Arishfa Khan specializes in lipsynchronization with musical reproductions. Her 28.6 million followers make her one of the most followed in her country. She also stands out for her YouTube channel where she gives tips on makeup.

The Stokes Twins

The Stokes Twins have 28.7 million followers and have been able to use their twin status to become famous on the internet. Thanks to this, they have many followers all over the world and in different social networks.

Czn Burak

Czn Burak is noted for his cooking skills, in fact he is a very famous chef. But in addition to showing off his cooking skills, he also displays an unchanging facial expression during the process. All this has made him reach the incredible figure of 29.8 million followers.

Avani Gregg

Avani Greg has a dance and makeup channel. His leap to fame came when he joined the group of tiktokers who live in the same residence in Los Angeles.

He also uses challenges to increase his popularity. In total, he has just under 30 million followers.

Gilmher Croes

The key to Gilmher Croes‘s TikTok success, has been being able to adapt to the trends and demands of followers. This has allowed him to sustain himself over time and gain a large following that narrowly exceeds 31 million.

Baby Ariel

At just over 20 years old, Baby Ariel has been able to use her talent to raise her fame on TikTok. She was already very famous on, surpassing 20 million followers. Now on TikTok she has left that mark far behind, reaching 35 million. He has gained so much fame that he has even been able to participate in television programs.

Michael Le

If there is something that identifies this user, are his dances on escalators. His dancing and choreography skills made him one of the tiktokers recognized by the same platform. His 43.7 million users enjoy his posts, which, by the way, appear on a regular basis.

Riyaz Afreen

Riyaz Afreen’s Riyaz Afreen main skill is acting and thanks to this his popularity increased significantly. In addition, he has made collaborations with other famous users, making him even more recognized. He has nearly 44 million followers.

Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio stands out for being very skilled at dancing, especially when performing choreographies. Thanks to this, her followers reach 47 million. Her fame grew so much that she was hired by a major agency to continue to showcase her talent.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch stands out as one of the most versatile users in the application. She dances, sings, synchronizes and even makes video games. Thanks to demonstrating all his talents, he has earned the current popularity, reaching over 49 million followers.

Loren Gray

Loren Gray has gained so much fame on TikTok and other networks that she received very famous awards and nominations around the world. With just over 50 million users, it ranks fourth worldwide. By 2020, it accomplished another of its goals: to launch a jewelry brand.

Spencer X

Spencer X has many skills as a boxer, beat have earned him a position of honor within TikTok. He reached 50.3 million followers and just because of that achieved fame, he received sponsorship from a famous brand to achieve his dream of going pro.

Addison Rae

The strength of Addison Rae has been dancing and lip-syncing to the music that’s trending

Thanks to this, he managed to reach 51.3 million followers in just a few months. With all the fame achieved, he now makes an exclusive podcast.

Charli D’Amelio

In closing, I’ll tell you about Charli D’Amelio, of whom the New York Times said “reigning queen of TikTok“. She’s not only the tiktoker with the most followers, but she’s the only one over 100 million followers. She’s definitely at the top of the fame!”.

With his choreographies and other viral videos, he managed to rise in popularity in a short time. So much so, that he will now have a television show with his family.

How to use TikTok to sell

This social network is a medium focused on entertainment. Its 15-second clips make it accessible to all audiences.

As it is a social network where young people abound you must be clear that generation Z does not like ads. But, there is always a way to catch them, and it is precisely by using an influencer.

Some well-known brands have worked with Tiktokers, such as Walmart, EA Sports, Doritos or Target.

Of course, I’m not going to lie to you sponsorship with an influencer should be planned well. The publicity should flow naturally.

Try to find an influencer who has some relationship with your buyer persona. Although it takes some time and effort to get the ideal sponsor, you will see that it will be worth it.

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